Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First "UNEDITED" Post

***My First UNEDITED Post***

***Grown A$$ Man Talk Ahead***

***Please do not read if you are easily offended***

***IT'S A LOT!***

Whew, it's nice getting all of that out of the way! 

I woke up this morning,
kissed my best friend Joey on the lips,
then on the cheek 
and then on the neck. 

I told him that I loved him. 
I told him how VERY proud I am of him.

Then, I told him to get the F* out of the house. 
My head is exploding
 I need to write. 
He is gone. 
I am writing.

Me and Joey met 20 years ago. 

It was a match made by mutual friends before we even met each other. 

They knew what was destined. 

THIS was certainly destined.

I was 19 years old.  I was just a young college Boy.

  He was 25 years old and freshly out of a relationship gone wrong.

I fell in love immediately.  He was scared and uncertain if he was ready.

I was in college in California.  He was in Arizona. 

I would cry listening to Anita Baker when driving from visits home.

No, he wasn't ready.

It was too risky f*ing it all up because we were so young.  HE knew that. 

We were just young Boys then.  We had a lot to experience and wild seeds to sow.

Different heartbreaks were needed to understand the real meaning of love.

Maybe a year later on a trip home from Spring Break, we strolled into my Mom's house after going to whatever club it was then.  I really thought my Mom would be asleep, as she had to leave for work just a few hours later. 

She wasn't sleeping. 

Uh Oh 

At that time, I was not "O-U-T"

Upon arriving home, I told my Mom a "friend" was going to crash at our house. 
She was up reading and told me to just close her door. 


Not so much...a few minutes later, she wanted to actually meet my "friend." 


 My "friend" had earings, a gazillion silver finger rings, a vest with no shirt and platform Herman Munster shoes. 

She looked him up and down with "that" look. 

Me and Joe went to sleep in my room. 

My Mom went to work. 

I left to go back to college the next day. 

Me and my mom played "phone tag" for a MONTH.

The VERY first thing that came out of her mouth was,

 "Who the F* did you have with you?  He looked FUNNY.

 I asked, "Does it matter?"

She asked, "What do you mean?  Are you?

I asked, "Does it matter?"

It did NOT matter! 

My Mom's love for me is true
I am her only child...
her only son...
HER Boy.

Over the years, Joe and I would meet up every year or so...the timing still wasn't right. 

There was always pillow talk... 

"Baby, are you ready?"

We were in the process of learning important lessons about ourselves and about true love.

We were on separate journeys.  But when our paths crossed, it always felt good in our hearts.

If you love something, set it free....

He came back to me. 


My Mom had only met Joe once and that was at 3 o'clock in the morning. 
When she met him 13 years later, she immediately remembered him. 

 "I remember you.  You strolled in looking like Prince!"

Side note -- Prince was my idol growing up...I was obsessed with him and his music and had every record/magazine/poster/etc.

Apparently, my Mom had made the connection. 

He is MY Prince

He is a tiny-skinny-little man with BIG talent.
Just like I like 'em!
High five for me!

Blah, blah, blah...and here we are today.

Side note - He is BAT SH*T crazy, but I LOVE him and would do anything for him...
like agreeing to plan a show in just FOUR G*D* days!

Are you wondering why on Earth I am telling you all of this? 

Simply, I just woke up feeling like I needed to shout it from the mountain top.

I have been bored as F* with my own blog for a while. 

Yeah, there might be a few pretty pictures, but it has been lacking what's in our hearts. 
It lacks what is TRUELY in our hearts. 
It lacks the real reflection of how we live our lives. 
It lacks our true voices.
It just lacks ME and JOE.

We are grown A$$ men with a little bit LOT of  "crazy" in our heads.
Men who like LOVE to cuss like sailors.
Men who are silly.
Men who change our minds 100 times in a day.
Men who love each other passionately.
Men who don't take ourselves too serious.

