Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barn House Marketplace - NOW OPEN!!!!

Well y'all, WE MADE IT!!!

Barn House Marketplace is officially OPEN for business!!!

Thank you for all of your kind words of support and certainly carried us along when we kinda sorta wanted to throw in the towel (and that ain't no lie!).

AND a very special thanks to our featured guests who stepped out on a limb for us based solely on our vision and good word...without even having seen the store before delivering their goods!!! Sylvi (Little Cottage), Donna & Diana (Annie, Fannie and Abigail), Sue & Joe (Bella) and Natalie & Lyn (Sparrow) -- we LOVE y'all and thank you for your patience in this CRAZY adventure!!!

And now for the...THE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

$250.00 in Barn House Marketplace CASH!!!!!!!!

Yes, you heard right...$250 for Barn House Marketplace purchases!!!

Not much required to be entered to win...just leave a comment on this here blog giving us a little feedback on the new store...and you are entered to win the following Barn House Marketplace CASH prizes:

Grand Prize = $100
1st Runner Up == $75
2nd, 3rd, 4th Place each = $25

Just leave us a comment telling us what you think of the store (good/bad/indifferent)

No Purchase Necessary!

Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 6th!!!

Tell a friend...we always say, the more the merrier at a Barn House Party!!! HEE HAW!!!!

Much Love!

J & J

P.S. - More and more product will constantly be added to the store...check back often for new treasures!!! :o)

BH Marketplace - Sneek Peek #3...

It's almost time...It's almost time!!!
Barn House Marketplace opens at midnight tonight!!!
Is anyone coming to our opening???
(will be linked to store at midnight)

Hope to hear from you,

J & J

P.S. - Check back tomorrow for our Grand Opening Giveaway! It's a BIG one!!
(hint-hint, Barn House Marketplace $$$...LOTS of it...multiple winners...)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Barn House Marketplace - Sneek Peek #2...

Thanks for all of the words of encouragement! It's getting there...slowly but are a some snapshots of a few items...

Light a candle for us!


J & J
(more to come)

Monday, January 25, 2010

BH Marketplace - Sneek Peek...

Well, well, we have a LOT of work to do before January 28th! Why we waited until the last minute to get our online store together, we will never know. Could it have been all of the lollygagging over the holidays?? You would think we have learned our lessons from doing events over the past few of years...but, apparently not. This little excursion of ours has brought back "fond" memories of last minute preparations, "loving" strategic discussions and "delightful" logistical conversations about all of the how/when/why of selling our stuff. It's been one big old party!!! LOL ;o)

SO a mere 5 days before our "Grand Opening" of Barn House Marketplace, The Boys of BH finally (and I mean FINALLY) have gotten our act together and are enthusiastically moving forward in our latest adventure! The excitement level is officially off the charts!! We have been organizing, and uploading LOTS of product. AND, we have some very special and talented friends who are joing us for the opening of BH Marketplace: Little Cottage, Annie Fannie and Abigail, Bella and Sparrow.

Gotta run off to the other gig...but wanted to share a few pix. Keep posted for more sneek peeks and our Grand Opening Giveaway. Wish us lots of luck as we will be running around like lunatics over the next few days!

J & J

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barn House Mystique!

Barn House - "Locales of Intrigue"
Somerset Life Magazine!
Boy-Howdy has it been hard keeping this little secret off of our blog. Our friend, Robin Laws, aka Bird Tweets, was with us this past season as an "artistic-photo-journalist" capturing the essence of The Barn House Experience. We feel so humble to have such a brilliant writer and talented photographer document the happenings of our 2nd season for our first national magazine article! We are very privileged to be surrounded by so much love and by so many friends whose beauty shines bright from the core of their being. The article is a true testament to their hard work, commitment, and dedication to Barn House. Thank you for making our lives here so special...we are living our dream! (If you haven't been able to find a copy in your neck of the woods, you will be able to buy this issue of Somerset Life Magazine at our new online store - Barn House Marketplace)

Folks have probably been wondering what we have been we have been a bit MIA from blogland. A couple of months ago, we decided to step off of the crazy-train and vowed to spend more time taking care of home and spending more time with our loved ones. And that's exactly what we have been doing.

