Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surprise! Barn House Sale THIS Weekend!


presents a

Vintage County Marketplace

February 26, 2011
10a - 4p
(free admission)

our special friends of

Vintage Sparrow

Joe is going VERY crazy after spending much of the Winter in our house hoarding treasures and working on special projects.  To say the least, he is a bit KOO KOO for COCO PUFFS at this point.  

I had no choice but to stage a Creative Intervention before things get anymore out of control with his CRAZY A$$! 

(Yeah, I said it!!) 

So here we go, in true Barn House Style...

After the snow which is expected over the next couple of days, "those people" are predicting a beautiful and sunny weekend ahead!   WE ARE READY!  Are you?? 

If so, come out and visit with us at the original school house of our little village (built circa 1912) this Saturday!! 

It's just right around the corner from Barn House....24205 NE 209th Street in Battle Ground, WA 98604.

Directions and all kinds of NEW exciting news on the way! 

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J & J

Yes, these are welcome too...


Tricia @ Vintage No. 35 said...

Wish I was closer!

Anonymous said...

We know Spring is around the corner when the Barn Boys host a show!!! Blow some of that warm Spring weather East as we just went thru a Winter storm here in the Midwest! :) Have fun with the show guys!!!

Hollie Joy In The Morning said...

Awesome! Love the school house too=)!

Florence said...

So are you having the sale at the Venersburg school house? Love the feel of that building. Florence

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

W h a t.... I wish you guys a complete sell out show so you will have to hook up that trailer and come shopping in Texas!! I'll be watching for you :)

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

This sounds like fun! We have some plans out in the area, so maybe I can bring the hubby with me for a visit.



Ido said...

Is there any way you could build a barn in Utah and have those sales? LOL!

kimberly said...

If I weren't going to be on an INCREDIBLY ROMANTIC ADVENTURE with my crazy handsome husband in SF, I would so be there!!!
Have a fabulous time sweet friends,

Unknown said...

I can't wait!!!!!!

Julie said...

Wish I could be there! Love visiting your website...LOVE those bottles with the soldered tops! Wish you boys would come to Texas for the Marburger Farms show sometime...Also glad the Flea Market magazine is back. Good luck with your sale!!!

bikim said...

wish i could go!
sleep well

Unknown said...

Very cool . . . love the old school house feeling! :) This is sooo exciting - perfect for spring!!! :) xoxo - liz

Gidget said...

Oh I so wish i lived close to you guys! You crack me up with your posts, you guys are awesome! One day i will fly out for one of your sales, well thats my dream anyway.. :) Have a great sale.

Karrina said...

Oh, I wish but alas, Battle Ground is still a bit of a drive from Elkton.

gatheringjunque@att.net said...

Great idea.... keeping Joe from goin crazy!!! Sounds like fun!!!!

houses for sale Philippines said...

You blog was very simple yet cool. I love this barn house for sale because of its simplicity. I am hoping to see the inside features can you post photos please? Thank you.

Charles A