Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Barn House at Retreat Vintage Market

We are back from an incredible trip to Camano Island. 
The Retreat Vintage Market was a HUGE success!

We are VERY thankful to Deb and Bob Kennedy
for being such amazing hosts.
Staying on their farm for a few days was such a wonderful gift.

I don't know how they do it, but the event was flawless.
Me and Joe are running around like lunatics at our shows.
But trust me, I did take a few notes from these Pros!

We thank Deb, Bob and The Retreat Family
for making us feel so special!!
We don't travel for shows much anymore,
but this trip was special in MANY ways.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to everyone's space with our camera,
but I am sure DeBob will be posting tons on their

Much Love,

Joe and Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House

P.S. - This weekend, we will be sharing some details on our upcoming show...

Barn House Presents

A Vintage Country Marketplace
& Music Festival

Featuring The Barn House Family
of over 30 of THE MOST amazing
collectors / artists / decorators / hoarders

AND some very special food and beverage stylists

As well as some of the hottest musicians in The NW!

There will be over 10,000 square feet of TREASURES!

July 30th

Plan on staying the whole day,
because a LOT will be going on!

HEE HAW!!!!!
(more to come VERY soon)


Retreat said...

Could you two BE any more generous and amazing? We don't think so! Thank you for your friendship, your support, your words of wisdom & encouragement, and for being refreshingly, perfectly YOURSELVES. We so enjoyed having you here - let's do it again!!! - DeBob

Lisa of Lisa's Little House said...

Loverly! Next time I will get there at the crack'0'dawn to get my salsa...lesson learned!
So great to see you!

Anne Marie said...

I'm so happy to hear you are following those dreams Jermonne -

all the best for a memorable time-

(p.s. love the theme!)

KatCollects said...

I am so hoping I can sneak away from the fastptich tournament and come there for your market in July but if not Tiffany better bring me home a jar of salsa :) Wishing you much happiness.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Beautiful.. SO Much Inspiration
Displays-Items-Colors- outdoors...
Love it..
WIsh you would come to Ca...

Sister Patty said...

Great photos... never get tired of seeing them. And only one month until the BH SHOW!!! WHOOPEE!

nic said...

I was in a lil bead shop on Saturday. An employee was on the phone with a friend - just from her end of the conversation, I could tell the other person was talking about the Retreat and BarnHouse. She couldn't stop talking about the yummy salsa.

Anonymous said...

Loved..Loved..Loved the slide show..You two are so original and creative..My only regret is that I don't live close enough to come to your gatherings..Bravo to you both..

Ormolulu said...

That was one FANTASTIC show, made even better by your participation . . . soooo good to see you and share in the magic that you always create! GREAT photos--we can experience it all over again, like a happy "Groundhog Day"!!!

Sounds like the next Barn House is going to be just awesome. We're hoping to *fly south* to be with you!

Debi & Jim

Fishtail Cottage said...

So fun to meet you (finally)! I am enjoying the broom i purchased from you - blogged about it & fb posted as well! The show was fabulous! regretting not snatching an olive tree in a galvanized pail though! oxox, tracie

Nordic Girl said...

OMG! I need so many of the things from that sale. Like the gray wing back chairs, the black iron bed, all of the burlap and and, oh crap. I want you to bring me everything and redo my whole condo in your style. Love all the pictures guys. Glad to hear it was a fantastic sale!

Curtains in My Tree said...

That looked like a fabulous show outside.perfect weather meaning no rain?

I have to make it to your place sometime while traveling to Oregon & Washington


Ginger@cottageonrosewood said...

Oh Lord...everything you two touch just turns to gorgeous doesn't it. So much talent you boys have. I sure wish you were my neighbors. So inspiring to see what you come up with.

Florence said...

Love you new look. Looks like you had a perfect venue to be involved in. Can't wait for BH Flea Market. Hugs to you both! Florence

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

Deb @ Garden Party

so much for the netty pot... ;)

good goods & co said...

I am sick, sick, sick that I don't live closer to you all. Fantastic and all done with so much love!!

Erica said...

So much inspiration! Wishing you much happiness.

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Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

It seems you guys had a blast even though you were busy. I loved looking at the pics. Such lovely items. I wish I lived closer to attend one of these. Loved looking at the slide show.

Erica said...

So happy to hear you are following those dreams. So Much Inspiration.

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concrete said...

Thanks for the inspiration ..

Perch Home said...

Beauty-full! It looks like such a fun event, filled with friends. Thanks for sharing with those of us far, far away!

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