Thursday, December 3, 2009

BH is in the MH...

Barn House is in the Monticello House!

This is a preview of our space...

With all of the relaxation and lolly-gagging of recent days, we had a little extra energy and decided to "raise a barn" right there in Monticello's...but, y'all know how we roll...
It just about killed us (literally) in the process. I am finally starting to admit that getting (a weeee bit) older is having an impact on our bodies because of our shenanigans. First, taking the structure down from the very special place it was built on our property was quite comical (it kind of fell down in the process of me and Joe trying to do it alone--messin' up some critical pieces of wood). It really didn't have anything to do with the the Rain or the wind...and especially nothing to do with the "shine."

Then, we had some "issues" getting it all put back together (some pieces didn't want to do what they were supposed to do during the reassembly). One of our neighbor dealers happened to glance over at our team of loonies struggling a (tiny) bit and couldn't help but asking, "Do you need some help???" She looked very, VERY concerned. Folks are so nice up here!!

She obviously hasn't seen how we work best -- a bit dangerous and slightly reckless. "Heck no! I have been hit in the head with waaaaay bigger pieces of wood than this if it falls on me! But, thank you kindly Ma'am!" (this method could explain LOTS of things you may or may not know about us)

BUT, all is good with our very symbolic country-crooked structure. It is solid as a rock in it's own hillbilly way...just the way we like it! ;o)

OK...enough fooling around. This is really going to be a GREAT show!!! We hope to make Kelly, Joyce and the rest of the Monticello Family happy to have us there.

Did we mention we have lots of love sprinkled in from the lovely and talented Miss Natalie of the ever so popular Sparrow?? She has been making some amazing treasures for this show that you won't want to miss...

We hope you can join us at Monticello!!!! The party starts bright and early on Dec. 4th at 8am...and runs through Dec. 27th. You won't want to miss it. The other featured guests have out-done themselves with their amazing product and displays...AND, that's not to mention the 100+ on-going dealers at the Monticello Antique Marketplace who are in the house.

Joe & Jermonne

Barn House

P.S. -- We will be opening our on-line store in January that will feature lots of our talented friends. Be sure you are on our e-mail or snail-mail list to receive information on our Grand Opening.