Side note - when preparing for this last F*ing minute show in snow/mud, Joe kept complaining about this and that.  

Oh, I hate this mud on my shoes. 
Oh, it's snowing. 
Oh, I am cold.  
Oh, I am tired. 
Oh this...
Oh that"

Everytime I told him, "Dude, just get the F* over yourself!  Who do you think you are??  Shut the F* up and just do what you need to do!!!" 

Of course, it was said with all of the L-O-V-E in my heart for him.

After telling Joe to get the hell out of the house this morning,
I laid in bed thinking about how much I love my life.

How much I love THE man that came back. 
How much I love the life we have created together. 
How much I love the little business we have created together.
How much I love that we are "unconvententional" people who make up our own rules.


How much I LOVE our family and friends.
How much I love how good it feels waking up in my home. 
And, how good it feels to other folks too!

The life we live is amazing.  
Everyday ain't perfect by any means. 
But it's perfect for us.

God, what else was I thinking?

OH, the show yesterday.

It was F*ing perfect...I just can't say it any other way.

The weather was perfect. 
The customers were perfect.
The friends who stopped by to say "howdy" were perfect.
F*ing Awesome!!!!!

Y'all, Joey and Natalie (Sparrow) did GOOD

Much thanks to Kathryne and Kari of Manor Bourne for your help yesterday!!!
We couldn't have made it through the day without your help.  Much love!!!

Today, I woke up with a "slight" hangover after our celebration last night.

Whiskey & Great Food 
at Bone's Steak & Chop Shop in Battle Ground

Today, something was very clear. 
This is the direction for Barn House in 2011. 
And we love it!

We are following our hearts

It's our journey together, right?
We plan to enjoy it!
And I personally didn't wait for this crazy a$$ MFer all of my life to just F* around!

SOOOO, I guess that was the point of all of this.

My Mommy still loves me with ALL of her heart. 
AND, she loves Joey with all of her heart.
Eventhough he is "FUNNY"

And THAT, our friends, is what matters most!

Run and tell it if you like.

Next stop for BARN HOUSE...

We are VERY honored to be invited guests at
Seabold Vintage Market!

Seabold Vintage Market
Bainbridge Island, WA
March 19, 2011

Inspiration is upon us!

I know, this was a LOT!
THIS creative intervention was not only for Joe.
It was for ME too!
I expect we will probably lose some folks that read our blog.

We are totally ok with that.

It is the risk we are willing to take.

My mom loves BOTH of us.

Thoughts on all of this? 
Please, be candid leaving your comments. 
It's all good.
I will publish them all (except spam).

Much love,

The Boys of Barn House
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

BH Vintage Country Marketplace - Sneek Peeks!

Are you coming, or would you just like to come? 

We would love to see you...

It has certainly been a while!

The Boys

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vintage Country Marketplace - SATURDAY!


presents a

Vintage Country Marketplace!!

We will be selling awesome farm tables, cupboards, primitives, trunks, beds, chairs, jewelry, pillows, aprons, baskets, linens and LOTS of unique vintage treasures!!

Featuring our VERY Special Guest



February 26, 2011

10a to 4p

free admission

Hosted at our cute neighborhood Venersborg Community Center
It's the origional school house of our village built in 1912
Just 30 minutes NE of Portland

24205 NE 209th St.
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(right across from the Venersborg Country Store)

Sneek Peeks Coming Soon!


