Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving & BHM Winners...

2010 exceeded every expectation we could have imagined!  We are so honored, thankful and humbled -- our journey has been full of surprises, friendship, generosity and L-O-V-E...

We are very blessed to have true friends...

You know, those friends that will laugh hysterically in the background when you are trying to be serious modeling with the skinniest Thanksgiving Turkey to the chubbiest Jermonne ever.  Needless to say, the holiday season has been good to me (jer-)...

After five years of "farm life," we FINALLY ate our first home grown turkey.  This story needs a post of its own, no doubt!  Cry Baby Jermonne was not able to participate in the "Turkey Harvesting," but I was able to awkwardly pose with one of my cooked skinny wild turkeys.  There are SOOO many things wrong with this picture! AND,  it's really ok for you to laugh at the Hot Mess above. Joe, Cindy, Barry and Kylee sure got a good chuckle out of it all.  (look at them all laughing at me...I am even laughing at me.)

OK...enough about our Thanksgiving Celebration with The Tarte People...

The Boys are finally caught up on shipping out all of the orders from our RE-opening earlier in the week...AND...

We have Barn House Marketplace winners to announce...

$100 Grand Prize #1 - Melaine of My Sweet Savannah (and her ETSY shop here)

$100 Grand Prize #2 - Dawn C. from Once Upon A Farm

$50 2nd Prize - Kim from White Whispers 2 U

$25 3rd and 4th Prizes - Garrett and Ms. T. Gaudette6.

***Congratulations to all of our winners!!!***

We thank you for your special comments and support.

New items will be uploaded almost daily on our online store, BHM.

But, if you are not able to find exactly what you are looking for at BHM,
be sure to check out the online shops of some of our favorite friends of Barn House. 

We are thankful for all of your support and endless inspiration!  

If you live in the Portland area, please be sure to visit our favorite local stores. 
There are lots of exciting events happening this season in our neck of the woods...

Camas Antiques (Camas, WA)
Madison Park Antiques (7805 SE 13th, Portland, OR)
Thea's (Portland, OR -- also, an online store coming soon!)
Ink & Peat (Portland, OR)

Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!  We will be back soon with more updates...

J & J
Barn House / Barn House Marketplace

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barn House Market is OPEN!!!

"O" means OPEN!

Look at us...finally a bit ahead of the deadline - LOL. 

Shop Barn House at

Joey & Jermonne

Friday, November 19, 2010

BH Market Sneak Peek and $300 giveaway!

We are opening our online store on Monday, Nov. 22nd.  There are many, MANY awesome treasures from Barn House AND Bella that will be available at at midnight on November 22nd. 

If you were around for our January 2010 opening, you know that things at Barn House Market move VERY quickly! 

Are y'all interested in the latest chapter in our journey?  If so, please leave us a comment and you will be entered to win our BH Market giveaway of the following Barn House Market C-A-S-H giveaway:

Grand Prize #1 - $100
2nd Place - $50
3rd Place - $25
4th Place - $25

***Enter to win as much as you like!***

OH...and we will be monitoring our web stats and the website that drives THE MOST traffic to Barn House Market will win an ADDITIONAL $100 BH Market C-A-S-H!!  

Grand Prize #2 = $100

So tell a friend on your blog/facebook/twitter, follow us by clicking the button above on the right...or run and tell it on the mountain. 

Y'all, come and get this money from The Boys of Barn House / Barn House Market!!!

The Grand RE-Opening is at midnight on November 22nd!!  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 24th!!!  Leave as many comments as you like and let the P-A-R-T-Y begin...

Much Love,

Joe & Jermonne
Barn House & Barn House Market

P.S. - Light a candle for us as we will be busting our a$$es to get everything loaded in time for the opening!  Goodness, what have we gotten ourselves into now??!!

Below are several items that will be listed.  There is MUCH-MUCH-MUCH(!) more we have already added and will be adding over the weekend.  Happy Holiday Shopping!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Barn House - Update and Giveaway!!!

The Boys of Barn House are officially back from our little blogging hiatus...
Let us just start by saying THANKS to Auntie Joy who generously did a little midnight guest blogging right before our last event of the year.  We love you, Auntie!

