Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sophia Home Now!

Thank you ALL for reassuring us that it IS ok to be our authentic selves.
We loved reading ALL of your comments.

EVERY single comment,
even the TWO negative comments reinforced
the reason I said EVERY single word I wrote.

This is OUR theme park!
What am I scared of?

The last post is the MOST comments we have
EVER received.
(outside of a BH Giveaway)

The unedited post was THE #1 TOTAL page views
 since we started our blog.
(in less than a week)

THAT says a LOT!

SOPHIA Home Now!
Things are gonna change around here!!
The Color Purple by Alice Walker

I talked to my Mom this morning. I called Her to tell her to read this post.
I told Her to read ALL of the comments.

My Mom will be commenting as soon as her and my Auntie Cassandra can figure out how to find the comment section. LOL

Stay tuned…I hope she says something in her authentic voice
(FULL of L-O-V-E, and if we are lucky some out takes)

I also called several of my friends who were
NOT likely to read this blog previously.
The ones who knew us when we were younger
Those who have watched us evolve over the years

MANY also commented.
I hope they come back and continue to share their thoughts.

THIS is why I “outed” myself.
No, not the “gay” thing…I was pretty sure sure there were not many who
did NOT know that me and Joe sleep in the same damn bed every night.

Two grown ass men living together selling antiques?

Well, DUH!

My Mom asked me why I decided to put all of our "business" out here.

It is simple.

We ALL need TRUE friends.
Friends who know our entire story.
Friends who know our hearts are bursting at the seams with L-O-V-E.
Friends who know why/how Barn House was created .
Friends who inspire us.

There is NOT enough room for
ANYthing or ANYone
who doesn't LOVE sharing this experience with us.

We have TOO much other GOOD
stuff cluttering our pathways here on our farm.

Joe and I came together in love and friendship.
Barn House was built on love and friendship.

The Friends of BH are the people who have made this experience so special.

Our collaborations are incredible.

These friends have lifted us up.
Our friends have lifted us ALL up beyond what we could have ever imagined.

We will are thankful and have a lot more to say about this particular subject.

My very special home girl, Rebekah, deleted her blog a couple of years back.

She had a LOT of “followers.”
WAAAAY more than us.
One day, she woke up and just deleted it.
She was just done with that particular blog.
I envied her SOOOO much.
We would talk about it all over margaritas and laugh our asses off.
Who does that?????
We LOVE her for being THAT person!
It made HER happy.
SHE makes us happy.

Nobody WE know gets paid to write a blog.
And I certainly don’t get paid a damn thing
by people who might judge me or Joey for this beautifully crazy life we live.

We live it authentically.
I am going to talk about it, authentically.

So, really, who gives a @&$# about haters???

I am going to write for me and those who personally enjoy following our very personal journey…
THIS particular blog is for those who “get IT.”


We are just living our lives together and figuring it all out daily.

We have an online store that does not include any of our personal commentary.
It is open 24/7.
We ALSO have an AMAZING show that is planned on July 30th.
It includes a bunch of VERY talented folks…
EACH with their own diverse perspective on beauty and life.
Creative Diversity

I was VERY close to just deleting this blog.
I hated editing my thoughts because maybe someone would be offended.
As our business started growing, we felt the need to try to please EVERYone.

Oh shit, THE magazine with BH in it is coming out!
Joe, you NEED to sell this/that to TRY to please EVERYone.
Jermonne, you better play it safe on the blog to TRY to please EVERYone.
We better plan EVERYthing a year in advance to TRY to please EVERYone.

As a result, NEITHER of us were very happy with the direction things were going.

WE got lost trying to balance it all.
Yeah, not so good to do.

It’s time to switch things up.
We are following our hearts.
Going places where we BOTH can be inspired.

I will delete it IF I can’t express myself
here...At OUR home...with OUR friends.

Like I said before,
I didn't wait all of my life for THE ONE to just mess around with dumb stuff!
I would rather do something else with my time.

It is what it is.

Holla, if you hear me.

OH, and before we hop on a plane to visit even more very inspiring people,

We are ALSO incredibly happy to be invited guests at

Seabold Vintage Market
March 19, 2011
Bainbridge Island, WA

Voted one of the TOP flea markets in the country by
Flea Market Style Magazine

Liz LeDorze is THE BEST of the BEST!
Her very signature brand and how she decorates is H-O-T!!

SHE is H-O-T!!
SHE is a BIG reason there is a creative intervention
happening at Barn House right now!

