Monday, October 20, 2008

Barn House Season Finale - Part 1...

Our Season Finale went something like this...

Saturday was more than we could have ever imagined. We are honored by the incredible support we have received during our first year...and have so much to say about our last event...stay tuned for all of the details and a million more pictures!!! :o)

J & J

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BH Season Finale - Sneak Peek...

The Queen is back!!!! Cindy and Joe have been talking about our Season Finale for months (yes, MONTHS). Over the months, I seemed to be the only person noticing the pink elephant in the room..."Ummmm, don't we have a few shows to get through before we can even THINK about the October event????" BUT, I am not a "Creative Director," and therefore don't quite understand how these particular thought patterns work. What I can say is, somehow the shows here always come together in ways I couldn't even imagine. And this time, I am stunned...The Barn is looking absolutely spectactular! The Barn House Family has been bringing the most unique and inspiring treasures all week. Cindy, Joe, Natalie and Sylvi have been working hard transforming The Barn into something incredibly mystical and beautiful. This event is sure to be one of our best...

This is our last event of the year and we hope you can join us for the celebration of our dreams coming true!

Joe and Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House

Sunday, October 12, 2008

BH Season Finale - Saturday, Oct 18th!!!

The Barn House Season Finale is almost here!!! We know a lot of folks are wondering what "Gothic Harvest" is all about. Well, it's certainly not a Halloween show. It's a Fall inspired Barn House & Queen of Tarte collaboration...with a special twist! AND, there will be lots of treasures from The Barn House Family...Barn House, Queen of Tarte, Little Cottage, Sparrow, Calamity Jane's Antiques, Antie Joy, Worthy Goods, Little Byrd, The Withies, Narrow Gate Antiques and more!! There is still a ton of work ahead of us, but Joe, Cindy and I spent the day breaking our backs organizing The Barn and putting "the bones" in place. One thing is for sure, we ain't as young as we used to be!!

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, this is going to be a celebration of our first season AND all of the wonderful friends and loyal customers we have made along the way! We hope you can join us for an enchanted day in the country. There will be LOTS of food, music and much more. You may even catch a few of us dressed up in some crazy Gothic-inspired attire just for the party!! ;o)

More pix and directions (for you first-timers) to come....

J & J
Barn House