Sunday, February 21, 2010

Waiting for Joey...

I (Jer-) am here alone. Joe is in AZ tending to a family emergency (his mother is under hospice care--please send some love his way). I am a bit lost without my best friend, but I am trying my best to hold down the fort. I told our friend Kim that this week has kinda been like me being in the grocery store by myself (not a pretty picture). Having been to the grocery store with me, she said, "Oh, that bad?"

There are so many wonderful things happening, but nothing could/should possibly shine when dealing with losing a mother. So here I sit alone - sad. I am waiting for my buddy, and hoping he and his family are loving, supporting and taking care of each other. I know...this is rather personal. But, it is what it is.

While I wait, I am trying my hardest to keep The Farm and BHM together. Trying to keep the perception that all is good (when it could be a bit better). Fortunately, our dear friend Natalie (Sparrow) / BH Angel / Master Primitive Finder / The Sweetest Person You Could Ever Meet, came by this weekend to help me out. She even brought me a box of trash bags (I would have actually had to go to a grocery store to get those - NOT good!).

Together, me and Natalie channeled a tiny bit of magic from our friend Joey. This is how our day went...

My best friend in the world has been gone for a full week. I hope to have made him proud with my very tiny accomplishments. But, I really hope he comes home soon...

BH Boy #2

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flea Market Style -- JUST ARRIVED!!!

It's AWESOME!!! And I mean AWESOME!!!! It's HERE FINALLY!!!

EVERY article...EVERY article! And the one that Heather, Jenni and Sarah did on The Boys made us cry...THEN, another that Heather photographed/styled with words by Sarah in our back "yard" (pasture) was GORGEOUS -- featuring Heather's styling/photography PLUS several very stunning members of The BH Family!!! LOTS MORE to come on this...If you don't have Flea Market Style already, we are shipping it out USPS Priority right away (same or next day) for the limited copies we have at Barn House Marketplace.

Everyone who preordered will be shipped in the morning. We will be up burning the midnight oil as BHM has got us sweating a bit...A LOT (but in a good way).

Can't wait to share more on the FMS experience and also share the new treasures The BHM Family has conjured up for your review...

Talk soon,

J & J

Sunday, February 7, 2010


First -- THE DRAMA
OK...I MUST keep it VERY REAL with this post. There have been some Oscar-Worthy-Dramatic Performances here over the past couple of weeks. You see, one of the BH Boys (Joe)is a Creative Genius with very little business skills, and the other BH Boy (Jer) is a Business Man with very little creative skills. We each dabble a bit in the other Boy's responsibilities here and there, but the roles are pretty set.

The Boys of BH have been playing around with the idea of having an online store for at least a year...probably two years. We had set a date for our "Grand Opening" several (SEVERAL) weeks ago -- this date was the anniversary of our Beloved Baby Bear passing away two years ago. He was 13 years old when he died. He was our everything. He was spoiled rotten. He is the missing link to the BH Puzzle.

So, the "Grand Opening" date was VERY symbolic. We had been working on getting the site put together, but not really focusing on actually getting the products organized, photographed or uploaded onto the site UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE POSSIBLE!

This is how it all went down:

6 Months prior to the "Grand Opening" - Procrastinate

1 Month prior to the opening - Start on the actual website

1 (ONE!) WEEK (1 x 1 week = 1 week) before the opening - Start getting our sh*t together!

Saturday, January 23rd - Start getting our sh*t together day! FINALLY organize the basement which is where the merchandise for BHM will be stored. Move stuff from The Basement to The Barn. Move stuff from The Barn to The Basement. Move stuff from The Basement to the 14 Foot LONG Cargo Trailer for later use. Try out for roles in a new movie called "The Bickersons." The weather is good so BH Boy#2 (Jer) takes some pictures of stuff we want to sell at the very end of the day / last moments of natural light. Pictures are GREAT but BH Boy #1 (Joe) is not too impressed and he acts like a Jack A$$. No items listed on the store. Keeping it real...

Sunday, January 24th - BH Boy #1 (Joe) is VERY UNinterested in the new BH venture. Acts like a Jack A$$. BH Boy #2 (Jer) is VERY INterested in the new venture. Acts like a Jack A$$. Stylist/Creative Genius Joe does no styling and takes no pictures. Business Man Jermonne does his best at styling and takes some pictures. BH Boy #2 (Jer) talks very highly of this new business venture. BH Boy #1 pretends to be interested and (finally) picks up some product from The BH Family for "The Grand Opening" that is just a few days away. BH Boy #1 and #2 BOTH act like Jack A$$e$. No items listed on the store. Just keeping it real...

