Monday, April 27, 2009

Under Construction - Part 1

Drastic times call for drastic measures! Over a month ago, we knew the clock was ticking on our opening and we had to cut out some of our guilty pleasures (aka, time wasters). We actually turned off ALL 200+ channels (many in HD) of our satellite TV so that we could focus more on BH. Now, the biggest, most beautiful, gorgeous and nurturing TV in the world sits with a very blank stare on her facing asking "Where did our love go?" I also went as far as canceling my subscription to US Weekly (and how I looked forward to checking the mailbox every Friday for that absolute garbage). You would think getting rid of these two things alone over a month ago would have allowed us to be on schedule. Not exactly... We ended up falling in love with our little duckies and did a lot of duck watching...I got "bullied" (by Lynne G.--Yes, I am calling you out!) into joining Facebook and got caught up in a web of family and friends I haven't heard from in decades...AND we decided we reeaallly needed an iPOD (since we don't have TV). Now, we have been spending time downloading music (it's really for the shows, right!?)

After realizing the clock was ticking and the show was REALLY just around the corner, we ran into another issue. We had been away from The Barn (watching TV) for a long time and really had not just sat and listened to what "she" wanted for her big transformation and debut into the 2009 BH Season (she doesn't like wearing the same thing twice, you know). So there we sat...thinking our thoughts...waiting for a sign...sipping on a little moonshine maybe at times...arguing about whose fault it was as to why we weren't hearing anything yet...having staring contests...etc. Well, apparently "she" decided at the 3 week mark before the season opening that all would be revealed. So, here we are...SCRAMBLING!

The Barn wanted a bigger entry/welcoming area equipped with a Big & Elaborate Structure, new fence and a ton of gravel for flooring. The Barn also wanted a new back drop...and additional lighting. She also wanted Big & Elaborate Structure inside...a new check out area and a new check out counter. AND she wanted us to finish a bunch of other stuff that slipped through the cracks last year. She ALSO asked for wood floors for the interior, but that's where we had to draw the line. SHE'S GREEDY ONCE SHE STARTS TALKING!!!!
Here we go again!!!!
Don't worry...we WILL be ready!!! Just light a candle for us, in the meantime. ;o)

The goods are piled up everywhere!!

Joe and I hit a JACKPOT this of those JACKPOTS that requires 2-3 trips to pick it all of those JACKPOTS you wouldn't tell ANYone the address because the stuff is sooooo good! We were giddy all day!!!

Oh, and I can't forget to mention our Featured Dealers!!! They will be bringing their treasures for the next week filling the joint to the brim...

Sylvi - Little Cottage
Natalie - Sparrow
Debbie & Laurie - Worthy Goods
Cindy - The Queen of Tarte
Julie - The Withies
and new to The BH Family, Leah - Art by Leah

I will be talking about them more this week...but it's after midnight and I have to be somewhat presentable at The Torture Chamber tomorrow.

OH...and THANKS to all of the folks that have left such warm and encouraging comments. I am REAAAALLY behind on getting back to everyone...I hope you understand. We have a very greedy barn...

J & J
The Boys of BH / Barn People / Barn Enablers

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Barn House Angels...

