Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Falling Off the Face of the Earth...

Some folks may be wondering what the heck happened to The Boys of BH...well, we have been caught up in a bit of lolly-gagging since our last post. Somehow FIVE weeks have passed and there is a lot to catch you up on. Let's start with Thanksgiving...
We spent the Thanksgiving weekend at what has come to be our "other home" down in Salem with Cindy, Barry and Kylee (House of Tarte). Their home is so warm and inspirational...and is one of the only places Joe will actually kick back and relax like he is actually at home on The BH Farm. It was also the first time in many, many years that WE have NOT hosted T-Day and been stressed completely with all of the responsibilities with slaving over the stove and cooking for our friends and family. HEE HAW!! We had limited tasks...I made a pomegranate glazed ham, Joe made a delicious cranberry bunt cake, cornbread dressing, his "famous" mashed potatoes...and WE kicked back and watched the rest of the team scramble around with all the hard stuff (hahahahahahaha)!! It was all fun and laughs until Barry jumped across the table and grabbed me and Joe by the collars and told us how he hated being called "The King of Tarte!" Slow down Cowboy...
There is absolutely toooo much beautiful Ironstone on this table to destroy because of a term of endearment! After we finally calmed Barry down by deciding to let him "pick" his own name (still tbd)...there was even more "family stuff." A divide between "The Magazine People" (Cindy and Joe) and "The TV People" (Barry, Kylee and Jermonne). The magazine people literally stocked-piled magazines/books around them and to only speak in "magazine/book 'creative director' code language," exiling the rest of us to the living room to watch TV. Don't you LOVE the holidays!!!?? Since I don't have a dog (did I mention I don't have a dog?), there was not much for me to do but to feed left-over turkey to Jake (aka "Dog of Tarte," unless he decides to bite me next time we visit for calling him that) and watch TV...AND CRY, because The Magazine People were ignoring the rest of us AND I don't have a beautiful dog like Jakey-Poo (Joe forbids it). Poor Me!
So after "The Tarte Family" finally kicked us out of their lovely home...Joe and I had no choice but to go to Hawaii!!! HEE HAW, HEE HAW!!! (more lolly-gagging)
We spent eight luxurious days on The Big Island of Hawaii, bathing in the sun, drinking Big Island Tea (along with many, many, MANY other tropical concoctions), AND getting kicked out of several posh restaurants and bars at the resort - Barn House Style! Joe's inappropriate attire even got us kicked off a couple of beaches. "Really, I didn't know my white speedo would be see-through when it got wet!" Like my mama says, "That's how we roll!" ;o)
This resort was absolutely AMAZING! There were boats and even a train that took you from one section to another. The indigenous art everywhere was unbelievable. The weather was perfect! Joe often said he was never leaving...but I assured him that was not an option...
So THEN...we came back to "ARCTIC BLAST" or "SNOWZILLA" as the media likes to call it...
The stage is set, and in walks "Joey Drama!" If you could only see the theatrics of this character. He should really win an Oscar for his performance this week!! Imagine, twenty degrees and two feet of snow...not being able to leave the house (to shop)..."Who LIVES like this??!!" with tears in his eyes, pulling his heart out of his chest and throwing it against the wall...
After being in Hawaii for over a week, apparently he came back in total shock. He certainly has given a performance of a lifetime (which is quite an accomplishment after considering the performances of our two previous NW winters). BUT, NOT ME! The roads have been so bad I have had to work from home for a week. :o) I am even sitting on my porch right now in 20 layers of clothes writing this happy as a lark (and very closely resembling the Michelin Man)!!!! HEE HEE HEE HAW HAW HAW!!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Icy Joe and Eskimo Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The End of Our First Season...

