Sunday, April 20, 2008

English-ish Garden Entrance In The Making

I had to travel for my other gig this week and came home to discover Joe had decided to RE-RE-landscape the Barn House entrance. I have been told time-and-time again that the “Creative Director’s” ideas flow in this manner. It’s a good thing we only have four and a half short weeks before our opening. There is plenty of time to complete a few brand new projects by May 24th! :o)

So, today we dug holes for the gates and picket fence for the entrance. We purchased the gates from our friend Toree (Narrow Gate Antiques not far from us). She picked these up on her last excursion to England. Saves us a trip! She is having a Spring Clean-Out Sale on April 26th that you probably don’t want to miss. 12404 NE 72nd Avenue in Vancouver – 360-907-5814.
Joe has been a VERY busy shopper this week. Sorry Natalie, I heard he snatched this green chair right from under your nose at the Estate Sale in Camas the other day. If it makes you feel any better, a piece of it fell off when he got it home and now he has another project. HA! At another sale he found four very cool rusty iron chairs that will get burlap or linen-covered seats.
These are some other finds…
And more…
And even more!
After all of that digging today, I think it’s time for a nice, hot bath.

Have a wonderful week!!!

J & J

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hide and Seek!

I guess I haven’t been to the basement in a while, but Joe has been “sneaking” goods into the house and hoarding them down there. From what I can see, there are baskets, linens, pillows, mirrors, frames, beds, pales, dressers, chairs, garden hats and a million unidentified objects in countless totes. No wonder I am starving to death (but somehow not losing any weight)!!!

Stuff is even on the porch! I guess I got home a little too early before these items were transported out of sight. Caught in the act!!

The barn, basement AND yard are filling up for our opening event!!! We even have a few very special featured guests that will be bringing over some amazing items for the sale (to be announced). Good thing we have more property than we know what to do with. But we guess that is what a Flea Market (or two) are good for! Now we just need a mule to haul some of this stuff around for us.

With the beautiful weather this weekend, we were able to work on the back yard a bit. The pergola we built last summer finally got a coat of much needed white paint (3rd most horrible project year-to-date – right after #1 removing the barn ceiling liner and #2 fixing the chicken coops). BUT, this area is “Wisteria Lane” in the making (five purple wisterias and counting) and home of the official Barn House After-Party!! Won’t you join us for a good old fashioned country show-down???

Just try not to stumble onto any of our favorite purple flowers. :o)

Peace, Love and Antiques!

J & J

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Barn House Opening - Vintage Garden!

We have been a bit obsessed with getting our garden in order as soon as possible this year. The main reason is because our opening event will be centered on vintage garden treasures. And what better way to enhance the “Barn House Experience” than to offer our guests a garden tour and home-grown veggies!

So here we were in the rain this weekend getting the gates up and planting the first round of Bok Choy, Cabbage, Walla Walla Onions, Garlic, Brussel Sprouts, Kale, Cilantro and an enormous amount of Sweet Peas. Hopefully this week we can get to the green-leafy stuff and some of the flower beds??

Joe has also been roaming the country side looking for other treasures. This week he found some wonderful old iron beds with the original railings AND box springs.

The barn is quickly filling up with all kinds of wonderful one-of-a-kind finds! Please excuse our dust…this is just the beginning of a little “magic” in the making. :o)

If only we could stop hoarding items for ourselves!! This is a picture of one of the corner cabinets in our kitchen. Fortunately, our personal collections for the house are pretty much complete…we promise to save the best of the new finds for Barn House!