Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend Crunch

With the beautiful weather this Saturday, we felt inspired and ambitious in getting a good start on all of the MANY projects on the "Grand Opening" list. First task -- tackling the vegetable garden in hope that it would be completely established, if not producing by May 24th. Well I don't know if we are just a little out of shape after nesting this winter, but we were not moving at our normal summer pace just yet. Fortunately, we were able to weed, fill the beds with a truck load of back-breaking compost/manure, plant several rose bushes and make it to the nursery to buy a million packets of seeds and a few vegetable plants. Considering the weather forecast doesn't show another sunny day for a while, we might just be out there in the rain this week finishing up!

Next on the schedule: Barn Make-Over! After spending two years in our home doing a complete interior remodel, as well as landscaping, landscaping and more landscaping, we would have never imagined what is about to happen to the barn.
This week, we picked out four rustic barn reds to test out for the exterior. Joe's usual motto is “better dead than red,” but somehow I convinced him otherwise on this one. We found some great windows from an old house that we plan on installing to give a little more natural light -- not to mention curb appeal.
And we (finally) finished giving the chicken coops a much needed “touch up” (new fencing and a little paint to cover some awful half-done blue mess from one of the previous owners).

Did we mention the TWENTY new baby chicks (Silkies, Araucanas and Bantams) that Joe brought home this week???? YIKES!!!!

That will bring our total to OVER 40 chickens – not to mention the turkeys and guineas.

Light some candles for us…next weekend’s project is our worst nightmare – removing the old/torn ceiling liner from a 3,000+ square foot barn. Wish us luck!!

Joe and Jermonne

P.S. -- We hope you didn't have turkey for Easter! :o)


Aleta said...

Okay you two! You made my muscles hurt just thinking about tilling the garden beds. It's not my favorite thing. Besides, it's snowing here. The planting, I love. Tilling.....not so much.
Perhaps you should wait a week before tackling that barn ceiling! It's much too cold to be out there. Temps are supposed to be warmer again next week!! Yay!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Guys!
I'm so glad to have found your blog. Sometimes it takes me awhile!! What a great job you have done on it!! The photos are beautiful, I can't wait to come out and enjoy the beauty of all your efforts!
Stay warm! Actually as hard as you are working that probably isn't an issue!

sparrow said...

sounds like your having a blast! i love the baby chicks! i understand joe... we go to see the baby chicks at the feed store and end up coming home with a dozen or so. i tell lynn he needs to build a coop fast!
supposed to have a sunny week this week. hope you get lots done!


Charmingdesigns said...

I forgot to ask where you lived? We lived in Pasadena for years. Your photos are beautiful. Laurie

Anonymous said...

oh those chickies are just precious!!! congrats on re-doing the barn ceiling - that looks like an ENORMOUS task!