Joe took one look at recent pictures on her blog and said,

“Now THAT’S how you decorate for a show!!”
(see awesome pix over at The Little Red Shoppe blog)

She inspired him to get out of the house and decorate.
A few days later, we had a sale of our own around the corner from our house.

We LOVE Liz and her family!!
They pulled a creative STUNT at our last Summer Marketplace.

They make us happy.
The Boys are going to Bainbridge Island to be part of her amazing show,
sleep in her house, eat her food, drink her wine
and tell her and her family


how MUCH we appreciate her and what she does…

Family Style
Seabold Vintage Style
Barn House Style

If this is your style too,
we hope to see you there!

Oh, and one more big announcemnent...

Upon my first warning to our readers that our blog would be changing,
our friend Deb over at Retreat told me someone "accused”
her of being too REAL on her blog.
Side Note
They have like twenty-six different blogs,
so I should really say her blogSSSSSS.

She was "told" by someone apparently who must be VERY knowledgeable,
that she was sharing TOO much.
She was "told" that she was going to ruin her business and its reputation.
Isn’t it HER blog(SSSSS), right??

I told her,
“Love-Sweetie-Honey-Suga-Pie, sometimes we need to burn a little bit of The Barn down so that WE can build it back EXACTLY how WE want IT.”

Below is Joe in Retreat’s Taj MaTent at our 2009 Summer Marketplace
THIS shit was a STUNT!

KEEP sharing, Deb! We l-o-v-e you and Bob for it!
You inspire.
We look forward to pulling a very special stunt with you and the
Retreat Family on Camano Island in June!

Barn House is very happy to be an invited guest at the
June 25, 2010
Camano Island, WA

I think we might need to come up before then to do a little planning. ;o)

Cheers to true friendship!!

I am not afraid.

This is OUR theme park!


Joey "Prince" Apodaca
Jermonne "Charlie Sheen" Swendell

The Boys of Barn House

Leave us a comment.
This is a SAFE place to be YOURself.

On our travels, we will be VERY sad to miss this...

We really wanted to go sleep in our Auntie Joy, Uncle Dave and Nephew Sam-U-EL’s house, talk a lot of crazy creative stuff with them, but unfortunately we will be tormenting other family members.

Talk to you soon!

Off to visit some of our dear friends...

Brenda & Roseanne, thank you for EVERY thing!

You have taught us the meaning of true love.
YOU, my sweets, have been my inspiration on my quest for love.
Seeing you together for 25+ years has been our inspiration to keep going when things get a little tough.

Especially, thank you for teaching us how to
NOT strangle each other when one of is acting a damn fool! ;o)

Can’t wait for our love song performances!!
You won the competition last year,
BUT I think we got you beat this year!!!

UGH - something very screwy is going on with blogger...
these pictures won't seem to go where they are supposed to be...
no more time to play with it...gotta run

OK, I might need to be scared of this madness going on at our friend
Tiffany’s “Dream Girls Retreat” RIGHT NOW!
We are getting emailed pictures often...
Our friends keep it VERY real!
Cindy & Auntie Joy


Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Woo hoo! Isn't it FREEING? Blogs that try to please everyone and are always upbeat and professional are boring, and inevitably turn into marketing tools.

Readers are CLAMORING for the real person behind the blog. I've always admired BH for the sense of community and inclusion and love. Keep it rocking!

XOX from 3000 miles away

Low Tide High Style said...

Real friends are HARD to come by, and living your life as authentically as possible is even harder! Hats off to both of you for finding good friends and living life the way you feel you were meant to! If we all spent more time doing good and spreading love and less time judging others, the world would be a much nicer place for everyone.

Kat :)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

All I've got to say is...that plane better be headed to Texas!!!

Annie Louise said...

First off just let me say, I don't care if you are gay or not, just doesn't matter to me, I enjoy your blog and the Barn House Market, don't give a flying fig how you choose to live your personal life, that's up to you, does not affect me at all. I enjoy reading your blog, your honesty and your humour are a great read and your happiness is shining through. Thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what your's going great with my morning coffee..I think we all need to be more real....hell an ounce of your talent... you have a right to be real!!!

Fairfield House said...

Want to thank you for giving me my first smile today! Readers are fed enough sugar and fluff and are starving for something substantial, served raw. The more we know you, the more we love you. Have a safe journey and a wonderful experience.

Your Friend,

The Pineapple Room said...

Nothing you ever do matters if you aren't happy doing it! I'm so very excited for you both to know that you are going for the "happy" we all know you have the "talented" part down beautifully. I loved your last post and I love this one...I am and always will be a very faithful follower of you guys and your blog!