This is an impromptu post, inspired by a visit over to Robin's Bird Tweets Blog. Oh how my little heart is aching something terrible (in a really good way)! I have said this before, but I really don't know what we did in our previous lives to be rewarded so abundantly in this life. Visiting Robin's blog today was a reminder of this. Being the cry-baby that I am, I was instantly teary-eyed and emotional about the very simple and pure things that bring so much happiness into our lives. The House, the BH Home Collection of "stuff" inside The House, the abundance of "stuff" surrounding The House, The Barn...all of this is wonderful. But it has really been the friendships that have developed and evolved along the way that make it all so special. We call these friends "The Barn House Angels." Well, imagine me sitting on the sofa "in the moment" of reflecting on all of the many things I am so thankful for...and in barges the Tasmanian Devil (Joe). "OMG, are you crying about how happy you are, AGAIN??? Snap out of it! I need you to help me lift "this-and-that" and move it "here-and-there!" I politely replied, "Well, excuuuuuuse me for being happy! I will be right out to help you, You Bubble-Popper!" I was too emotionally drained to wrestle him about it (being too happy can be exhausting sometimes)...not to mention I didn't want to scare my duckies who are still enjoying their last few days of living in the house with us. I certainly don't want my newest "children" growing up thinking their parents are way!! Unfortunately, their older siblings may one day enjoy popping their bubbles about us...I wonder where they learned that from.
Sorry, back to the ever so talented Robin! Her pictures and stories are beautiful art! Every time I visit her blog I am amazed in one way or another. I am sure this is why Somerset Life Magazine snatched her up!!! You can see her spread in the Jan-Mar issue. We feel so honored to know her...a real life fancy photographer in magazines!!! There are even two pictures from the Barn House and Willow Nest show last August here at our place!! :o) And I will be forever thankful to her for airbrushing the wrinkles & acne off of my face and the gray out of my hair from the pictures she posted on her blog!!! Thank you, are a true professional!!! But more important than the fancy photographs and magazines, we really feel she is becoming part of our extended family here in Washington. We can't wait to send our friends and family back home to her blog. :o) Have you checked the mail today??? Some of you will be receiving our first postcard. This one will always be very special because it features Celie (left) & Nettie (right). It was taken at our "Grand Opening" last May by our friend Rob "J-A" Kennedy (another great photographer friend). As some of you know, Sweet Nettie died last October after our Season Finale -- so this series is really in honor of her. Thanks Robbie for catching our twin goats at the perfect moment, guarding The BH Familia! In the future, we will feature something special about each individual event. If you would like to be added to your mailing list, send us a comment or an e-mail with your address ( Tasmanian Devil is back and I really have to run. He just got back from treasure hunting and is really PO'd I have been blogging and watching the chickens through the window mess up the newly planted vegetable garden. Sorry, but my babies just can't do no wrong in my eyes!! BUT, before I go...let me talk a little bit more smack about "Joey Drama" before he comes back into the house. (We've known each other for almost 20 years, so I can do that) See all that stuff in the picture above?Well, I am sure our neighbors drive by and think that Sand ford (Joe) & Son (me, because I am waaay younger) are completely out of control. It has been said (by unknown sources) that Joe is VERY proud of his stuff...kind of like a little boy is proud of his new truck or new army army figures. SOOOO, what he does (Proud Joe) is not only bring stuff inside the house and literally surround himself with it, but he also displays the big stuff outside so that everybody and their mamas can see it all when they drive by. I guess it's the Hunter/Gatherer in him. (another scenario The Barn People got in trouble for re-enacting in Seattle). Most neighbors smile and wave...but some of the others just glare and snarl. Good thing we live in the country...this here land is ours...treasures (junk) and all!!!! HEE HAW ;o)

Goodness, I should call in sick to work more often. I really needed to get that off my chest! Can I get a witness??

J & J / The Boys of Barn House / Barn People / Happy Folks(!) / Cry Babies

P.S. - We will be acting like fools in The Land of Tarte on Saturday (if I am still not sick, of course). Hope you can join The Queen and Annie, Fannie & Abigail for one of the best shows in Oregon!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Barn People" Sighting...

A couple of weeks ago, The Boys of BH and The Queen of Tarte headed up to Seattle for what turned out to be quite an adventure. In true Hillbilly style, we had stuff stacked high on the roof of the truck...the trailer was filled to the brim...and poor Cindy had only a few inches to move in the back seat b/c we had so much stuff inside the truck too. In hindsight, we were dangerously filled with stuff...but that didn't seem to matter at the time. We were going to the big city to make our "debut" at the Sand Point Antique & Design Market!!

But let me tell you how our trip started -- Already running a few minutes late on the first day of our trip, we get in the truck to find out it won't start. Now I have mentioned we were dangerously packed to the brim, right?? I just about had an anxiety attack right there in the driveway! The thought of having to UNpack the truck before we even left started the wheels in my head to spin out of control. Fortunately, Joe and Cindy know the look of panic in my eyes and took control of the situation. Turned out the battery was dead and needed a jump. So off we went to the auto store for a new battery, rope and heavy-duty tie-downs to make sure our stuff didn't fly off the roof on the highway.

