Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Queen, The Queen, The Queen!!

Have you ever been emotional right before putting on a show or even going to a show to shop?? This was not our show, but The Boys of BH had that same rush of excitement knowing what this opening had to mean to Cindy. I am known in The BH Family as a bit of a cry-baby...always trying to hold back some tears right before our shows. I had a similar moment before Cindy opened her doors for the first time...
It was beautiful and magical and inspiring and FUN...Tartalicious Cindy has sooooo much talent. She is an incredible artist, designer, seamstress, wedding planner, mom and friend. Did you know she can ALSO sing, dance and play the violin?? We didn't know either, but found out at the "QoT After-Party & Recital." ;o) I can't share all the pictures. I have been waiting all day for Cindy to spill her own beans. We know she is recovering from being up all week pulling off such a special event. But we have to thank Sylvi, Natalie, Katherine AND Katherine's sister Carrie who thought she was coming from Tacoma just to shop but ended up working her tail off. Katherine not only worked all day, but was up the night before making a million of the most delicious cupcakes and Tarte Art for our customers...
We were VERY honored to be the first featured guest at Tarte!! Here are some photos of our little area...

We would like to thank all of our friends that came out to support, hug and smile upon us yesterday!
And guess what, we will be back as the featured guest for Cindy's second event on March 21st!! Hope you can join us...

J & J

Oh...we will certainly will have more pictures and funny show stories to share soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tarte Opening - Tiny Preview...

Just a little vignette teaser...please visit The Queen of Tarte's blog for all the details, directions and more pix...
Joe has been down in Oregon City all week helping Cindy and getting the BH space pulled together. I originally was VERY suspicious and thought they have been down there laughing, lolly-gagging, shopping, lunching and reading their favorite magazines (what they usually do when they are together). BUT, Joe has been coming home everyday looking like $%*#...and completely exhausted. I can only imagine what Cindy has been looking like when she got home. (Barry, give me a ringy-dingy to discuss the details and pictures you sent me)

We can't share all the goodies...we will have to leave that to Miss Tarte's discretion. The Boys of BH hope you can join us to celebrate Tarte's Grand Opening on Saturday! If you can't make it, we are sure to have some great pix and really good stories to share after The Party. ;o)

Joe and Jermonne
Barn House

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tarte Grand Opening - Oregon City!

We hope you have already heard the good news, but in case you haven't, Cindy (Tarte) is having her Grand Opening next weekend! AND, Barn House is going to be her very first featured guest!! Cindy has rented a really cool old barn in Oregon City on a beautiful property with llamas, horses and even a cow. We are SOOOO excited, and we just can't hide it...we're about to lose control and we think we like it!! We don't have many pictures yet b/c of some technical difficulties recently with our camera/computer. The chairs above are a very special BH Winter creation. Joe has been hunting shiny-black-long-hair-beavers and I have been perfecting my wood-carving/chair making skills. It's amazing what a couple of hillbillies can accomplish during a NW Winter. We plan on sharing more from our HUGE space at Tarte this week now that our camera is back on track. I would really like to make an announcement...a "declaration" if you will. Cindy's "shopping problem" is waaaaaaaaaaaaay bigger than Joe's. I can't imagine how one person could possible collect soooo much great stuff. If ANYone we know really needs an intervention, it's The Queen of Tarte! Yeah, we said it! So let's all get together to help her let go of the treasures she's been hoarding all for herself.

The party is in Oregon City next weekend...we hope you can join us!!!

J & J
Barn House