Saturday, August 23, 2008

Something Incredible Happened!

We can't lie, we were just a tiny bit worried about pulling off TWO distinctly different shows in ONE WEEK. But "worry" don't mean a thing here at Barn House. We seem to be in some vortex of positive energy...of loving friends...of very loyal customers...of the most professional and hard working dealers (AND close friends too)...of beautiful weather...and of, plain and simply, something very special to say the least.
As we have mentioned before, it usually takes us a good two weeks to recover and get back on track after doing an event. So, a wee bit of stress was in the air. I had some "madness" going on at my other gig and Joe was dealing with the unimaginable task of managing yet another transformation of The Barn in only a few days. I overheard him talking to Miss Ceelie (one of our goats)..."Miss Ceelie, I'z feeling miiighty low, mighty low...."(if you haven't read the book/seen the movie The Color Purple--please reference--and by the way all of our goats and sheep are named after characters in the novel).BUT, worry don't mean a thing here at Barn House. The scene changes and in comes Joyce (aka Calamity Jane) with a monster truck full of stuff day after day...including the most amazing unique treasures AND 20 foot bamboo stalks in tow. Joyce was our featured dealer this show...and her first time at Barn House. This woman is a key player at one of the most prestigious antique establishments in the NW. She also doesn't play around! A true professional at heart, she came to impress and we were VERY impressed!! Thanks Suga-Honey-Sweetie-Pie!! Clear, Fresh and Inspired, in comes Joey. The Vision has arrived...The Creativity is flowing...This WILL be yet ANOTHER incredible Barn House event gosh-darnit...even if it kills us!!! Shoot, even I had (to pull my head out of my a$$) to have a great idea or two (or was it just one??)! ;o) THEN came some of the most faithful and devoted Barn House Angels...Natalie & Lynne (Sparrow) and Slyvi (Little Cottage).

Do you appreciate and love the people that always pull through for you the way these folks have ALWAYS pulled through for us??? This is exactly why we keep "The Barn House Family" close and small. These are friends we know well, love, appreciate and who really understand what Barn House is all about.
Et, voila...when you surround yourself with beautiful and wonderful people, great things are bound to happen in your lives. We are living our dreams. Not only did a lot of the same people come out that came out last weekend (or our previous events), but there were MANY new faces. AND, we had customers actually bake stuff just for OUR sale!!!! Last weekend it was Kathy with the delicious cupcakes. This weekend it was Donna who sent us an e-mail saying she had such a great time last weekend that she was coming back WITH cookies, just for us!!! One minute there was nada...the next minute we turned around and there was a plethera of delicious goodies. I can't even say where it all came from, but it magically appeared (sorry if we left any contributors off the list).
People came out from EVERYwhere! One of the women from Flutterby in Yakima was here...Bradford drove from Seattle and picked up his mom (who lives in our neck of the woods) on the way... AND Victoria and Ray were here all the way from California where they heard about us.
WOW! Like we said, worry don't mean A THING here at Barn House!!!! We ended up having one of our best shows ever!
Thank you all for everything...the kind comments you make on OUR blog, the posts you make on YOUR blogs about us, AND driving out to visit and support us. We can't express enough our sincere gratitude. We promise to be better about replying to all of your e-mails, phone calls and comments...we have a few weeks before the next show. HEE HAW!!!

Thanks Y'ALL!!!

J & J

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here We Go Again...Sneak Peek...

It usually takes us a good two weeks to recover from one of our shows. No time for recovery to just get back to it!!
Joyce, Sylvi and Natalie have been here all week bringing truck load after truck load. Joe was running back and forth from the basement to the barn. And there I my dry, boring office in the middle of a bunch of unnecessary-crazy-madness (The Torture Chamber in High Gear) looking out the window thinking how wet, muddy and smelly they all must have been...having ALL the fun without me. Poor me! Somebody BETTER hug me this weekend for ALL the troubles I've seen!!!!
This is just a little sneak peek at what's in store...AGAIN, The Barn has been transformed into something very special and different from our previous shows...
See, we are a little behind schedule and it was kind of hard to get a shot without a ladder, or uncovered mattress, or empty box/tote/bag in the way...BUT, we always pull through in the 11th hour! Our lovely dealers/friends have certainly found some amazing and unique treasures for this show...
The structure is in and there is LOTS more to be unpacked and displayed...
There was no time for Joe to tackle re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-RE-decorating the house before this sale. He did that for the ump tenth gazillion-millionth time last week before Linda and Ludmil arrived. This week he was sidetracked with shopping like a lunatic!!Now, I am not at least a bit bitter...EXCEPT when I have to drive the filthy farm pick-up truck to The Torture Chamber while HE is rolling around the beautiful NW country-side IN luxury, engaged in shopping and frolicking in the rain...but I surely digress. What I meant to say was this is going to be yet another great Barn House event and we can't wait to see you and share what Barn House has to offer!!! ;o)

Peace, Love and Antiques!!

