Monday, March 31, 2008

Little Did We Know...

Call us naive, but who would have expected HEAVY hail, sleet, and snow after the beautiful Spring weather last weekend??? After the looooong winter, we just knew that it was a good time to get a head start on the garden! Fortunately, we were only able to weed and start preparing the vegetable beds, or else our little seedlings and plants would have most likely not made it.

This is a picture of three, very empty, bird houses near our shade garden. We should probably take note that it's just not quite time yet to plant the veggies...maybe next week???

The crazy weather could not interfere with "Stage 2" of the barn make-over. We rented a lift, bundled up, and started removing the old/crusty ceiling liner. Joe is comfortable climbing to the top of a ladder for any needed project. I, on the other hand, get anxiety even thinking about it. So this project was my worst nightmare. Every once in a while, you just have to take one for the team!

This was not a project we would EVER ask anyone to help us with--it was terrible. We had so much "stuff" in our faces/eyes/noses/ was ridiculous! But, we had some friends/neighbors who whole-heartedly insisted. Trent, Terri, Jamie and Skylar fell from the sky -- removing debris/other barn junk...Terri even joined us on the lift to cut down the liner. Sometimes we just can't get our heads around how generous people are!!

And after THREE FULL DAYS of working non-stop, we finished...we could barely move last night, but it's done! The the rustic wood beams against the exposed metal roof adds a whole new dimension to the barn.

Joe was so inspired, he made some really cool "lamp shades" out of old picket fencing for some of the lighting, and we hung a couple of bird houses that we bought from a local farm for any little nesters who choose to join our family. This weekend's project was the one of the first major steps in bringing our vision of Barn House to fruition. We hope to please with the end results.

After almost freezing to death (OK, maybe that's a bit dramatic) working on one of our most daunting tasks to date, we were rewarded with the sun and this beautiful rainbow. It was all worth it...without a doubt.

Spring really is around the corner (it HAS to be)!!!

Joe and Jermonne

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend Crunch

With the beautiful weather this Saturday, we felt inspired and ambitious in getting a good start on all of the MANY projects on the "Grand Opening" list. First task -- tackling the vegetable garden in hope that it would be completely established, if not producing by May 24th. Well I don't know if we are just a little out of shape after nesting this winter, but we were not moving at our normal summer pace just yet. Fortunately, we were able to weed, fill the beds with a truck load of back-breaking compost/manure, plant several rose bushes and make it to the nursery to buy a million packets of seeds and a few vegetable plants. Considering the weather forecast doesn't show another sunny day for a while, we might just be out there in the rain this week finishing up!

Next on the schedule: Barn Make-Over! After spending two years in our home doing a complete interior remodel, as well as landscaping, landscaping and more landscaping, we would have never imagined what is about to happen to the barn.
This week, we picked out four rustic barn reds to test out for the exterior. Joe's usual motto is “better dead than red,” but somehow I convinced him otherwise on this one. We found some great windows from an old house that we plan on installing to give a little more natural light -- not to mention curb appeal.
And we (finally) finished giving the chicken coops a much needed “touch up” (new fencing and a little paint to cover some awful half-done blue mess from one of the previous owners).

Did we mention the TWENTY new baby chicks (Silkies, Araucanas and Bantams) that Joe brought home this week???? YIKES!!!!

That will bring our total to OVER 40 chickens – not to mention the turkeys and guineas.

Light some candles for us…next weekend’s project is our worst nightmare – removing the old/torn ceiling liner from a 3,000+ square foot barn. Wish us luck!!

Joe and Jermonne

P.S. -- We hope you didn't have turkey for Easter! :o)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to Barn House!!!

We are on an amazing journey here in the Northwest and have found peace and harmony on our little farm here in Battle Ground (Venersborg), WA. Just a few years back, no one would have imagined we would move from the hustle- and-bustle of Los Angeles to the country…not to mention raising Shetland sheep (Shug Avery, Sophia and Odessa), Nubian goats (Celie and Nettie), a few barn cats (who really think they live on the porch) and countless chickens, turkeys and guinea fowl!! This experience has been something we could only have dreamed, and we truly love sharing it with our friends and family.

During the past couple of years, we have been deeply inspired by the incredible beauty of the NW, as well as by all of the wonderful people we have met. Our 1933 farmhouse is evolving into what we call Barn House – a unique blend of American and European country-style living. Our desire is to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience…somewhere you come to enjoy the day finding great treasures -- lots of primitives, vintage garden items and cottage-inspired home d├ęcor.

Please join us for a beautiful day in the country…shopping, eating delicious home cooked treats and enjoying the company of friends and family!!

Joe and Jermonne