Well y'all...our Season Finale was more than we could have imagined!! Our goal was to create something mystical, magical and very different from any of our previous shows. We also wanted to celebrate the first year of Barn House AND celebrate with all of the wonderful people who we have met and who have supported us in this crazy journey. To say the least, it quite a party!!
We stayed up most of the night cooking in preparation. Then there was getting up extra early for "hair/make-up/costumes" and putting the final touches on everything. Of course, there is NEVER enough time...even if you go to bed at 2am and wake up at 4am.
SOOO, you know there were a few things that still needed to get done and we were rushing around like lunatics in the morning. I had forgotten that we ran out of paper for Miss Honey-Money (our credit card machine) at the previous show. So the night before the show, Natalie volunteered to stop and get some for us. BUT, who would have thought she wouldn't want to have paper loaded in her RIGHT BEFORE THE EVENT???? Yes, Drama!! So 15 minutes before we opened I was on the phone with customer service trying to get her to cooperate. Because this is not her first "stunt," I have another name for her that I can't really share at this time.
Earlier that morning, Barry (aka, King of Tarte) was rushing to the store get all the other stuff we forgot...Cindy was STILL trying to glue on her black-feathered-fierce eyelashes...Joe was running in circles with eye-liner in one hand while trying on different outfits with the other...our FIVE friends from New Mexico were upstairs fighting over the last little bit of remaining hot water. I, having only a couple of hours of sleep, thought it was a good idea to start preparing the mimosas. The only problem was the champagne was still at the I (sleep-deprived) thought it was easier to load 6 magnums of champagne in the passenger side of the pick-up and drive to The Barn, but "accidentally" slammed on the brakes causing one of the bottles to roll off the seat onto the floor (where I had some of the other bottles) -- Yes, a champagne EXPLOSION was upon me!!!! Just in case you were wondering why my Gothic make-up was a little smeared, this is why...
Speaking of mimosas...we didn't realize some people wouldn't read the big old sign next to the dispenser. We will admit, orange juice + champagne does look like just plain old orange juice in a beautiful glass apothecary-style dispenser--especially if you didn't read the sign (or have never heard of a mimosa). One young woman guzzled down about two or three cups before realizing she felt a little funny. "OMG, does this have alcohol in it???? I have never's against my religion!!!" OOOPS!!! Leave it to The Boys of Barn House and Queen of Tarte to corrupt the innocent with our shenanigans. Fortunately, she eventually found a lot of humor in the situation and signed a waiver not to sue us.
From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank all of you who have come out to Barn House to support us!! Your participation had made these past several months absolutely amazing!! Merci Beaucoup!!!
So now we need to apologize for being a bit M.I.A the past few weeks. After the show ended and our close friends headed back to New Mexico, we have had a bit of "Post-Season Depression." We haven't replied to your comments, and barely have been replying to calls and e-mails. Before the show, one of our goats (Nettie) got really sick. She ended up not making it and died a few days after the show which was really hard on us both. Needless to say, the last show of 2008 has been a little bitter-sweet. We thought we would be happy to have a break from the hectic pace. Now, we miss it all. I think I even miss all those creepy dolls and doll heads that lurked in the corners...We are really going to miss snatching up strangers and hugging them just for being here! And seeing and hugging all of our friends every month. Yes, we have been a little off-track. But slowly, the inspiration has been coming back. Joe and Cindy headed out last weekend with a trailer full of treasures for "The Magic of Mistletoe" show that The Waltzing Witches (Terri, Kat and Robyn) put together. Their wonderful show full of amazing artists/vendors and an incredible turnout of customers!
Joe and Cindy were embraced by Terri, Kat and Robyn and had an absolute blast!!!
I couldn't make it to the show unfortunately, but from everything they told me, the show was great! And not to be one to miss a party, I am REALLY upset I couldn't go.
In the midst of our post-season depression, we had lost a bit of direction. Our "voice" was gone. We hadn't been visiting blogland because I was dreading having to post anything new. THEN, our close friends and mentors Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest introduce Willow Nest Farm...their new Home, Store and Bed & Breakfast in Burton, TX. AND, they step onto the scene with an amazing new hybrid of a blog/website!!! If you haven't seen it, be sure to check it out. Ma & Pa Willow are doing BIG things out there in Texas!! Something they said about us on their site snapped us out of our funk. Yes, inspiration is upon us! HEE HAW!!!

What's next for Barn House?? Well, we have the 2009 calendar set. In the interim, Joe is working on "Studio BH" or "The BH Studio" or "Basement BH" -- haven't quite figured out the name, BUT it will be our Winter/Spring basement staging for our on-line store that will include special BH treasures and creations. AND we may even have some special events at our house for our best customers!! More to come...

Joe & Jermonne

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Taking Barn House On The Road!