Barn House, Tarte and Auntie Joy had a blast preparing for the show!  I personally feel it was one of our most beautiful shows to date.  It certainly was our best ever Fall event, that's for sure!!  :o)

We must certainly thank all of those who made this such a special event, including all of our friends who came to help on the day of the show as well as the many folks who came from all over the country to visit Barn House for our last event of 2010!  You ALL are THE BEST!   Thank you, thank you, thank you -- from the bottoms of our hearts. 

Our special friends and visitors have made this year incredible for Barn House!

The growth year over year is astounding.  We would have never imagined that we would be embraced by so many after such a short period in this crazy game.

(Side note - one of our Toms discovered the stuffed turkey above and all Hell almost broke out 5 minutes before we opened the doors.  I thought our visitors might get a little more than they expected if there was an all out turkey brawl in the middle of the show.)

Check out the slideshow below for more pictures:

We have been asked the same question by many folks.  "Where the heck are you guys?"  It's pretty simple. 

We have been doing less BH and a lot more J&J. 

This includes visiting with friends and enjoying our farm/critters. 

We were also absorbing the last few days of sunshine before what is predicted to be the worst NW Winter in 50+ years -- God help us all, LOL!

Oh, and then there has been all of the other AWESOME pieces of good news we would like to share!!!

#1 - Barn House is featured in the November 2010 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine!!!  This year has been off the charts with the incredible press we have received!  The Oregonian Newspaper, Somerset Magazine, Flea Market Style (TWO articles!), The Columbian Newspaper, Sunset Magazine and now Romantic Homes!!!  Who would have known??!!  HEE HAW!!!

 Then there is some fantastic news about our Besties over at Tarte.  The Tarte Family is taking a  a new path on their journey!!  Two years ago, we were there when they moved into their Barn in Oregon City. 

Please try to imagine the amount of creativity, talent and hard work it takes to start with an empty old barn like this...

And turn it into a place overflowing with Magic and Inspiration for all that visit...

We have been extremely honored to have been featured invited guests at Tarte over the past years.  Cindy's talent never ceases to amaze us.  She is something else (to say the least)!!

Please check out Isabel (Maison Douce) and Joy (Auntie Joy) to see lots more pictures of the Tarte transformation over the past two years.

We are so proud of The Tarte People!!  We love them and are so happy about their new venture.  I will let them tell you what's next in The Land of Tarte, but I will say IT'S GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE!!!!

Bye Bye Oregon City...

(The Boys helping The Tarte People move out)

Tarte is on to a new adventure...

Be sure to visit theTarte Blog for details on the new venue or email to be added to their email list...The Grand Opening is in January!!!

Congratulations, Tarte People!!!  Y'all are getting ready to really R-O-C-K the house!!  Go on with your bad selves!!  :o)

Much love from Jermonne....(Sorry, Cindy, for trying to hug your head off)

And much love from Joe...Thanks Tarte People for your friendship and inspiration...CAW CAW!!!

OK, then there is a BIG FAT PINK ELEPHANT that has been floating in the air for several months...

Honestly, the unexpected response to Barn House Market this year was unbelievable!!  We could have never imagined the response OR the amount of work it would take -- product selection, product photographing, uploading pictures and let's not even talk about shipping.   For those who have been following us for a while, you know there was a little drama behind the scenes with launching our online store.  Check out the details here if you didn't hear the story.  It's pretty hilarious.  We pretty much shut the store down because we just couldn't manage it during our Event season with all of the other responsibilities.   Not to mention, BHBoy #2 has been slowly trying to get BHBoy  #1 to drink the BHMarket Kool-Aid.  I eventually waved my White Flag and decided to just enjoy the Summer and Fall.  It was a very good decision.  We had an AMAZING time enjoying our home, farm and friends.  It was liberating!  Life is really too short to be stuck at this computer during the most beautiful time in The NW.   The compromise was well worth it.

The good news is we are almost ready to reopen!!  Here are a few sneak peeks...

Did we mention the Barn House Market Giveaway??? 

Yes, The Boys will be giving away $200 in BHM Cash to four lucky winners who leave us comments over the next week.  Just leave us a comment to be entered to win the following prizes of Barn House  Market Cash:

$100 - Grand Prize
$50 - 2nd Place
$25 - 3rd place
$25 - 4th Place

The Grand RE-opening of Barn House Market will be Monday, November 22nd!!  AND, we are happy to have our very special guest in the house...Bella Shabby!!  

Hope you can join us for the fun.  More to come very soon...

Joe & Jermonne
Barn House / Barn House Marketplace