Monday, July 7, 2008

July 26th Flea Market - The Line Up!!!

We had some much needed R&R over the weekend and were fortunate enough to have our very close friends Jason and Terry from La-La Land here visiting. We threw a little party on the 4th and even made it down to the Willamette Valley for some wine tasting yesterday. This is Joe at the beginning of our day. He didn't let me post the picture of us carrying him out of the last vineyard (geez, he is sooo particular!).But now, it's back to business! OK y'all...are you ready for the Flea Market line up??? We don't know how, but we were able to attract some of the most creative, talented AND beautifully-spirited folks in the Northwest. We are very honored to announce they will all be joining us for the very first Barn House Flea Market!!

Featured Dealers:
Queen of Tarte (Salem, OR)
Sparrow, aka "Master Primitive Finder" (Washougal, WA)
Couture Junquies (Camas, WA)
Luluz (Tacoma, WA)
Little Byrd (Portland, OR)
Flourishes (Mt. Pleasant, WA)
Worthy Goods (Washougal, WA)
Antie Joy (Silverton, OR)
Julie Brough (Camas, WA)
The Withies (Lake Oswego, OR)
Molly Mo's (Sublimity, OR)
Lynne Gunderson (Portland, OR)
BirdSong Designs (Battle Ground, WA)
Brush Prairie Originals (Brush Prairie, WA)
Uncovered Ruby (Battle Ground, WA)

AND, we must also mention we are having a little competition between some of the dealers...a Deliciously Sweet Bake-Off (10 am) and a Hot & Spicy Chili Cook-Off (11 am)! Sooo, if YOU are planning on coming and want to be a judge, just let us know. Of course we hope the Barn House contributions will win the Blue Ribbon for both categories, but some of the other dealers have been talking a lot of "mess" about their skills in the kitchen. All we can say is...whatever! ;o)

Hope to see you on the 26th...

Joe & Jermonne
Barn House

Miss Celie (our first confirmed judge)


Tanaya said...

Oh so exciting!!

I'm trying to decide if I can make the 3.5 hour drive down from Seattle to attend...this sounds just wonderful!


Wow! Wish I could be there for the "sweets" bake off never met a sweet I didn't like.......come to think of it there arn't many food items that I don't like!! Hope Joe is feeling better, that wine can sure sneek up on you!!

I am also so flattered to be included in your "Friends & Inspiration" line up! Thanks so much! Hope to see you both in August!

Clayson Farm

Journal Swag said...

Hi! I can't wait for the Flea Market! It's going to be great! Glad you had fun wine tasting. See you soon!


littlebyrd said...

What?! A sweets bake off? How come I haven't heard about this?!
I want to be a judge.

littlebyrd said...

I got so distracted by the sweets I forgot to say: It looks and sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your friends - glad you had some down time.

Sparrow said...

OK! the challenge is ON!!! i am bringing a pot of chili and some sweets! can't wait for the flea market!


High Desert Diva said...

You've got a great dealer line up!

And that Bundt cake looks fab!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Well, thank you so much for adding a sparkle to my eye and a deep thudding in my heart with your blog this afternoon! What a great round up of finds, sublime!
xo Lidy

Team Jensen said...

Ok, so I'm moving the day before, but how can I miss this event?! I'll just tell my family that I'm heading out to unpack the garage, then hop in my car and drive like the wind and hope they don't notice I'm gone! I don't know if all the vendors, or the bake off sounds more enticing....

See ya soon-

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog!! Wish that I lived girlfriends and I do a barn sale in Temecula, Calif. called La Maison Rustique..come by for a visit!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I so love to hear ya'll speak Texan. I really wish I could come out to see your show, I am loving the pics though.

Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

I love Miss Celie! Also am loving the descriptions of your prospective positions - so witty. I want to be one of your friends visiting from La La Land some day soon! I hope there will be shows in the Fall - I'll make a trip up and stay with Rebekah and finally get to meet you talented hunks! I mean is there anything you guys can't tackle?

Lisa Johnson said...

What a fabulous line up of vendors. Can't wait to come up for what I expect will be amazing shopping.



Mrs.French said...

Oh, I am all about the sweets and spicy goodness! Sign me up please, I would gladly judge away!

Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

I cannot tell you guys how kind and generous your recent comments on my blog were. I will definitely be making a special trip. Rebekah told me about the Fall line up - wait till you see her fabulous cashmere hats. I wear mine as a uniform during the winter (all the way until May in LA even, they are that good). I can hardly wait to meet you both in person.

Anonymous said...

Joey, Joey:- you promised to "be a good boy" for Sissy!!!!! Have not had time to blog, but taken
100reds of pix! We love it here in my beautiful country Norway.
Take care guys!
Much love from Sylvi

Bonbon Oiseau said...

Oh! I wish I could come--am arriving on the 27th! I hope I can come and see your beautiful house again, maybe later in the week?

Junkers On The Loose said...

Well, it's been difficult enough to sit here in IOWA week after week and stare at all your photos while continually battling the little voice in my head that keeps saying "get in the van and GO"...and NOW you post this awesome photo with such a magnificent view?? Oh my gawd!
My new word this week is "taunting" because seems that all you great bloggers from the "Way Too Far Away Zone" keep taunting me with delicious photos! I am not even going to mapquest this time to figure up the hours to get there! That would just be torture! haha
Still smiling while telling the little voice to shut up,

Maison Douce said...

Thank you, guys, for letting me be a judge... Heck yeah, I'll do both categories, I don't wanna miss nothin'!!! And a little bribe always helps, Jermonne...!!

Lynne Gunderson said...

Whew, who knew it would draw such a crowd! Busy all day long and such GOOD energy. J and J, thank you for including me in this show. Met so many great peple and really had a blast. I'm thinking you should buy the barn next door, just for parking, HA. Also...No worries, I'm not mad about the whole chili thang.... I'm looking for a rematch. But I want a prize. A blue ribbon would look so good hanging on my fride...
And getting there was so easy once I read the map correctly. I look at it as a beautiful drive!
Thanks again, you are both beyond good hosts, your amazing.
PS, JOE...Courtney won't stop talking about you decorating her room! Uhh-oh...