Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barn House Update - The News!

It has been an incredible week for us!  The Sun finally came out signaling that Summer might actual really be here!!  As a result, we finally were motivated to get our online store back up and running.  Barn House Marketplace is now open for business (again).  We are very happy to have two very talented invited guests and friends selling with us - Maison Douce and Retreat Design.  There are lots a great treasures...check us out at

We now have new T-Shirts for sale at BHM!

But, the BIG NEWS really is that The Boys of Barn House are in the July issue of Sunset Magazine!!!!

This has really been an unbelievable year for us!  We have been featured in Somerset Life Magazine, Flea Market Style Magazine (2 articles shot at our home), The Seattle Times, The Columbian Newspaper and now one of the most iconic magazines - Sunset!!  Sunset Magazine has been around for over 100 hundred years (yes, since 1898) and is one of the most widely distributed magazines in the country.   It is really unbelievable that we are actually in it.  We are so incredibly honored.  Life is really good!

I remember clearly when Heather Bullard was here for one of the photo shoots for Flea Market Style and being shocked that she actually wanted to take a picture of us for the magazine.  We get TONS of magazines and the reality is that 999 times out of 1,000 there is certainly not folks that look, feel (and maybe smell) like us.  We told Heather that there was no way FMS would put a picture of us in the magazine.  She winked and said, "Oh yes they will!"  And, oh yes, they did!  And so did Sunset!   Me and Joe have been joking about how terrible we look in the Sunset photo.  I don't know what we were thinking about staying up so late the night before, but we look a little rough.  The first thing I thought was "Jermonne, you need to stop eating and stop eating NOW!"  I told Joe if he had red hair, he would look like Johnny Depp in the Alice in Wonderland movie poster.  It's worth $4.95 just for the chuckle about how we look!  LOL 

OK...enough joking around.  If you live on the East Coast and don't have access to Sunset, we have about 25 copies for sale at Barn House Marketplace.

Thank you all for so generously supporting The Boys of BH and our dream!  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love and inspiration. 

Much Love,

J & J
The Boys of Barn House

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coming up for air...The Boys of BH are back!

Whew...our Spring Show was something we could have never imagined!! Especially considering that leading up to the show we had decided to NEVER-EVER have another show in May. If you don't live in the NW, you may not know that we have had the coldest/wettest Springs on record. The weather has been absolutely miserable. Getting ready for the show in the cold and rain was less than desirable to say the least (especially when building a new structure was part of the plan).  

The Mother's Day Tribute was a little bitter sweet after losing Joe's mom recently.  We also use to host my family and our family of friends in CA for a special Mother's Day celebration at our home.  All we really wanted to do was spend time with family/friends, work in our gardens and charm the turkeys.  We loudly proclaimed that next year there would be only one show and that would be our Flea Market.  It was time to trim the was time for Part 2 of the Big BH Cleanse.  We had way too much stuff cluttering our lives.

We pulled out stuff from every nook and cranny, priced it to sell and waited to see if anyone would show up for what we thought was our final Spring Show. And even though we had proclaimed it was our final Spring event, the Universe expressed something a little different. After weeks of rain, the clouds cleared and the Sun shined brightly on our faces the morning of our event.

 The line started about an hour before we opened.  

15 minutes before the show, the line was already down to the far end of The Barn. 

We said, "Uh Oh!"  And just when we thought we we would never do another Spring show, we had the biggest/best Barn House event to date.  At a certain point in the morning I looked out from my post at one of the registers and was torn between feeling giddy and terrified.  Apparently, we will be having more Spring Shows!

We are so honored to have friends like Katie, Robin and Leah who saw things getting completely out of control and stepped in to assist at the registers and with crowd control.  We are also every honored to have some of the most talented and hardworking featured guests (BH Familia) present to help pull together such an awesome event.  They brought their A-Game and worked their fingers to the bone and we will forever be thankful!!  We also must thank the five smiling BH Parking Boys (+1 Girl) for guiding our customers safely through the somewhat mushy pasture as well as helping carry treasures to the cars of the happy buyers.  The parents of these kids should really be proud!!  And certainly we must thank the many-many customers who came out and generously shopped until they almost dropped!  HEE HAW!!  :o)

We have been getting lots of calls/emails from friends wondering what the heck we have been up to lately.   After riding the crazy train all Summer last year (with our home/gardens suffering from a lack of attention), we decided we were going to slow things down a bit this year to focus on what is most important to us -- home, friends and family.  So while a lot of our friends were partying it up with Serena (Farm Chicks) and our lovely friend Celeste (Chaps/Cake) in Spokane a few weeks back, we were here supervising one of the most meaningful and eventful projects to ever occur at our home  -- A HIGH-TECH IRRIGATION SYSTEM!  

This may not be thrilling to most, but if you have ever had to fight with 100 feet of a water hose in the hot/dry Summer for 3 hours a day trying your best to keep your favorite plants and flowers alive, you will understand. 

It will give us back hundreds upon hundreds of hours this Summer/Fall!!  We have talked about it for the past 3 years, and finally made it happen this year!!  NOT that we have been able to use it yet as it has rained pretty much everyday since the beginning of the month, but one day it will be very useful!  LOL

Other than that, we have just been loving the turkeys and baby chicks, editing, fine-tuning, gardening, visiting special friends and getting ready for The Big Daddy of BH events - The Flea!!   The lineup of 30 or so invited guests is amazing!!!!!  They are talented, positive, fun, loving, hardworking and incredible folks who we are privileged to know.  We will be sharing the details soon, but please save the date - July 31st. 

OH, and Barn House Marketplace (our online store) will be back up and running very soon.  We have two very special invited guests - Maison Douce and Retreat!  More to come this week...

Much Love!
The Boys of Barn House / BH Marketplace