Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sebold Vintage Market Pictures!

I couldn't spend hours messing around
with glitchy blogger today, so check out our
Seabold Vintage Market

on our Facebook Page.

It's where you can find a lot of up-to-date
fun stuff about our daily ventures.

SO "LIKE" us!

More to come...

The Boys

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiration is upon us...Seabold Vintage Market, here we come!

We are just getting back from THE BEST vacation ever and we are recharged and ready to go!

It was a reminder of what friendship/family is all about.

(more to come on our vacation)

We are both feeling so free and inspired.

Your comments on our two "Unedited" posts continue to reinforce that it's OK to just let go of a few things
that just don't fit with our vision for our lives and business.

We just want to be Joe and Jermonne.
The Boys of Barn House
(aka - the crazy, fun, potty-mouth, sweet and loyal "boys" who we are)

And we want to surround ourselves with people
who are loving and who are true friends.

Life is too short to do anything else.

So, off we go for our first show away from home in a LOOOONG time.

We are visiting The Seabold Vintage Market Family
and are SO PROUD to be invited guests.

Do y'all know that Seabold Vintage Market was voted
one of THE BEST flea markets in the country by readers of
Flea Market Style Magazine??

I remember meeting Liz for the first time.
I remember the VERY moment I first met her and her family.
(and really, I can't remember shit)

That is the kind of impression they leave on folks.
It was not just her refreshingly cohesive,
and stunning style of decorating.

It was her.
And it was her family.
It all fit together and made a lot of sense.
These are people we would love to hang out with.

So, off we go to spend some quality time with them!
AND to R-O-C-K the Bainbridge Island School House with
The Seabold Vintage Market Family.

We hope you can join us.
THIS Saturday - March 19th

Seabold Community Hall
14450 Komedal Rd NE
(the North end of Bainbridge Island)
2p - 6p

For details and directions,
please visit

For sneak peeks and LOTS of crazy insight on how
The Boys of Barn House
roll on a road trip
follow us on Facebook by clicking

(we don't think you will be disappointed!)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sophia Home Now!

Thank you ALL for reassuring us that it IS ok to be our authentic selves.
We loved reading ALL of your comments.

EVERY single comment,
even the TWO negative comments reinforced
the reason I said EVERY single word I wrote.

This is OUR theme park!
What am I scared of?

The last post is the MOST comments we have
EVER received.
(outside of a BH Giveaway)

The unedited post was THE #1 TOTAL page views
 since we started our blog.
(in less than a week)

THAT says a LOT!

SOPHIA Home Now!
Things are gonna change around here!!
The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I talked to my Mom this morning. I called Her to tell her to read this post.
I told Her to read ALL of the comments.

My Mom will be commenting as soon as her and my Auntie Cassandra can figure out how to find the comment section. LOL

Stay tuned…I hope she says something in her authentic voice
(FULL of L-O-V-E, and if we are lucky some out takes)

I also called several of my friends who were
NOT likely to read this blog previously.
The ones who knew us when we were younger
Those who have watched us evolve over the years

MANY also commented.
I hope they come back and continue to share their thoughts.

THIS is why I “outed” myself.
No, not the “gay” thing…I was pretty sure sure there were not many who
did NOT know that me and Joe sleep in the same damn bed every night.

Two grown ass men living together selling antiques?

Well, DUH!

My Mom asked me why I decided to put all of our "business" out here.

It is simple.

We ALL need TRUE friends.
Friends who know our entire story.
Friends who know our hearts are bursting at the seams with L-O-V-E.
Friends who know why/how Barn House was created .
Friends who inspire us.

There is NOT enough room for
ANYthing or ANYone
who doesn't LOVE sharing this experience with us.

We have TOO much other GOOD
stuff cluttering our pathways here on our farm.

Joe and I came together in love and friendship.
Barn House was built on love and friendship.

The Friends of BH are the people who have made this experience so special.

Our collaborations are incredible.

These friends have lifted us up.
Our friends have lifted us ALL up beyond what we could have ever imagined.

We will are thankful and have a lot more to say about this particular subject.

My very special home girl, Rebekah, deleted her blog a couple of years back.

She had a LOT of “followers.”
WAAAAY more than us.
One day, she woke up and just deleted it.
She was just done with that particular blog.
I envied her SOOOO much.
We would talk about it all over margaritas and laugh our asses off.
Who does that?????
We LOVE her for being THAT person!
It made HER happy.
SHE makes us happy.

Nobody WE know gets paid to write a blog.
And I certainly don’t get paid a damn thing
by people who might judge me or Joey for this beautifully crazy life we live.

We live it authentically.
I am going to talk about it, authentically.

So, really, who gives a @&$# about haters???

I am going to write for me and those who personally enjoy following our very personal journey…
THIS particular blog is for those who “get IT.”


