Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barn House at Camas Antiques

I have to skip a couple of chapters in the essence of time. We will be back soon to update you on the latest happenings.  But first and foremost, we must thank many of you for the kind comments and emails.  We have been gone for a while as Joe did lose his Mother a couple of weeks ago. But the love and positive energy you have been sending Joe's way has been essential in managing the pain of losing a Mother. We thank you from the core of our beings -- we are very lucky to have such beautiful friends. We are VERY honored in ways I can't express.
There is something that makes this venture to Camas Antiques very special. You see, Joe grew up going to garage sales, thrift stores and antique malls with his mother. This was something that he and a few of his sisters did with their mother until somewhat recently. These times with her was how he developed his love for collecting treasures, designing and decorating. I know he found peace in displaying the window for Camas Antiques' 6 Year Anniversary Celebration.  And I think he did an incredibly awesome job!  And I know his Mom is watching and is gushing over her son...

Join Camas Antiques, Barn House, Notes From A Cottage Industry and many-many-many other antique/vintage collectors for this very special celebration!  The Sale goes on through the weekend with FREE gifts for the first 50 customers Friday and Saturday.  We will be there for  the next month  - or until JoAnn kicks us out for being a bit rowdy.     :o)

305 NE 4th Ave.
Camas, Washington 98607
(15 minutes NE of PDX)

If you can't make it to Camas Antiques in the next month or so, you can always shop Barn House at Barn House Marketplace from anywhere in the world!  Come visit us sometime!!

Much Love,

The Boys of Barn House / Barn House Marketplace

OH!!!!  AND...some of our BEST FRIENDS in the world are having their monthly Barn Sale in The Land of Tarte on Saturday.  Yes, the Queen and King of Tarte will be creating LOTS of magic and inspiration in Oregon City (just 15 minutes south of Portland) on Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm.  Check out The Queen's blog for more information (   Cindy and Barry, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!!