Just when you thought we were out of your hair...we are back!

This weekend Barn House & Queen of Tarte
will be guest vendors at The Magic of Mistletoe show in Chehalis, presented by The Waltzing Witches!!!

Event Location
Robyn's Nest Antiques
330 NW Pacific Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532

Early Shopping ($5) November 7th 3pm-4pm
November 7th - 4pm to 8pm
November 8th - 10am to 3pm

J & J
Barn House

P.S. - Sorry we have been M.I.A. lately. We have lots to update you on, including "The Funnies" from the final event and what's next for BH. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments...we are finally getting our heads back above water and hope to update the blog very soon!! :o)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Barn House Season Finale - Part 1...

Our Season Finale went something like this...

Saturday was more than we could have ever imagined. We are honored by the incredible support we have received during our first year...and have so much to say about our last event...stay tuned for all of the details and a million more pictures!!! :o)

J & J

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BH Season Finale - Sneak Peek...

The Queen is back!!!! Cindy and Joe have been talking about our Season Finale for months (yes, MONTHS). Over the months, I seemed to be the only person noticing the pink elephant in the room..."Ummmm, don't we have a few shows to get through before we can even THINK about the October event????" BUT, I am not a "Creative Director," and therefore don't quite understand how these particular thought patterns work. What I can say is, somehow the shows here always come together in ways I couldn't even imagine. And this time, I am stunned...The Barn is looking absolutely spectactular! The Barn House Family has been bringing the most unique and inspiring treasures all week. Cindy, Joe, Natalie and Sylvi have been working hard transforming The Barn into something incredibly mystical and beautiful. This event is sure to be one of our best...

This is our last event of the year and we hope you can join us for the celebration of our dreams coming true!

Joe and Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BH Season Finale - Saturday, Oct 18th!!!

The Barn House Season Finale is almost here!!! We know a lot of folks are wondering what "Gothic Harvest" is all about. Well, it's certainly not a Halloween show. It's a Fall inspired Barn House & Queen of Tarte collaboration...with a special twist! AND, there will be lots of treasures from The Barn House Family...Barn House, Queen of Tarte, Little Cottage, Sparrow, Calamity Jane's Antiques, Antie Joy, Worthy Goods, Little Byrd, The Withies, Narrow Gate Antiques and more!! There is still a ton of work ahead of us, but Joe, Cindy and I spent the day breaking our backs organizing The Barn and putting "the bones" in place. One thing is for sure, we ain't as young as we used to be!!

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is going to be a celebration of our first season AND all of the wonderful friends and loyal customers we have made along the way! We hope you can join us for an enchanted day in the country. There will be LOTS of food, music and much more. You may even catch a few of us dressed up in some crazy Gothic-inspired attire just for the party!! ;o)

More pix and directions (for you first-timers) to come....

J & J
Barn House

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What A Day!!!! Part 2 (Story Time)