BananaSaurusRex said...

Yea LOVE. That's all.

Mad Red Hare said...

Well, now I must go back and read that post! I missed it. I think your followers won't care and if they do, they can just go follow someone else. You guys do amazing stuff! I wish people would stop labelling/judging others. This is what I told a friend of mine when she told me she thought her daughter was gay: "well, it isn't a terminal illness and she isn't going to die from it". Keep bringing us the good stuff guys!

Mad Red Hare said...

Well, now I must go back and read that post! I missed it. I think your followers won't care and if they do, they can just go follow someone else. You guys do amazing stuff! I wish people would stop labelling/judging others. This is what I told a friend of mine when she told me she thought her daughter was gay: "well, it isn't a terminal illness and she isn't going to die from it". Keep bringing us the good stuff guys!

Free Art Printables said...

Good for you! You do your thing! If people don't like what's on your blog then they can choose not to read it! When I met you a few years ago at farm chicks, I thought you were warm and fun and witty and I love to see that come through here. Jen

Sue said...

Gay? What does that have to do with anything? Seriously, people that judge and criticize need to take a good hard look in the mirror at themselves! If people are happy, more power to you. Love is just that, love! My blog deals a lot with my store, but also with my opinion. I had one of my dealers one time say to me, "maybe you should keep "that" opinion to your FB instead of your blog"! First I just looked at her thinking, "what an idiot". Then I just smiled, and said, "I don't think so"! My best to you both, and stand up proud for who you are!

Take care, Sue

bucolic beauty said...

Heck yeah! Your blog should express your true personality. You are who you are and your readers(myself included)love who you are. "Take me, baby or leave me." In this blog-world of perfectly manicured homes, staged photos and edited posts, your blog is truly a breath of fresh air.

Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I loved reading the first unedited post and loved reading this one! You are grown ass men and can write whatever you want on your blog!!

We moved from the PNW, so now your blog is my way of keeping up. I LOVE IT!!

Take care,

theveryflowers said...

I told her,
“Love-Sweetie-Honey-Suga-Pie, sometimes we need to burn a little bit of The Barn down so that WE can build it back EXACTLY how WE want IT.”

Woohoo! You said it, and damn you said it well!

I love you guys. After reading these posts, I'm having a hard time thinking of how anyone could feel otherwise.

You'll always be awesome.
Hugs, Jenny

Chez Zizi said...

I found your pst very refreshing. Keep being true to yourself. We need more people like that in this world. Much Love to both of you.

Junebug said...

You go boys! keep it real, we love you for YOU!

Retreat said...

Once again, you make us smile, laugh, and feel warm fuzzies all in one post. I think you're on a roll, J! Just keep bein' YOU, because we all LOVE you guys. <3

Thanks for the shout-out, for coming to our SHOW to pull your fabulous stunts, and your friendship. [BTW,I do NOT have 'like 25 blogsssssss' and WHERE did you get that picture of us? OY VAY!]

Florence said...

You are the BEST!!! Enjoy your time with your friends. Hugs Florence

Jill said...

That quote about burnin' a little bit of the barn was genious. I had myself a little A-ha Moment there. Thank you for that.

Authenticity rocks. You guys rock.


Unknown said...

You are who you are...period. I only know you through your blog since I live a hundred million miles from you...however...I would only expect you to be your authentic self. Otherwise, if I met you in person...I wouldn't know it was YOU! :-)
All the best...

Diana said...

Thank God you didn't delete your blog! You two are an inspiration! I need to know you are out there together! Stay put! Love you two!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Love visiting your blog & someday i want to visit your barn! Love what you posted today......& still a follower - holla! xoxo

Fresh Linen said...

Love is love is love. Imagine a world with people like you who are made of pure love.... makes me feel so good

Sherry Hicks said...

Love the post love the pics! Wish I could attend sometime, I am way out here in Texas. Oh and the deer is rocking that rosette! Love it!

The Little Red Shop said...

Ahhh...thank you! I wondered why I was getting all the Barn House blog love today! I hope to make it to more shows this year. We are all just so blessed in the Pacific be surrounded by such a talented "vintage" community!

: )

Julie M.

Amanda said...

You boys are fucking AWESOME!!! Being authentic is the only way to be truly happy! I love the direction your blog has taken!


Anonymous said...

Love how you guys are being a first-rate version of yourselves...instead of a second-rate version of somebody else!
Kudos the Barn Boys!!!

pat said...

