Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspiration is upon us...Seabold Vintage Market, here we come!

We are just getting back from THE BEST vacation ever and we are recharged and ready to go!

It was a reminder of what friendship/family is all about.

(more to come on our vacation)

We are both feeling so free and inspired.

Your comments on our two "Unedited" posts continue to reinforce that it's OK to just let go of a few things
that just don't fit with our vision for our lives and business.

We just want to be Joe and Jermonne.
The Boys of Barn House
(aka - the crazy, fun, potty-mouth, sweet and loyal "boys" who we are)

And we want to surround ourselves with people
who are loving and who are true friends.

Life is too short to do anything else.

So, off we go for our first show away from home in a LOOOONG time.

We are visiting The Seabold Vintage Market Family
and are SO PROUD to be invited guests.

Do y'all know that Seabold Vintage Market was voted
one of THE BEST flea markets in the country by readers of
Flea Market Style Magazine??

I remember meeting Liz for the first time.
I remember the VERY moment I first met her and her family.
(and really, I can't remember shit)

That is the kind of impression they leave on folks.
It was not just her refreshingly cohesive,
and stunning style of decorating.

It was her.
And it was her family.
It all fit together and made a lot of sense.
These are people we would love to hang out with.

So, off we go to spend some quality time with them!
AND to R-O-C-K the Bainbridge Island School House with
The Seabold Vintage Market Family.

We hope you can join us.
THIS Saturday - March 19th

Seabold Community Hall
14450 Komedal Rd NE
(the North end of Bainbridge Island)
2p - 6p

For details and directions,
please visit

For sneak peeks and LOTS of crazy insight on how
The Boys of Barn House
roll on a road trip
follow us on Facebook by clicking

(we don't think you will be disappointed!)


Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

I wish I could come but I can't, so I'm sending a friend (and I told her all about you!)

Have a wonderful market on a beautiful island~

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Best of Luck Boys! Enjoy your venture together~Cheers Kim

Mel's Cabin said...

I've been a follower of your blog for nearly 10 months. I've found your things so interesting and interestly dislayed for practical uses of the vintage style. Keep it up! I'm in TN, so coming over for a visit isn't on the map for me. Thanks for sharing your stuff.
Mel's Cabin

Nordic Girl said...

I wish I lived near by! I would so love to see you guys and see what you're bringing to the market. Unfortunately I live in Minnesota and can't get in my Jetson mobile and fly there. You two have a great time and I'm hoping you do fabulously!!

Unknown said...

I just spent the morning reading past posts. I love the realness of them and I'm glad you are showing who you are, we all should. I have followed you guys for a long time and love your stuff and you even though I don't know you. Not everyone will like us, I have tried. Will you be at Farm Chicks? I hope so, I will. My 4th year in a row from Florida. I don't want to bore you with more of my story so I will stop...the world needs more honest people!

trash talk said...

I've loved her style from afar for quite some time now. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. As for you guys...I'll never stop loving my knights in shining overalls!

decorator to the stars said...


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Another great hunting ground too far away!!

Love visiting you!

Have fun and looking forward to what you share when you return!

summersundays-jw said...

Oh, if I only could!!!!! Hope it's a great show & sale. Jan

Jeanne said...

I just found you and your Fantastic Pics! I'd have been so bummed if you had deleted the blog.
Rock on and carry on w/ your fabulousness! The masses of deocrating crazy people like ourselves need you.

xo Jeanne.

Tara said...

It looks like lots of fun! I very much enjoyed your "unedited" posts as well. I found your blog a couple years ago and always read, although I seldom comment~sorry! I think you guys are great and think you should continue down the path of openness and being true to yourselves. You can't please everybody,so why not please yourselves! The people that love and admire you will follow along for the ride.

I came to your flea market in the summer of 2009. I fell in love with all things vintage and rusty and shabby. It inspired my family and I to open our own booth in an antique shop in Centralia, Wa. It has become my passion! So thank you and I hope to see you this summer for your flea market, thankfully the date doesn't interfere with a family reunion like it did last year!

Have a terrific weekend and enjoy this sunshine we're having!

Ter'e said...

You two are so fabulous!!!!! I wish you had a little bit of you to share with every state!!!! Just two of the cutest - neatest - most talented boys I have ever seen. Yes, I am of Grandma age......so I can refer to you as boys.
Keep doing what yer doin! You are FAB just as you are!
Just found your blog ---- even tho I had read some of your story in Flea Market Style...........and it took 2 seconds to connect my dots!
Love to you both!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

You guys rock! You are truly the Kings of good JUNK. Keep doing what you do! Have not visited in a while, will be back by soon! Hugs, Janna

Simple Daisy said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer!!!! I would go bananas with all the vintage fabulousness:)

Tammy Nichols said...

Hellloooo. Can't wait till you post again. I love your candor and seeing the lovely pics of you, the love of your life, and the beautiful antique finds that you post.

Barn House said...

Hey Tammy, we have posted some pix on our facebook page. Just search Barn House. :o)

Unknown said...

Looooooove you two!! :) xoxoxo

Sweet Vintage Home and Garden said...

OMG!!! I am in love!!!! I love love your blog and and The Seabold Vintage Market... I saw you in Flea Market Style and I have been following you. This is totally on my most go to list:)
As for negative remarks.. If there is one thing I know you can't make everyone happy...Poopy on them!! There loss.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

OMG....loving every single thing here! Oh how I WISH I could come to one of your sales! You two are so damned talented, seriously.

I live in a barn and have an antique booth/shop and love to collect and sell many similar things to BH! (Your stuff is way better, of course!)

So glad I found you this evening.
Keep up the great work and love your refreshing and fun way you are puttin' it all out there!

Your newest follower,
Stop by and visit my blog someday, k?

Michelle said...

This is YOUR blog. I enjoy reading it because you ARE so real. If EVERYone does not agree, they can read other blogs!!! :) Keep doing what you are doing...YOU both are amazing!