Sunday, November 22, 2009

BH Evening Walk - Part 1

We must thank all of your who have commented on the last post. We have been getting back to the basics -- Spending quality time here on the farm with our little ones...and spending quality time with our friends. Today we had a special & very long talk with with someone we love sincerely and are inspired by immensely. It pretty much pulled me out of my blog-funk. One of my favorite blogs is very simple, uncomplicated and beautiful -- it makes me really happy. This post is dedicated to LB/RD (thanks, Sunshine!). This is the BH version of her "My Morning Walk"...(she also has a very cool on-line store on ETSY called Little Byrd Vintage).

I personally feel like we are incredibly lucky to live here in Venersborg. Our walks here reveal a special history and stunning vignettes of nature at its finest. After talking to RD, I "made" Joe get in the truck with me to drive around our "hood." This is what we were able to capture before the sun set...

When we we made it back into the house, we had received a special message from another dear friend -- Joyce. We feel very special to be a part of the Monticello Antique Marketplace 20009 Christmas Show! We (Joe mostly) have been working very hard preparing for this show. The heavy hitters of the Portland area and beyond will ALL be in the house bringing their A-Game. To say the least, we are REALLY excited to be back at Monti's December 4th - 27th!!!

Much Love,

J & J

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BTW - Do you like our new look??? We are probably the LAST bloggers on Earth to finally make-over our site after (only after two long years). We are transforming in many-many ways.