24205 NE 209th St
Battle Ground, WA 98604

From PDX:
I-205 N toward Seattle to Exit 32 toward Battle Ground (Padden Parkway East)
Padden Parkway-EAST exit (drive approx 10 miles to Risto Rd)
Risto Road – Turn Right (there will be a BH sign here – drive approx 3 miles)
Hosted at the Venersborg Center pictured below (look for BH sign on right)

From Camas:
WA-14 WEST toward Vancouver, WA (to Exit 8)
164th Ave (Exit 8) – Turn Right (drive approx 6 miles until it ends at Ward)
Ward Rd – Turn Right (drive approx 4 miles)
Risto Road – Turn Right (there will be a BH sign here – drive approx 3 miles)
Hosted at the Venersborg Center pictured below (look for BH sign on right)

From Seattle:
I-5 South toward Portland
I-205 South to Exit 32 toward Battle Ground (Padden East)
Padden Parkway-EAST exit (drive approx. 10 miles to Risto Rd)
Risto Road - Turn Right (there will be a sign here - drive approx 3 miles)
Hosted at the Venersborg Center pictured below (look for BH sign on right)

From Downtown Battle Ground:
From Main Street head East
Grace Avenue - Turn Right (South)
SE Eaton/199th Street - Turn Left (East)
Risto Road – Turn Left (there will be a BH sign here – drive approx 3 miles)
Hosted at the Venersborg Center pictured below (look for BH sign on right)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surprise! Barn House Sale THIS Weekend!


presents a

Vintage County Marketplace

February 26, 2011
10a - 4p
(free admission)

our special friends of

Vintage Sparrow

Joe is going VERY crazy after spending much of the Winter in our house hoarding treasures and working on special projects.  To say the least, he is a bit KOO KOO for COCO PUFFS at this point.  

I had no choice but to stage a Creative Intervention before things get anymore out of control with his CRAZY A$$! 

(Yeah, I said it!!) 

So here we go, in true Barn House Style...

After the snow which is expected over the next couple of days, "those people" are predicting a beautiful and sunny weekend ahead!   WE ARE READY!  Are you?? 

If so, come out and visit with us at the original school house of our little village (built circa 1912) this Saturday!! 

It's just right around the corner from Barn House....24205 NE 209th Street in Battle Ground, WA 98604.

Directions and all kinds of NEW exciting news on the way! 

You can even Follow/Like BARN HOUSE on FACEBOOK and TWITTER now!!! 
(if I could only find the proper links to share with you--lol--we will share soon)

J & J

Yes, these are welcome too...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It is HERE - Flea Market Style Magazine!!!

Flea Market Style Magazine - Spring 2011 is HERE!! 

We've got it!!!  It arrived today!!!  SOOOO exciting!!!! 

AND we are very excited to see so many Friends of Barn House featured in this issue...

Thanks to Ki, Heather and the whole Flea Market Style team for an awesome job!!!

We have a limited number of copies left...visit Barn House Marketplace today to get your copy.


Plus, there are some awesome items we will be adding to BHM later this week...

OK...back to shipping magazines!! 

Joe & Jermonne
Barn House & Barn House Marketplace

Monday, February 7, 2011

BHM Giveaway at Flea Market Style Magazine!!!

The latest issue of Flea Market Style is due to be here ANY day!!! 

To celebrate, our friends over on the Flea Market Style Magazine Blog are kicking things into high gear with a MASSIVE week of giveaways. 

Tuesday, they are starting things off with a
 $100 Gift Card to...

 Just hop on over to the Flea Market Style blog to enter to win $100 in BH Marketplace CASH (starting Tuesday morning)!

The Boys of Barn House are giving away a copy of Flea Market Style magazine here on our blog too! 

All you have to do is visit our online store and leave us a comment here on our blog telling us your favorite item listed at

OH, did we mention we are pre-selling the magazine? 


 Visit Barn House Marketplace and buy your copy today. 

HURRY, supplies are limited!

We will ship all magazines the day we receive them
(hopefully this week)!

Joe & Jermonne

P.S. - Stay tuned for a special stroll down memory lane...J&J's 20 Year "Anniversary" -- The LOOONG road to Barn House Bliss. 

AND, you definitely don't want to miss Part 1 of a new Barn House blog series - Retail Fear Factor!  We are going to expose some of our ugliest encounters over the past few years (all in good fun, of course)!  You don't want to miss it!