Thursday, August 7, 2008

Willow Nest is Coming - August 16th!!!!

If you want to know how Barn House got its start, here it goes...We had only been up in the NW for a very short time, but all we heard about was "Have you been to Willow Nest???" Joe, being the magazine junkie that he is, didn't quite make the connection at first. Well, eventually a light went off for him one day as he was browsing through an issue of Country Home Magazine.
"OMG, we HAVE to go!" Not long after his revelation, we finally went to a Spring show at Willow Nest. We made our way up I-14 along the Columbia Gorge and started getting goose-bumps. THEN, we made it to the 1800's school house with a gymnasium and barn to die for!! THEN(!) we went into the gymnasium for the show...our hearts stopped...we were completely overwhelmed by "The Magic!" This was not by any means anything we had ever been to...this was VERY SPECIAL in every way imaginable! It was packed with people grabbing the treasures. We were star-struck! By the time Joe made it to the counter, he had a twinkle in his eye and must have done or said something "rather interesting" to get us considered to be part of The Willow Nest Flea Market. Now, Miss Linda is VERY selective about her vendors, so after she did much research, we were in!!! We brought the biggest U-Haul we could find and set up to impress...
It was the most beautiful day. We had an amazing time. We met incredible people--customers and dealers. Linda and Ludmil were THE MOST incredible hosts. THEN, we packed the few items we had left and went home and cried. It was like that!!! This is the impact Willow Nest had on us. This is how Barn House got started. This was our inspiration. And THIS is why this event is so special to us. They took us under their wings, mentored us and encouraged us to follow our dreams. Linda and Ludmil are coming back for a visit, y'all!! AND, they are coming to Barn House on August 16th!!!!

Joe & Jermonne may be wondering how we are going to pull off two very distinct shows in August??? We are on our way to The Clayson Farm Antique Show in Yakima, WA to CLEAN THEM OUT on Saturday!! Our friend Joy of Antie Joy is going to be a dealer there, as well as over 50 other dealers. Leslee, are you ready for us????


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hope you found lots of goodies!! Looks like a great show!

Kathrine said...


Maison Douce said...

Please make sure to give us a sneak peek at the treasures you find!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm extremely irritated and jealous that I live all the over on the old east coast and missed everything. How about takin' the show on the road boys?? I just found your blog and what a delight-look forward to more entries and topless bowtie pics:)
The Jolly Dog House

Christine LeFever said...

I eagerly look forward to meeting you two come Saturday. L&L will be visiting us tomorrow.(Name dropping, you know.) I've heard fabulous things about Barn House.

See you very soon!


Lisa Johnson said...

Just got off the phone with Joy who said your guys were so awesome and helpful at the sale this weekend. I have to pick up my daughter at camp on Saturday and will try to sneak on over to see you and L & L next weekend if I can. If not, I want to wish you much luck for an incredible sale even though I know you don't need it. You guys are the best!