Monday, January 25th -- BH Boy #2 (Jer) goes off to The Torture Chamber. It's a dark (and I mean DARK), gloomy, rainy Pacific NW day. BH Boy #1 (Joe) has a complete meltdown and calls BH Boy #2 (Jer) who is at The Torture Chamber and tells him about the absolute misery he is in getting ready for "The Grand Opening" of BHM. BHB #1 also tells BHB #2 he NEVER-EVER wanted an online store and was only doing it for BHB #2. BH Boy #2 (Jer) fantasizes about going home and shaking some sense into BHB#1 (a very hard shake) -- but since BHB #2 does NOT believe in violence, he lovingly coaches BH Boy #2 on how to have a productive day. BHB #2 does NOT shake BHB #1 when he gets home from The Torture Chamber -- the loving coaching session worked AND there were some lovely pictures for the new store. BUT, BHB #2 "figuratively" gives BHB #1 a strong shake with words. BHB#1 says, "WOW, you said a LOT!" And BHB #2 certainly said a LOT!!!! A few items are managed to be uploaded on the store. REALLY-REALLY keeping it real...

Tuesday, January 26th -- Another really dark-gloomy-rainy day, BUT, BHB#1 finds a creative solutions for getting a TON of GREAT pictures. One of these solutions was dragging a bail of hay into one of the upstairs bedrooms with the most light. Hay is EVERYwhere. ALL over the house. The pictures are AWESOME! BH#1 is starting to find inspiration and becomes happy about the venture. BHB #1 and #2 do NOT act like Jack A$$e$. Great items are uploaded to the store. Life is GREAT!

Wednesday, January 27th -- The sun comes out in The NW...beautiful pictures are in abundance. BHB #2 spends the day uploading product to the new store and is delirious...writes product descriptions like, "English Ironstone Bed Pan -- Excellent Condition -- Must not have been used much!" The Boys do NOT act like a Jack A$$eS. BHB#1 is VERY proud. BHB #2 is very proud he did NOT shake BHB#1. The Boys open the store and do many, many, MANY Happy Dances while the sales roll in. The Boys dance with the goats, sheep, chickens and llamas too! The Boys have NO boxes/supplies to ship the sales. BHB #2 acts like a Jack A$$, has another "Flare Up" and could win another Oscar. More to come on this.

I know...BH#2 is rambling when folks probably only care about...THE GIVEAWAY WINNERS...

1st Prize = $100 winner = Holly from Gathering Junque in Willow, CA
2nd Prize = $75 winner = Theresa from Canada (no blog)
3rd Prize = $25 winner = Kim from Our Simple Life - One Day at a Time
4th Prize = $25 winner = Sara from Sadie Olive (one of our FAVorites -- visit her site(s) and you will know why)
5th Prize = $25 Deborah from The Fairfield House

OH...and we really love EVEN numbers, so we are giving away EVEN MORE!!!! $300 total in BHM CASH MONEY...
TEXAS was definitely in the house for our BHM opening!!! We love y'all...BUT, The Great Almighty Northwest is coming for ya...with all of those INCREDIBLE and INSPIRING shows/blogs you have in TX!!! :o) Thank you for all of your love and support!!!

Honorary Prize = $25 BHM winner = Theresa from Gardens Antqs Vintage
Honorary Prize = $25 BHM winner = Debbie from Talking Trash

Much Love back at EVERYONE...must go back to restocking!! BUT, let me tell you some of the Heavy-Hitters of the NW are joining our little party -- Joyce (Calamity Jane's Antiques), Randy (Madison Park), and Lynne (GUND) will all be in the house!! The stuff we have in the pasture/porch/living room/basement is AWESOME! The BH Familia is not messing around!

MUCH LOVE from The Boys!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

BHM Giveaway - Last Chance To Enter!!


Y'all are something else...Our site just about crashed on opening day!

I have to run off to "that other place," but plan on sitting down this weekend to tell you about the series of dramatic performances of the past week or so -- like Joe's "Meltdown," Jermonne's "Flare-up(s)," the tornado that ran through our house, our new love for packaging/shipping AND BHMs first PRESS mention (it involves Victoria Beckham)!!!

I read out in blogworld about our opening, "I have a feeling it's going to go from Barn House to MAD HOUSE!" -- EXACTLY!!!

This is the last day to enter to win our $250 BHM CASH GIVEAWAY!!!!

Grand Prize = $100
1st Runner Up = $75
2nd, 3rd, 4th Place each = $25

Just leave us a comment telling us what you think of the store (and we don't mind if you want to enter twice).

Lots of new products have been added and more will be added this weekend!! If you had problems on opening day, the glitches have been worked out. You can sign in/register easily...and folks from out of the country can register/order with no problem! Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you encounter any other issues.

We are going to pull names tomorrow at noon!! Good luck...

Thank you for all the lovely comments...each one makes our hearts smile...Much Love!!

Talk to you tomorrow...

The Boys of BHM