Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Farm Chicks - Absolute Perfection!!!

It was our first time at the show, but we can certainly see why people travel from all over the world for The Farm Chicks!!! The show was absolutely incredible, to say the least. Terri and Serena were everything you could imagine them to be...and even more beautiful in person than the lovely pictures in their books/blog/website. We can't imagine how they have managed to pick 139 of the most creative, wonderful and inspiring vendors this side of the Mississippi. It was such an honor to be a part of this show. It was almost TOO MUCH to handle! Thank you Terri and Serena for inviting us!!! :o)

OK..we are completely exhausted from all of the fun we had (like everyone seems to be)...so I will have to share more pix (we have tons) and tell you about our Caravan to/from Spokane with The King and Queen, the Caravan Walkie-Talkie nightmare for Cindy (trucker-talk b/t the boys...poor Cindy), show set-up drama and...THE BARN PEOPLE PARTY (BH, Tarte and Chaps) we hosted for 150+ of our closest friends/family/customers. Yes, we are out of control!!!! And it's why I absolutely must get some hammock time today--we had waaaaaaaaaay too much fun @ The Farm Chicks!!

More to come...

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Boys of BH - On our way to Farm Chicks!!!

Sorry we have been MIA the past few weeks. Please forgive me, but I am waaaaay behind on blogging--it's awful, I know. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity!! After our Season Opening, we had two of our very dearest/closest friends in the entire world here from New Mexico for over a week (Brenda and Roseanne). We just had to get that vegetable garden planted. We have been tending to our new (very high maintenance) children. We have been spending HOURS AND HOURS filling countless water containers for those stinky/messy/mud-loving ducks (who can't seem to remember all the love they received living in our warm living room as tots--heavy sigh). We also spent a couple of days lolly gagging in The Land of Tarte. But really have been spending most of our time preparing for what is the most anticipated show West of the Mississippi -- The Farm Chicks!!! We have been SOOOOOO excited about doing this show for over a year. We couldn't make it last year, but planned our 2009 calendar so we could be a part of this show. So, in true Barn House Style, we decided to layer on a couple of HUGE projects (in addition to everything else going on). #1 Now that we think we are carpenters, we decided to build a little something for the show. #2 Is something extremely close to our hearts planned especially some friends of The Barn People who will be at the show (more to come). Now I know I still have to share the behind the scenes d-r-a-m-a before and during our opening...and I promise to do so (I really promise and have been practicing my "monologue")!! BUT, it's almost 1:00 am and I have to get up at 5 am to get ready (we still haven't packed our clothes to meet the other Barn People -- The Queen and King of Tarte -- for our little caravan to Spokane. The team that is late at our meeting place loses a terrible-terrible-TERRIBLE bet and will certainly be humiliated in front of a LOT of people this weekend. So, with that, I must be a good boy and get some ZZZs so I can wake up. But, we will leave you with a few pix of what we have been up to on our Little farm. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE FARM CHICKS SHOW THIS WEEKEND!!! If you are going, please stop by our space and say hello!

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***sorry for any grammatical/spelling mistakes...ain't had much sleep in weeks!!!