Monday, January 19, 2009

BH - Back In Business!

Well, well, well...what a weekend! The Palmer Wirfs Antique & Collectible Show this past weekend ended up being...VERY "interesting." It wasn't a full moon to my knowledge, but something a bit "unusual" was definitely in the air, to say the least. Don't get me wrong. We had a total blast and let me tell you why...
First of all, we absolutely LOVE having company!! Cindy (Tarte), Joy (Auntie Joy) and Joy's sister Terri all did the show and stayed with us. Another reason is because we have really missed seeing y'all!! It's been three months since our last show and it was great to be out there hugging our old friends and meeting LOTS of new ones.
The "unusual" stuff started on Friday night. After a very long day of setting up, Joe and Cindy got back to The Silver Bullet (the BH treasure hauling monster machine) only to find the battery was dead. They thought, "No Problem! We have jumper cables...someone will surely help us out." Uh, maybe not. Several folks walked quickly by...breaking their necks to avoid eye contact with the stranded ones. Joe asked security for help...and Cindy even called the event organizers. Surely help was on the way. Ummm, maybe not. This is probably due to a little bad Karma for all the times we have almost broken our own necks trying to avoid the lady ringing that bell outside of Target. Lesson learned!!! Fortunately, Joy & Terri sacrificed a little set-up time and came to the rescue. Thanks Sweetie Pies!!
I got a good chuckle on Friday night imagining them both standing out in that dark and cold parking lot trying to "attract" a little bit of help. I would later choke on this chuckle. Next Scene: Saturday morning. I had not seen the spaces that Joe and Cindy had beautifully decorated and, as usual, I am totally impressed by what they have been able to pull off in such a short time. My adrenaline starts going crazing...I am thinking of the mad rush we experienced at our shows the minute we would open the barn doors. IT'S 9:00 AM...The doors are about to open...I start to panic..."WHERE'S MY CALCULATOR AND INVOICE BOOK?????" Joe and Cindy just looked at me like I had lost my simple mind. And at this point, I have a strange feeling I am going to be the butt of some jokes at The After Party.
Some shows are fast and furious...and others have somewhat of a different pace. Thirty minutes after the doors open, I really started to panic! "OMG, what if we don't make our rent!!! What if we don't sell ANYthing!!! $@%^&@&*^%!!!!!" Joe just rolls his eyes and looks at me like I am a lunatic. After a while, I decide I need to take a little walk to calm my nerves. This is when things start getting REALLY odd. As I am walking around, a lovely lady (who had been at our booth earlier) stops me dead in my tracks. Her sentence starts with, "You wouldn't have me arrested for sexual harassment if I told you...." Needless to say, this moment was quite awkward and a bit inappropriate. Lifting my sulking head and with a twinkle in my eye, I quickly replied something very witty (at least I thought it was at the time). And all I could think was, "We may not make our rent, but this is going to be a FUN sale!! HEE HAW!!" ;o)
What made it even more colorful was Joy, Terri, Cindy and Joe all had strangely similar experiences that day. Some moments were more inappropriate than others. Our individual reactions to these experiences were priceless. We came home, shared our crazy stories from the day and laughed until we cried. AND overall, the sales ended up being pretty darn good too!
Thanks Cindy, Joy and Terri for coming and staying with us for a spell. Thanks to those of you who stopped by to see us...hopefully you went home with some special items you couldn't live without. AND a very special thanks to the few people that we could probably sue for sexual harassment!!!! ;o)

J & J
Barn House

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Barn House at Palmer Wirfs - This Weekend!

It's time to get the hell out of this house!! I mean it's really, REALLY time to get the hell out of this house! Sooo, we are on our way to shake a little shimmy at the Palmer Wirfs Antique & Collectible Show at the Clark County WA Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall. Join us THIS Saturday (9am-6pm) and Sunday (10am-5pm).
One of the good things about "Snowzilla" was Joe being stuck inside finishing projects. And outside of all the spilled paint on our living room hardwood floor, it was a very creative and productive time. These are just a few sneak peeks of what we will be selling at the show.
Joe is even venturing into the world of upholstery/slipcovers! The BH pillow is NFS (it's a very special gift from Sweet Isabel) and is already part of the BH Home Collection. :o)

We have a lots of great things that we will be bringing to the show! AND, we will be in the great company of Tarte and Auntie Joy who will also be selling there this weekend. You won't have a hard time finding us...we will be the loud folks carrying on like we don't have any sense!

For details, check out the Palmer Wirfs website. Hope to see you this weekend!

J & J