Thursday, December 3, 2009

BH is in the MH...

Barn House is in the Monticello House!

This is a preview of our space...

With all of the relaxation and lolly-gagging of recent days, we had a little extra energy and decided to "raise a barn" right there in Monticello's...but, y'all know how we roll...
It just about killed us (literally) in the process. I am finally starting to admit that getting (a weeee bit) older is having an impact on our bodies because of our shenanigans. First, taking the structure down from the very special place it was built on our property was quite comical (it kind of fell down in the process of me and Joe trying to do it alone--messin' up some critical pieces of wood). It really didn't have anything to do with the the Rain or the wind...and especially nothing to do with the "shine."

Then, we had some "issues" getting it all put back together (some pieces didn't want to do what they were supposed to do during the reassembly). One of our neighbor dealers happened to glance over at our team of loonies struggling a (tiny) bit and couldn't help but asking, "Do you need some help???" She looked very, VERY concerned. Folks are so nice up here!!

She obviously hasn't seen how we work best -- a bit dangerous and slightly reckless. "Heck no! I have been hit in the head with waaaaay bigger pieces of wood than this if it falls on me! But, thank you kindly Ma'am!" (this method could explain LOTS of things you may or may not know about us)

BUT, all is good with our very symbolic country-crooked structure. It is solid as a rock in it's own hillbilly way...just the way we like it! ;o)

OK...enough fooling around. This is really going to be a GREAT show!!! We hope to make Kelly, Joyce and the rest of the Monticello Family happy to have us there.

Did we mention we have lots of love sprinkled in from the lovely and talented Miss Natalie of the ever so popular Sparrow?? She has been making some amazing treasures for this show that you won't want to miss...

We hope you can join us at Monticello!!!! The party starts bright and early on Dec. 4th at 8am...and runs through Dec. 27th. You won't want to miss it. The other featured guests have out-done themselves with their amazing product and displays...AND, that's not to mention the 100+ on-going dealers at the Monticello Antique Marketplace who are in the house.

Joe & Jermonne

Barn House

P.S. -- We will be opening our on-line store in January that will feature lots of our talented friends. Be sure you are on our e-mail or snail-mail list to receive information on our Grand Opening.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

BH Evening Walk - Part 1

We must thank all of your who have commented on the last post. We have been getting back to the basics -- Spending quality time here on the farm with our little ones...and spending quality time with our friends. Today we had a special & very long talk with with someone we love sincerely and are inspired by immensely. It pretty much pulled me out of my blog-funk. One of my favorite blogs is very simple, uncomplicated and beautiful -- it makes me really happy. This post is dedicated to LB/RD (thanks, Sunshine!). This is the BH version of her "My Morning Walk"...(she also has a very cool on-line store on ETSY called Little Byrd Vintage).

I personally feel like we are incredibly lucky to live here in Venersborg. Our walks here reveal a special history and stunning vignettes of nature at its finest. After talking to RD, I "made" Joe get in the truck with me to drive around our "hood." This is what we were able to capture before the sun set...

When we we made it back into the house, we had received a special message from another dear friend -- Joyce. We feel very special to be a part of the Monticello Antique Marketplace 20009 Christmas Show! We (Joe mostly) have been working very hard preparing for this show. The heavy hitters of the Portland area and beyond will ALL be in the house bringing their A-Game. To say the least, we are REALLY excited to be back at Monti's December 4th - 27th!!!

Much Love,

J & J

The Boys of Barn House

Barn House

AND -- Coming January 2010...

Our Online Store - Barn House Marketplace -- !!! (more to come -- really this time)

BTW - Do you like our new look??? We are probably the LAST bloggers on Earth to finally make-over our site after (only after two long years). We are transforming in many-many ways.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Barn House - The Big Cleanse

Me and my very best friend & favorite person, Joe, have spent the last month or so reflecting on all of the things that are most important to us. Our life together here on our little Farm, the incredible friendships we have made on our journey here in the NW, and The Barn House Experience. It's kind of hard to explain this Vortex of Love/Creativity/Generosity we have stumbled upon in this venture. It has changed our lives. We have been adorned with the amazingly unexpected.

We are thankful -- We are blessed -- We are honored.
Now that our 2009 Season is over, we have had time to just be still and reflect...and to take an honest look at our lives, how lucky we are, and all of the beauty that surrounds us. Just being still for a while has given us time to truly appreciate what is most important to us. And with that, all of the "stuff" we must let go of...

Sometimes, it's really hard to let go. Letting go of Summer was REALLY hard for us!

Then there is all of the "stuff" that somehow found its way into our lives. We had a killer Clearance section in the pasture at our last show to let go of merchandise that just didn't make the cut...and "projects" that were never completed...and piles of things that were just taking up space.
Then, there are those things you love with all of your heart that just don't fit in. Many of you who are reading this personally know our beloved steer, Dexter. He first lived in The Land of Tarte where he was featured on sites by The Queen of Tarte , Annie, Fannie & Abigail and Bird Tweets. Then, there came a time that The Boys of BH needed to save him from some questionable "pursuers" that may have had him destined for the freezer.
We took him in and loved him with all of our hearts. He was the poster Boy of Barn House in 2009. Unfortunately, our Original Girlies (Celie, Olivia, Sug' Avery, Odessa and Sophia) were terrified of him...and our new Girlies (The Llamas) couldn't stand him and Mama Llama would spit anytime he came near them. As much as we hoped The Girls of BH would warm up to him, it just didn't happen. His efforts to be part of the herd were snubbed. He was lonely. We finally had to let him go.