You guys are the very best! It would be an absolute joy to have you both for sons. Your momma is one very lucky lady. And you are lucky to have her, of course. My love to you both as you make your way through this journey we call life.
PS. Please continue to keep your blog real!

Anonymous said...

What a week to have found your blog! I appreciate everything you have said...I am happy for you that it's all out there. Obviously, you two are very well liked and very talented. Be only have one life so live it with vigor!
I wish I were nearer so I could go to these fabulous sales - darnit!
I look forward to reading more from you both ~

mybelleepoque said...

one word...


Thanks for your post! ;)

Lisa said...

Fuck yeah! I think you are "Winning"! And I for one LOVED the "unedited post".


HEY! You woke me up and made me spill my coffee. I may start reading the blogs instead of just checking out the photos and that encludes my own.
aka Junk Palace

Unknown said...

Are you kidding me? It's taken this long? Hon - you were "out" a long time ago! And you were loved back then!!

That's alright, Baby. It's okay. I know. It just takes longer for... some of us... to figure things out.

Glad ya' finally took over the reins for your own damn journey!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I admire you guys for living a life that makes you happy...finding love, chasing dreams and having fun along the way!

Life's too short so make it good!!

KellyH said...

Rock On!
I'm glad you are being you.
I'm a fan of the cussing too.
Makes me feel at home!

Unknown said...

I just stumbled on your blog this raining Sunday morning...imagine my shock of this being the first post to read... it brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy - my bff of 20 years is gay and has "hid" his authentic self in so many arenas - it made me tear up to read you "opening your kimono" for the world to see - I honestly would have peeked and past by - but this being the first post I read, you feel like a known distant friend, someone that would kick it with us around the fire with wine until we all cried laughing. The rules of my home are no judgement, just love. Many hugs for you being yourself - glad to be a new follower

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Yep and amen to that "out with the old and in with the new"...
Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Hugs to you both & your mum.

Em said...

I am not a frequent commenter on many blogs (barely have time to read them), but I did want to say that I love your blog and even more, I love that you have made a commitment to be your true selves always in your posts.

Unknown said...

OMG!!! I just read your blog and loved it... The way you expressed yourself and did'nt care about the outcome was Hot.. I am new follower ... Keep it real !!! Debbie

Heather Salazar said...

Please keep blogging, I always look forward to your posts. Especially since most of the good magazines are gone.

I think a lot of people would like to be more honest however like you said we are all afraid of what would come, so you should be extra proud of yourself.

Even if you only have time a couple times a month you can always count me in!!!!

And you know what some of my best memerioes going out was with my "guy" friends in Seattle.

Love hearing from both


Anonymous said...

I have been reading BH house for a long time. I have come to your sales and I've seen your work in Portland. I have always thought of you as two guys that have it together and I still do!! Not only your creative talent, but I feel the love that you have for each other and your family and friends. I LOVE your blog. You guys deserve your plate of happiness as I wish that for everyone! Lisa

Andy's Attic said...

Be true to who you are and if someone doesn't like it they don't have to read your blog or come to your sales. Life is too short. You have each other and wonderful friends and I don't think much else matters in this life!

Bohemian said...

I'm so glad you have found a Peace about the direction your Blog and Biz is going and realize that as Winston Churchill once said *or at least I THINK it was ole Winston?*

You can please some of the people all of the time...
You can please all of the people some of the time...
And some of the people some of the time...
But you can't please all of the people all of the time.

I am so glad it didn't come to you deleting your Blog and giving up on it... it has been enjoyable and inspiring to follow you on your Journey here. Glad you're keeping it "real".

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

MissB said...

There is beauty all around you gentlemen... You make me want to pick up and RUN back to the West coast.

Words to live by from the Color Purple: "I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it."

Your purple is showing. As it should be. :-)

Kari of Manor Bourne said...

Love,love,love you both...keep on keeping on in the heaven called BH that you've created! We are ever so grateful we get to breathe the same air and share the family you have created. So let's hear it for being REAL! Maybe if more people lived by this motto, we wouldn't have so much trouble in the world!
Have a great time at the Vintage Market! Kari and Kathryn

kimberly said...

I want to be in the room when you see Cindy and Joy after posting that photo... could you video tape it please? :)

josiebee said...

You both have really good hearts, are actually honest,love animals and antiques and like me you swear too much, what's not to like? : )

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

I was hopin' and prayin' you boys were gonna come up and crash our little Dream Girls festivity...'specially after you got a load of Auntie and 'Butch'!