We have THE BEST customers (Friends of Barn House) in the world!!! They come early, wait patiently in line drinking coffee, laughing, hugging and catching up with new and old friends. AND, some of them even bring us home-made treats! This is Jan (left), Fran (right) and Kathy (camera around her neck), and many-many-many other wonderful folks.
Fran is a legend in our neck of the woods. She has a few very successful country cookbooks with another on the way...AND puts on a couple of shows a year out our way that shouldn't be missed. The next one is the same day as our Season Finale and we will definitely have directions from Barn House so you can pay her a visit. Oh, and it takes an army of people to ring her up once she is done shopping at you might want to change lines if you are ever behind her!! ;o)
We had great news to announce to everyone who came...a very special new member to The Barn House Family!!! She is gorgeous...she is lovely...she is our new BFF...her name is "Miss Honey-Money"...and she is our Credit Card Machine!!! She also has been sitting in the closet for several months because I couldn't pull my head out of my *%$ to get her set-up. My excuse?? Well, I always have saved this special task until the week before the shows when we are so overwhelmed with preparations and are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The final straw?? A customer at the August show asked about using a credit card and I made the mistake of telling her that it was sitting in the closet because I hadn't figured out how to use it. Needless to say, she gave me a look like I was a total IDIOT! I did deserve that look, I really did.
BUT, do you know the troubles we've seen getting ready for our events??? It is enough to make a grown man cry. Joey is running around frantically pulling stuff out of the basement and hauling it to The Barn. Then he is running around frantically pulling out "the rejects" and hauling them BACK to the basement. THEN he's got to figure out what "The Magic" is going to be...what is going to amaze and inspire...what is going to make the event special, unique and different from any of our previous events. Sometimes this comes easily and sometimes it doesn't...
Sometimes he is done early and sometimes he is on the phone crying to Cindy (Queen of Tarte). This conversation goes something like this, "Oh Queen, woe is me...poor me...what am I gonna do...the chickens are laying eggs in the store...I haven't finished pricing...Jermonne is not helping me (aka Jermonne is at his other gig)...etc." Cindy being the sweet and understanding friend that she is, listens and then lovingly states, "Go tell it to The Mountain -- JUST GET IT DONE!" I love that Cindy!!
During this time of crisis, I am dealing with my own madness at The Torture Chamber. It never fails. If we have an event coming up, the sky is falling at my job! I think this is a conspiracy and last week had to be the worst. This results in TWO crazy people trying to get ready for a show. The most commonly used statement by both crazy people is "I have to do EVERYthing!" Can both crazy people really be truthful stating this with as much passion and conviction as we do? Probably not, but it sure is funny to us after the dust settles.
Well, once Joe is done "doing everything" and/or I am done "doing everything," somehow-someway, a few things fall through the cracks. Getting Miss Honey-Money set up, getting a few items priced, eating, sleeping...just some minor things like that. This week, it was setting aside some windows that Carrie (one of the very talented girls from Adorn) had scouted out in our basement from a previous visit. Yep, she had told us she wanted them and, YEP, we said we would have them ready. YIKES!!! In the early morning frenzy, we realized the windows were still in the basement and Carrie was already a little late for one of her kids soccer game. THEN, she was behind Mama Fran in line (oh goodness gracious!!)...boy, did I get a look (much deserved I will admit--well, really Joe should have got that look)!!!! Sorry Sweetie-Pie-Suga-Melon!!! The Boys of Barn House will make it up to you. :o)
One thing is certain, I seem to be the Barn House Representative present if something has "slipped through the cracks." One time I got cursed out at the counter because "apparently" someone had called for directions (the week leading up the event) and "apparently" the message wasn't relayed to Captain Correspondence. Boy did I get it!!! Poor little ol' me was ravaged and shredded to pieces and I still have the scars to prove it. If you look close, you can still see the tracks of my tears. Joe is planning to slip a little Shug Avery pee in her lemonade if she is mean to me again!
This is the lovely Sylvi and Debbie...two very special members of The Barn House Family. Debbie (right) caught me a little off guard the weekend before the event. (SKIP this section if you are skittish or easily offended) Joe had left to go visit Cindy last weekend for some inspiration and I was sitting on the porch relaxing with our cat and a couple of chickens (some of you may know that I am an aspiring Hillbilly). It started getting soooo hot that I decided since I live in the country that it would be appropriate to strip down to my britches and open up a can of my favorite tasty beverage...yes, on the porch - Barn House Style. Next thing I know the porch door swung open and there was Debbie and her husband!!!! We all were like deer caught in headlights. As you can imagine, the moment was a bit awkward to say the least. She saw a little more of me than she probably would have liked...and still can't look me in the eye. If it was any hotter that day, it could have been waaaay worse! This was NOT the first time I have been caught in my drawers on porch. Sylvi (also pictured above) has also had this unfortunate experience. But Sylvi ain't shy...she rolled right on in, gave me a big ol' hug and kept steppin' like she had walked in on hundreds of half-naked men sitting on the porch. She's a true country gal, ya know! HEE HAW!!!Even with a few glitches and a porch humiliation, everything came together beautifully! As usual, The Family pulled together and had an amazing day. There was even time to pull a fast one over on Natalie's husband Lyn...we sent him to Burgerville to order things with funny names that don't exist, like the "Clubalicous" sandwich with "Sweetalicious" fries. Poor Lyn!!
Only one more event...The Barn House Season Finale!!! The Queen is Coming!!! Queen of Tarte and Barn House will be collaborating for a very special event -- Gothic Harvest. More to come...

J & J