We are just living our lives together and figuring it all out daily.

We have an online store that does not include any of our personal commentary.
It is open 24/7.
We ALSO have an AMAZING show that is planned on July 30th.
It includes a bunch of VERY talented folks…
EACH with their own diverse perspective on beauty and life.
Creative Diversity

I was VERY close to just deleting this blog.
I hated editing my thoughts because maybe someone would be offended.
As our business started growing, we felt the need to try to please EVERYone.

Oh shit, THE magazine with BH in it is coming out!
Joe, you NEED to sell this/that to TRY to please EVERYone.
Jermonne, you better play it safe on the blog to TRY to please EVERYone.
We better plan EVERYthing a year in advance to TRY to please EVERYone.

As a result, NEITHER of us were very happy with the direction things were going.

WE got lost trying to balance it all.
Yeah, not so good to do.

It’s time to switch things up.
We are following our hearts.
Going places where we BOTH can be inspired.

I will delete it IF I can’t express myself
here...At OUR home...with OUR friends.

Like I said before,
I didn't wait all of my life for THE ONE to just mess around with dumb stuff!
I would rather do something else with my time.

It is what it is.

Holla, if you hear me.

OH, and before we hop on a plane to visit even more very inspiring people,

We are ALSO incredibly happy to be invited guests at

Seabold Vintage Market
March 19, 2011
Bainbridge Island, WA

Voted one of the TOP flea markets in the country by
Flea Market Style Magazine

Liz LeDorze is THE BEST of the BEST!
Her very signature brand and how she decorates is H-O-T!!

SHE is H-O-T!!
SHE is a BIG reason there is a creative intervention
happening at Barn House right now!

Joe took one look at recent pictures on her blog and said,

“Now THAT’S how you decorate for a show!!”
(see awesome pix over at The Little Red Shoppe blog)

She inspired him to get out of the house and decorate.
A few days later, we had a sale of our own around the corner from our house.

We LOVE Liz and her family!!
They pulled a creative STUNT at our last Summer Marketplace.

They make us happy.
The Boys are going to Bainbridge Island to be part of her amazing show,
sleep in her house, eat her food, drink her wine
and tell her and her family


how MUCH we appreciate her and what she does…

Family Style
Seabold Vintage Style
Barn House Style

If this is your style too,
we hope to see you there!

Oh, and one more big announcemnent...

Upon my first warning to our readers that our blog would be changing,
our friend Deb over at Retreat told me someone "accused”
her of being too REAL on her blog.
Side Note
They have like twenty-six different blogs,
so I should really say her blogSSSSSS.

She was "told" by someone apparently who must be VERY knowledgeable,
that she was sharing TOO much.
She was "told" that she was going to ruin her business and its reputation.
Isn’t it HER blog(SSSSS), right??

I told her,
“Love-Sweetie-Honey-Suga-Pie, sometimes we need to burn a little bit of The Barn down so that WE can build it back EXACTLY how WE want IT.”

Below is Joe in Retreat’s Taj MaTent at our 2009 Summer Marketplace
THIS shit was a STUNT!

KEEP sharing, Deb! We l-o-v-e you and Bob for it!
You inspire.
We look forward to pulling a very special stunt with you and the
Retreat Family on Camano Island in June!

Barn House is very happy to be an invited guest at the
June 25, 2010
Camano Island, WA

I think we might need to come up before then to do a little planning. ;o)

Cheers to true friendship!!

I am not afraid.

This is OUR theme park!


Joey "Prince" Apodaca
Jermonne "Charlie Sheen" Swendell

The Boys of Barn House

Leave us a comment.
This is a SAFE place to be YOURself.

On our travels, we will be VERY sad to miss this...

We really wanted to go sleep in our Auntie Joy, Uncle Dave and Nephew Sam-U-EL’s house, talk a lot of crazy creative stuff with them, but unfortunately we will be tormenting other family members.

Talk to you soon!

Off to visit some of our dear friends...

Brenda & Roseanne, thank you for EVERY thing!

You have taught us the meaning of true love.
YOU, my sweets, have been my inspiration on my quest for love.
Seeing you together for 25+ years has been our inspiration to keep going when things get a little tough.

Especially, thank you for teaching us how to
NOT strangle each other when one of is acting a damn fool! ;o)

Can’t wait for our love song performances!!
You won the competition last year,
BUT I think we got you beat this year!!!

UGH - something very screwy is going on with blogger...
these pictures won't seem to go where they are supposed to be...
no more time to play with it...gotta run

OK, I might need to be scared of this madness going on at our friend
Tiffany’s “Dream Girls Retreat” RIGHT NOW!
We are getting emailed pictures often...
Our friends keep it VERY real!
Cindy & Auntie Joy