Denise Dirkx said...

I think you guys are great! Having been a florist for many years and also an antique dealer, I have met & worked with some amazing men designers and they are the you guys! I love your blog, enjoy reading it and look forward to seeing your creations. I too like to tell it as I see it!
You're happy and that's ALL that matters! You guys ARE living the life others can only dream of.

-Denise @ D's Frenchic'

trash talk said...

Honesty served on a plate of style and good taste with a side of pure joy is always a delight to partake of! Pass me the rolls of laughter please!

Unknown said...

ahhhh - you two are sooo sweet - loving that first photo!!! Hope you are having a blast on your vacation . . . and I am personally counting the days until you get here . . . SOOOOO EXCITED!!!

And . . . by the way - I really think you are both the HOTTEST ever!!! Along with all those other Hotties in your post :)

Big Hugs and Kisses to you both . . . for everything . . . and mostly for being exactly who you are!! xoxoxoxo

The Robin and Sparrow said...

I love Auntie Joy!! We could be besties! You guys are so funny! I check in now and again just to make my day.

I don't post pics of me right now on my blog because a year ago I got this "bells palsy" thing on the left side of my face. I'm so self conscious, and have learned quickly that people DO treat you weird when you are a little different. It's so sad because they are missing out on ME!! Fun me!!

You guys are such a great source of encouragement. Okay, I'm rambling. Thank you so much!

The Robin and Sparrow said...

PS. the bell's palsy isn't catchy, it's a nerve thing that is supposed to go away (yeah, when??) but people get all weird about it! Go figure right?

Kelly said...


Ormolulu said...

Wow, that was one *loaded* post . . . so much to talk about! Liz is totally awesome, there was *Prince* siting at Portland Expo, Dream Girls gone *mad* is totally hysterical, Deb in red underneath my canopy at summer Barn House (sooo cute, Deb!), and--best of all--BH on the road up in our neck of the woods! We look forward to seeing you at the Retreat Market in June! Keep it comin' Jermonne . . . if I can get up the courage, I may be changing my blog soon!!!


Town and Country Gals said...

I just want you to know, I love your blog! It was the first one I found and was so excited about this new world that was opening up for me that I had no idea existed and have since started one of my own, at first for my store and now just because I love it. I read a blog last week before I saw yours, that I hadn't seen before. It was beautiful, had lots of followers, been featured in a magazine and she was going to stop cuz it wasn't fun anymore, to much pressure to be perfect, to take great pics, to get more followers and just in general to "keep up". It really made me stop and think about what I was doing and why. Isn't it supposed to be about sharing what we want of our lives, about what's important to us and the things we love, making new friends and just plain having fun? We are who we are, people either love us or not but the only ones who count are the ones who are IMPORTANT to US, the rest DON'T MATTER! DON'T STOP being who YOU are or DOING what you DO, WE LOVE IT! I am going to keep doing what I do weather I have 50 followers or 1,000, I'm just going to enjoy the ones who visit and have as much fun as I can! Isn't that what it's all about? So, I plan on keeping up with you guys thru your blog for as long as you keep on keeping on!
Rebecca @ said...

Wow! What a post!!!
I'm so glad you're YOU!

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

JuNK'n, gAY, & cusS'iN! tHAt iS ThrEE kINdS oF sExY riGHt THuuuuR!

LOVE u Guys!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Stay true to your style, that is why so many love you-follow you-and wish we could come visit..Your Inspiring the way you are.
AYou never can please everyone-SO you my as well Please yourself...The rest will follow.

Tena said...

You both are GREAT! I really enjoyed reading what comes straight from your heart! I hung onto every word you wrote and I could feel your passion. Love the stories, love that your yourself and so open about it. Jermonne it's great to work with you but I'm actually so glad it goes beyond that and that we are friends. Keep posting cause I love reading it!

Tena :-)

Maria (Magia Mia) said...

OY! You're killin' me....First Anita Baker, then Prince, and now you're quoting from my favorite movie of all time. Sophia Sophia Sophia..... LOVE.IT!

On another note.......I've just never understood why people visit a blog, and then try to tell the blogger they "shouldn't" say this or that. If they don't like what you write, why the eff are they still reading? I think some are too worried about what "the neighbors" think, and some are just envious of your courage to be honest. They're too chicken sh*t to be authentic too. But rather than waste any more of my time ruminating about those types, I'd rather just raise my glass to you for being yourself! Viva La BarnHouse! I look forward to meeting you someday.....Ciao, Maria

urbancurtsy said...