A couple of hours later, we finally get on the road. We laughed hysterically about the looks & comments we got in town with all that stuff. Everything is wonderful...until it starts SNOWING. What the heck! We are on our way to Seattle to do a show in an UNheated building and it is SNOWING. This time it was Joe who panicked. He had already declared that he was "crippled" to the battery installer and couldn't get out of the truck (really b/c he was already frozen and could barely move before we officially left town). "What kind of "stuff" is this?? Who lives like this!" he yelled. (He doesn't deal too well with the Spring snow/cold of the NW)

It's not snowing when we arrive in Seattle, but it's still in the 30s. To say the least, none of us was looking forward to unpacking and setting up. I am sure we were all regretting bringing so much stuff. So we pull up to the building we were in and Joe and Cindy leave me in the truck to go "find our space." Uh huh! 20 minutes later, I come to realization that they are not only "finding our space," but have already started shopping from the other vendors too! I won't bore you with all the details (and expletives) of unloading and setting up in the freezing rain, but I bet you can imagine. What I will say is that there are some very special people in this business. The camaraderie between the dealers makes some of the more challenging situations enjoyable. Who wouldn't want to hang out (even in the cold) with with the fabulous Lulu (Luluz), Deb & Bob (Retreat), Debi (Ormolulu), and JOHN/BOB just to name a few. We will be forever in debt to Bob (Retreat) for helping me and Joe get those farm tables down from the roof of the Suburban!! What on earth were we thinking???!!

If you are wondering why this post is not filled with pictures from the show, it's because I caught a serious case of the vapors resulting in severe brain-freeze, Joe was crippled by the shakes and Cindy's shivers were debilitating. By the time I remembered to take pictures, I only took these two of Cindy's space before the rush.
The rest of the time we were chit-chatting with Seattle's finest...La . Te . Da Love (she has pix on her blog), Mimi Charmante (also has pix on her blog), The Salvage Sisters, Todd from Bountiful Home, Lisa Call and many others. One lady came into our space and said, "Oh, you are 'Those Barn People'." Something sounded really creepy the way she said it..."Those Barn People" -- kind of like "Children of The Corn" or something. At first, I was mildly offended. But back at the hotel lounge, we discussed it in detail over some moonshine. There was something terribly eccentric about it..."Barn People." Oh what fun this could be!!!! The more moonshine that was poured, the more possibilities were concocted up in our crazy heads. The costumes, wigs, dialects and characters were endless...yes, in the lounge at Hotel Deca, "The Barn People" were born!! Barn People around the world...Stand Up and Unite!! Boy, we caused such a scene in the lounge that night getting into character that the bartender cut us off and brought us a coulple of rounds of water. "Those Barn People" just don't have any sense! ;o) to celebrate Easter. We still have lots more to share about Joe's face plastered in Old Stuff, Robin in Somerset Life, Susan in Romantic Country, The Land of Tarte event next Saturday in Oregon City, The BH Season opening and our 10 new ducklings (see a video of them on Robin's BirdTweets blog)!

J & J
Barn People

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We couldn't wait any longer...

We have SOOOO much to update you on about the happenings at BH! Unfortunately, most of it is going to have to wait a few more days. We are absolutely swamped right now...there are only four short weeks until our opening and things are a bit C-R-A-Z-Y, to say the least. But the day I have been waiting for (forever, it seems) finally came today and I had to share...
OUR BABY DUCKS ARRIVED!!! HEE HAW!!!! More to come on our ducklings, the Sandpoint show in Seattle, our Shenanigans in the Hotel Lounge with The Queen in Seattle, Joe's picture in Old Stuff Magazine, Robin's (Bird Tweets) spread in Somerset Life Magazine, our friend Susan's spread in Romantic County Magazine and The Barn House Season Opening (May 9th)!!!! Is anyone else happy that Spring is FINALLY here??
We miss you!

The Boys of Barn House