Back in October, we ventured to New Mexico to visit some of our dearest friends. Brenda and Roseanne have been up to the NW to visit us 5 or so times since we moved here. Needless to say, it was our turn to get on a plane and head South. And we certainly needed to get away to clear our heads a bit. One of the most memorable moments was spending some time with Brenda's Grandmother who turned 100 years old while we were in town!!!
She has to be one the most amazing people we have ever met. Not because at 100 years old she cooked us a delicious lunch of green chile posole, beans and freshly handmade tortillas (all on a wood burning stove), but because being in her presence ignited something profound in us. To be in the midst of a hundred years of life experiences and love was powerful beyond belief. Shortly after the picture of her and Joe was taken, she whispered a blessing in his ear. The tears flowed unexpectedly from Joe's eyes, which spread like wildfire among the rest of us in the room...and we didn't even hear what she said. It was amazing! I don't think any of us knew why we were ALL crying, but we knew something incredible was moving through and around us. Our lives will forever be changed by meeting this woman.

Shortly after the cry-baby grandkids pulled it together, we all ventured out of Grandma's adobe house and into the beautiful town of Tecolote, New Mexico...

There were six of us on this walk. At times, we silently reflected on what had just transpired...the healing that mended our hearts and soothed our souls. Being in this little town where Grandma has spent most of her life was incredibly special. Brenda and Roseanne trusted us enough to share this little piece of heaven that they keep very much protected. It will forever be a sacred experience...and we will protect it too. You can't find friends like these often in life...Thanks B & R!!!
After a relaxing and healing trip to New Mexico, the holiday season was kicking into high-gear. Thanksgiving was here at our place with the Tarte Family, then there was the Christmas Show with the Monticello Family, and Christmas Tamale-Making with Sparrow and Little Cottage, and even more Christmas fun was had down in The Land of Tarte. Joe and I swam deeply in our favorite holiday indulgences - Pate, Pumpernickel Bread, Cornichons and Champagne (and now I have to lose 25 pounds of holiday madness--yes 25--poor me!)...
And our fun didn't end there! After coming back from Tarte Land, we had some visitors from the Big City of Los Angeles. This is little Mia Sol, getting her first taste of Country Living. Isn't she just too cute!?!? Seems like her Uncle Joe is teaching her a bit of the Two Step...
And this is Mia Sol's older sister, Laila Golden. EVERYbody works on the farm when they come visit -- no exceptions! ;o) Miss Laila had some chores to do each morning. "Child, go on out there and fetch me them eggs! And don't forget to feed Harpo, Squeek and Celie while you are out there!!"

We had SOOO much fun with our friends and their fearless little girls. One of our Paternal instincts started kicking in (a little late in life, I reckon). "Now, just how would we get some healthy hard working children around here," we asked ourselves. Hmmm, that may be kinda tricky...LOL
WOW...look at these little Supermodels working the BH fashion-pasture runway!!!

Yes, less working/blogging, and more rest and quality time with our loved ones. That's been the theme here at Barn House for the past few months. And it has been AWESOME!!!

During this little break, we have been recharging our batteries for the next chapter for Barn House -- Barn House Marketplace -- our new Online Store!!The bones for the site are in place and it is looking fantastic!! We have LOTS of work to do still, and it will surely be a mad dash to the finish line. But in true Barn House style, it will all come together in the end. Did I mention anything about the very talented invited guests we have for the opening...or anything about the HUGE give-aways we are working on?? Well, I better save a little bit to share for next time, which will be soon! The Boys Are Back In Town!

Barn House Marketplace
Shop Barn House Online
Grand Opening - January 28th!!!

J & J
The Boys of Barn House