I'm just keepin it real with you boys, I have always skimmed your blog but never dove in deep because I never felt connected, now I just want to give you a big hug and let you know, even if I am a complete stranger I am completely rocked with the depth of your words and the quality of your honesty.Don't let the words of some silence you.

Laura/Verbena nested treasures said...

OMG when I saw your blog title on the side of another blog I had to come visit ASAP I had a good laugh.. I can relate & had to just let you know what a breath of fresh air you are.I am getting sick of all this fluffy fake shit As far as I am concerned I am glad Sophia is home! You are the best!
I will be back soon.

Ramona said...

You guys rock~o~rama! As my Dad aways said...."To thy own self be true." Well done!

Smiles and Blessings!!!!

Ramona :)

Lisa said...

Well "real" is truly refreshing...but gotta make sure that when I am reading this my kids aren't reading over my shoulder because they think the swear word "s" stands for studpid:)I hope hope hope to make to Seabold Market this weekend!

Andrea said...

Sorry you've had negative comments just let them roll off you because truly they aren't important. They may sting for a moment but in the end it truly only matters if you are happy with who you are. I stumbled on your site a while back and just assumed you were partners. Big Deal. When my husband and I married almost 30 years ago our best man and one of our groomsman were gay. Again, Big Deal. We loved them and we didn't and they didn't need anyones approval to just be who they were. Lastly I wanted to say I love you site!!

Andrea said...

I just read your first unedited post and the comments. I don't think the people who said they were unhappy were unhappy because you tore the door off the closet ;) but more about your salty tongue. Ah well.

Mar gar et said...

Jermonne & Joe, Found your fabu blog again today via Number Twenty One..having read your blog well over a year ago, & was in awe then, as am now..but, being twice your ages, sort of jumped a little over the 4-letter words..still not used to that on blogs...but here's the deal: you're talented, lovely men, and I respect that...and, read your old posts, and a year ago Joe lost his mom...and yes, she would be proud..regardless of family members who aren't, but trust me, they would find something to pick about sooner or later... Sigh. XO, go forward and be great..XO again...

Bee & Mason said...

Give our Liz a big hug and kiss from me.

randi1956 said...

Love your post, wish I was your crazy next door neighbor! Keep it real and ta hell with the folks who disagree!

Small Holdings Farm said...


Joanne said...

I don't get over to your blog too often, and I literally have dreams of someday getting to the barn in person. When I stopped over at kelly Rae's today, she reminded me how long it's been!
Just wanted to say that no matter how often I visit, I am always inspired...whether you're talking about decor or personal stuff. You two are a beautiful couple and I'm glad to have your incredible blog to visit and dream!!

Rica said...

I didn’t think this blog could get any better but it DID. It pains me to no end how one can be hated because of who he/she chooses to LOVE. I wish you both many, many (as many as you want) LOVE-FILLED years at the barn *hugs*

Anonymous said...

it takes AloT to offend me and your blog wasn't even close! In fact i wish i lived anywhere remotely close to where you guys are so I could visit your place or any of your shows, I'm sooooo jealous of not being able to participate in any of it, only reading about it on the computer :(...anyways you guys seem very real and fun and awesome friend material:) keep on doing what you do and fuck anyone who is offended cause they don't matter at ALl!!!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I just found your blog and have to say I love what I ahve found....TRUTH! I have a gay son so am a BIG proponent of authenticity, honesty, truthfulness and being who you are! I hope I can find the post you were speaking about, I really want to read it. I will be back. XO, Pinky

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

Just be who you are. Love is a beautiful thing. Be Happy!!! judy

codynjbsmom said...

I love love love your blog so much inspiration.Dont ever change or edit for anyone.Its wonderful just the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!Great job!!!!

prismsurfaceltd said...

The post was nice by Revathi

Betty's corner of the world said...

Gee guys ...I was afraid there wouldn't be room left for my comment
I just wanted to say three words..



Ellen said...

I love what y'all are all about... and I love that you are choosing to keep it real. A visit to the Barn House is on my bucket list. Y'all are fabulous in my book!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

I love this post and love your blog and love your sales! Since I first bought something from you at Linda's sale a few years ago, I have been smitten with the two of you. Reading your blog just reinforces that!

Keep up the good work Boys!

joanne said...

you will never please everyone....there will always be someone who doesn't "get it"....speak from your is where truth lives.....i am not gay...i am not young, either. but i do believe that we are all here in the same world trying to find our way....and all the better for it....keep going....