Thursday, August 18, 2011

(and survived!)
(AND without killing each other too!!)

(Photo courtesy of The Fancy Farmgirl Photography)

The Boys of BH are finally getting our heads back above water after the splendor of our
Summer Country Vintage Marketplace weekend.
WOW, I don’t even know where to start with this post.
So let me just go back a spell.
When Joe and I started planning for this year, we decided we wanted to change up our game plan to create more of a balance in our lives.
 In 2011, there would be one big BH event on the calendar
and we would just play the rest by ear.

(Photo courtesy of The Fancy Farmgirl Photography)

Our mantra this year has been,
We have no room for ANYthing but GOOD in our lives –
only the best of the best can fit.
AND, we can only invite the most positive
and beautiful experiences
into our home and onto our Farm.

This has nothing to do with material possessions, but everything to do with the core of how we live on a day-to-day basis,
with the people we choose to surround ourselves,
and the positive overall experience we want folks to feel when they visit our farm.

This year has exceeded our expectations tremendously!!
Right on!

(Photo courtesy of Faded Prairie)

So, let’s fast forward to the weeks leading up to the event.
This was BY FAR the biggest endeavor ever for us.
 We added more invited collectors/designers, more food, live music AND a beer/wine garden.
And for the most part, I felt that we were more prepared than ever.

(Photo courtesy of Faded Prairie)

Collectively, we created The Perfect Barn House Storm!!
The weather was PERFECT.
The invited guests were PERFECT.
The customers were PERFECT.
The Parking/Parking Posse were PERFECT.

The band, Celilo & Friends, were PERFECT.

The Beer/Wine was MORE than PERFECT!
We couldn’t have asked for a more PERFECT day with friends and visitors.

We also had a gigantic slumber party on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Barn House Vintage Woodstock of 2011

(Photo courtesy of Calamity Jane's Antiques)

 I will speak for myself in order to protect the” innocent.”
I laughed too loud,
drank too much,
hugged a little too hard,
smiled until my mouth hurt and
even became the after-dinner entertainment one evening.
(I am still wondering how this happened - lol)
(Photo courtesy of Qamera)

It’s so incredible to have friends who can just be real and present.
Friends who don’t care if we finished all the projects we thought we could finish prior to the show.
Friends who were happy with Pizza/Beer/Wine under our Pergola and around the fire pit.
Friends who simply have your back and don’t mind pitching in if needed.

We LOVE these people.

It was very special to have them here with us for a few days,
filling our home with love and laughter.
What more could you ask for in life?

A few minutes before the doors opened as we watched the
hundreds and hundreds of people lined up,
I could feel the emotions bubbling to the surface.
“Oh SHIT…not now, Jermonne!!!” is the look Joe gave me.
He could see what was coming a mile away.
I did pretty well as we greeted folks coming through the doors with
“Thank you for coming!”

Then, I got a little caught off guard when I spotted Celeste and Dan (Chaps – Spokane, WA).

That’s when the flood gates opened and out came
all of the LOVE my poor little heart could no longer hold inside.

There I was at the front gate with my arms wrapped tightly around Celeste
and crying like a Little Bitch for all to see.

That’s how the day started!

And all morning I spent avoiding certain people in order to NOT have a relapse.

(Photo courtesy of Qamera)

I can’t express how thankful we are to our Invited Guests who worked so hard
to once again take our show to the next level!
We are so honored to know them all and are very inspired by each one of them.
We are also very thankful and humbled by the astounding number of beautiful people
who came and showered us with their generosity and loving spirits.
This was the very first year Joe and I did not have to run around like lunatics putting out fires.
We must thank our staff and friends who volunteered and also handled everything
so Joe and I could just have fun visiting and enjoying the day.
To say the least, we had a BLAST!

One thing is certain.
Consistently affirming our mantra this year eliminated a lot of unnecessary distractions
and allowed us to focus on what is most important to us.
We are blessed in many ways!

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So, what’s next for Barn House? Let me start with some VERY EXCITING news!
Barn House and our Summer Country Marketplace will be featured in the premier issue of
FOLK Magazine!!!
We are VERY honored to have our story written and photographed by one of our closest friends, Kimberly Taylor. 


You can pre-order a copy of FOLK Magazine on our online store, Barn House Market, today!!!

 And for those of you who have been missing our online store being up-and-running,
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We are also very honored to be joining the
for their Fall Premier Show, September 9th to October 2.

 Please plan on visiting Monticello’s for the best treasures and inspiration in Portland!!

Also, there are some incredible shows a few of our friends will be hosting
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TARTE - Aurora, OR
August 20th-21st
(Photo courtesy of Robin Laws Photography)


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Until the next time,
The Boys of BH wish you
MUCH Love, Peace and Happiness!

(Photo courtesy of The Fancy Farmgirl Photography)

(Photo courtesy of Kimberly Taylor Images)