BUT, sometimes letting go is for the best. I had a discussion with our lovely neighbor Jacqueline about how special and gentle Dexter was...about how much he was loved by not only us, but an entire community of people...and about how we really wanted him to go to a good home.

It's funny how things happen when you put them out in the universe. A few weeks later, Jacqueline and her husband stopped by unexpectedly. They harnessed him and he happily walked down the hill to their place (he had never even really met them). I got a call later that day that made me cry. Jacqueline enthusiastically described the most beautiful "Love at First Sight" story I had ever heard. After walking Dexter to their farm, he got a glimpse of a very pretty lady...

She caught a glimpse of him (he is a very handsome steer)...and ran to the fence to greet him. He ran to her. They rubbed noses...they kissed...she introduced him to her little baby calf, who also rubbed noses and kissed him. Then they all proceeded to gallop around the pasture of his new beautiful home.

Dexter is in love, y'all! His new home is stunning...

His view of our neighbor Arlene's garden...

We often get heart-warming messages about how happy he is...and how happy his new lady friend and her baby are to have this strapping young man in their lives...and how much they all love each other. Let go, and let love...
The Big BH Cleanse is in full swing. We have been letting go bags and bags of clothes, letting go of some other stuff cluttering our lives, and letting go of some encounters that hurt our hearts this past season. The great thing is sometimes it's necessary to just "Let Go" in order to make room for something new and special...

Letting go of Summer has opened the door to appreciate The Splendor of Fall...

We have been spending lots of quality time with our critters...

Our babies missed the attention they were accustomed to...and we have been making it up to them...
Life on a farm ain't always easy! We have had some unfortunate close calls...and it's amazing what you can do when absolutely necessary. Taking a sheep's temperature (not under the tongue)...administering shots (when you are horrified by needles)...rescuing your own baby goat who is caught in an electric can all be a bit heavy on the heart, but you do what you have to do!
We love our babies...and our farm...
One regret we have about this last season is not spending more time with the people most important to us...with our animals...and doing things we love the most. We are making some changes around here...slowing things down a bit...picking up the phone to call instead of texting/e-mailing...planning brunches/dinners/trips to visit our close friends...editing more deliberately...guarding our hearts a little more. So don't be scared if you get a random call from us!!! :o)
...and ultimately, having more time/energy to stop and smell the roses...

And with all of that...
We are happy to announce our 2010 Calendar

May 8th - Spring Opening
July 31st - Flea Market
September 25th - Fall Harvest

(Next year, you will also be able to see us at Tarte, Monticello and Clayson Farm)

Cheers to Fall! And cheers to new beginnings!!

Let go and let Love!

Joe & Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House

P.S. - We were recently feature in The Oregonian with some of our special friends! See the article here:

Monday, September 14, 2009

And that's a wrap, folks...

I must admit, I was a tiny bit nervous about how this was all going to come together after taking a little vacation last weekend to be with Celeste and Dan...then, I started to get a little more nervous when Joe got sick on Monday (and a sick Joe is a rather challenging Joe to be around--we don't call him Joey Drama for nothing). I made a very special effort not to get myself worked up into a frenzy...there was certainly no time or energy for all of that madness. "Think Solutions, Ding-Dong, think solutions!!!" is what I kept telling myself.
We ended up outsourcing a few things that we would normally be scrambling around to complete before a show. In addition, Diana, Natalie, Kim, Cindy and Katherine came to the rescue on Thursday/Friday. Ladies, we sincerely thank you for all of your hard work helping pull this off. We certainly couldn't have made it to the finish line without your amazing talents!!! We are extremely honored to call you our friends. :o)

It all came together beautifully in the 11th hour...and ended up being one of our best sales to date!!!

We must thank Timi and the wonderful folks on the Come Junk With Us Bus from Seattle!! We were so incredibly honored to have you all here. And our friend Katherine (Katherine's Folie) did an absolutely AMAZING job with the menu/catering. There were SOOO MANY delicious dishes for the VIPs on the bus. Katherine really outdid was completely over-the-top! We also must thank Katherine's volunteers who helped make this all come together at showtime...Katie, Lucky Lynne, Heather and Thea. We also must really thank "The Parking Boys of Barn House." The professionalism and hard-working nature of these young gentlemen is something else. We receive endless positive compliments from visitors about them. Their parents should really be proud!!
A very special thanks to all of you who have shared in this experience with us...especially our friends/dealers who have brought their A-Game to Barn House and lifted us up over the past two seasons. The Barn House Experience would be nothing without you. We love you, appreciate you and thank you all! And we obviously thank all of the friends/customers who have come from all over the country to visit and be here with us and The Barn House Family. Your generosity is astounding!

This past season was really incredible! Our only regret is neglecting some of the things most important to us in the process. We have learned a few life lessons to say the least. One thing is for sure, we will be doing a lot more "editing" next year...and spending a lot more time with the people we love and enjoying the pleasures of Spring/Summer/Fall here in The Great NW. I can't believe October is right around the corner and we have only had ONE BBQ this summer (and that just ain't right)!! Some things will be definitely changing.

Before I fall off the face of the Earth for a little bit, I must mention that our friends Laurie & Debbie of Worthy Goods are venturing out into The Big League and are organizing their very first show!!! HEE HAW! You won't want to miss The First Annual Camas Vintage Street Faire. They have over 20 vendors and it is sure to be a blast!!! Hope to see you there...

J & J
Barn House