J & J

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Barn House & Willow Nest Collaboration!!!

Have you ever seen grown men cry?? Well, The Boys of Barn House are often overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity, support and love that is bestowed on us. This week was again was of those times. From the moment they met us, Linda and Ludmil opened their arms and hearts, nurtured and guided us, and stepped out on a limb for us. For them to DRIVE FOUR DAYS FROM TEXAS to do a show with little ol' us means more than we can express...and as a result came the challenge of holding back the tears.
They didn't have to do this show with us...they didn't have to invite their close friends & loyal customers to introduce them to Barn House...and they certainly didn't have to help us create such a magical event. L & L, we love you and thank you for everything!! Tears, Tears, and MORE Tears. So this is how it all went on pictures to enlarge...

We can't remember her name, but this pretty little girl got to hold her first chicken! How precious is this???
AND, it wouldn't be a Barn House event without at least one creepy doll lurking around...this one has a special "weave" courtesy of Shug Avery (the black sheep of our little family).

We also MUST thank all of our friends who came out on one of the hottest days of the year to visit with us, shop and eat homemade cupcakes!!! We LOVE y'all and hope you had a wonderful time...sweating, laughing and maybe even crying with us. :o)

Check out the slideshow for more pictures!! to go...this is my ONLY day off until the next week. Joe is already out shopping for more stuff to add to the already huge stash we have been hiding away for August 23rd (NEXT SATURDAY). Oh La La...Joyce, Natalie and Sylvi all gave us an earful today about all of the treasures THEY are bringing too!! Must get we go AGAIN!! Hope to see you on Saturday!!! :o)

The Boys of Barn House

Friday, August 15, 2008

Barn House & Willow Nest - Sneak Peek!

WOW! THE MAGIC is REALLY upon us!!!

We can't give too much away, BUT, you just might want to get here VERY EARLY!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mama & Papa Willow Are Here!!!

Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest have officially arrived at Barn House!!!!
Yep y'all, they are back in the beautiful NW for a very special event at Barn House. Just Willow Nest and Barn House...back together again...reunited and it feels soooo good!! ;o)
Unfortunately, I had to leave this morning to go to my "other gig" (aka, The Torture Chamber) but passed them on the country road in their Sprinter with a big 'ol wagon in tow filled to the brim with treasures. I saw them coming a mile away and started blowing the horn and waving out the window like a maniac. THEN, I immediately called Joe and told him that The Barn BETTER be in order because "They" are almost there!! Well, that's what I was thinking in my head...but something a little more indirect came out of my mouth.One thing about the Marcovs...they know what the heck they are doing, that is for certain! By the time I came home, The Barn was COMPLETELY transformed. Yes, The Willow Nest Magic is upon us!!If you have been to our shows, you are sure to know that you get something very different every time you come. Our Grand Opening was completely different from our June show...and our Flea Market was definitely completely different from the previous two shows. Well, it has happened again...something completely different. The set-up is different...The Barn looks COMPLETELY different...and the treasures are different.
Linda and Ludmil came back from Texas with some AMAZING stuff. I haven't even been able to absorb it all!!! Where do they find all of this??? How do they continue to create these gorgeous pieces??? It immediately makes us think that we need to "get it together" and learn how to build something (like Ludmil's signature Bird Houses or many other creations)...or go to Miss Linda's School of "How to Create Magic" or Linda's school of "How to Find The Most Beautiful Treasures" or Linda's school of "How to BE in a Million-Gazillion Magazines" or Linda's school of "How to Quit Your 'Other Gig' and
Follow Your Dreams"...the list goes on and on!!!
The hens are happy!!!

And apparently the cocks too...

Actually, all the animals have been on their best behavior...acting like they have some good home training.
Even the the flowers are blooming in joy!And of course, The Boys of Barn House are overwhelmed with excitement!!! This will be a very special event!!! Hope you can make it this Saturday (August 16th)...

J & J
Barn House

P.S. - Some Unfinished Business:
1) We were "tagged" by the beautiful and talented Brooke a while ago...we haven't forgotten, Sweetie Pie!

2) The show at Clayson Farm last weekend was a blast! We took LOTS of pix, got to see/hug/kiss Antie Joy AND finally got to meet "Dumbo"...more to come.

3) We are "guest-bloggers" on Krista's (AM Northwest Lifestyle Expert) Organize in Style blog this week. Be sure to check it out!