Monday, April 26, 2010

BH May 8th Lineup and BH Marketplace Update

MAY 8, 2010
Spring is upon us in full force.  We can't believe our Spring Show is only TWO weeks away!  In addition to lots of Spring cleaning in and around The Barn in preparation for our May 8th BH Vintage Marketplace event, we have also been taking in the beauty of Spring in the Pacific NW, as well as enjoying the company of our little farm and animals. 

We even have some new "babies" that we have fallen completely in love with.  AND, they love us back!!!

 Loving us back and acting like they have some common sense is critical at BH to who can stay here.  The ungratefuls and meanie-weenies are banished to greener pastures.  It's very hard to get any work done when a turkey gives you such a flirty glance.  Did I mention we are a bit behind schedule due to turkey fever????
We almost can't stand leaving them for a moment!  They follow us everywhere and will even fly up to perch on my shoulder for a spell.  Love, Love LOVE us some turkey...and not for Thanksgiving!  We may have found a new calling as Turkey Whisperers. 
OK, enough pictures of our new Beautiful Baby Chicks and Loving Spanish Black Turkeys - on with what folks really want to know.  The what/how/when of our first show in 2010...THE LINEUP...

#1 - The Boys of BH have entirely TOO much stuff!!!  I don't know when the TV show "Hoarders" is going to come knocking on our door, but thank goodness we have 5 acres to spread it all around so it doesn't look dangerous.

We have been asking ourselves how this could happen that soooooooooooooooooo much stuff can be accumulated?  I blame Joe.  He blames me for enabling him.  It needs to be gone from here! 

Y'all, please come get this stuff! 
We need some space to think.  Fortunately(?), we are not the only hoarders that have been stocking up on treasures these winter we are not too hard/hoard(?) on ourselves.  We have an entire TEAM of hoarders that have been saving their best treasures for our May 8th show.  One day, I will write a song about them/us (when I learn how to play the guitar)..until then, here is our May 8th lineup of treasure talented treasure hoarders...

Barn House Presents
A Very Special Mother's Day Tribute
Saturday, May 8th
(one day only)

Early Buying: $5
9am - 11am

Free Admission
11am - 2pm

Featured Guests
Worthy Goods
Auntie Joy
Madison Park

and of course...
The Queeeeeeeeen of Tarte

PLUS,  lots of love, magic and treasures sprinkled in from more of our amazing friends...

Little Cottage
Camas Antiques
Lynne G
The Withies
The Broughs
Busy Biddy

Barn House
21607 NE 242nd Ave
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(30 minutes NE of PDX)

Please visit or for detailed directions from your home.

Lots of Sneekie-Peekies to come over the next couple of weeks

Barn House Marketplace Update!!!

Please note that Barn House Marketplace, (our online store) will be closed for at least two weeks beginning May 3rd.  We will reopen with ALL new stuff that is currently not listed.  So if there is anything you have your eye on, buy it before May 3rd our forever hold your pee.  (we have always wanted to say that)


Hope to see you on May 8th!

Joe and Jermonne
The Boys of Barn House


Uncovered Ruby said...

What sweet babies, I'd be spending all my extra time with them too! I'm excited to see some sneak peeks of your upcoming show, I love looking at all your pictures! lisa :-)

Brig said...

Yeeeesss, your back posting, now I can cancel my mental health professional visit. Love your baby pics.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

New to your blog, and lovin' it! Must have been under a rock till now. Wish I lived closer to visit your amazing treasures in person. I'll just have to make do with your online shop.

Oh, and love your new babies. Precious!

Hood Canal Gal said...

Happy spring guys!
I've been busy here too with my new lil' feathered friends. 3 chicks keeps this household pretty lively.

I'm so bummed but I'll be out of town during your next show (Charleston, SC). I'll most likely have to curb the pain with a little shopping :)
Let me know if you know of any good spots to hit while I'm down there.

Good luck on your show(oh and on parenthood too)!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I thought I was going to have baby chicks too, but something happened to them when we were gone :( I wish I could click my heals twice and you know I'd be there if I could. Have a great sale and one day I've promised myself I'm coming y'alls way!

Kristin said...

oh..i'm loving those little turkeys..sigh...a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e...
so wish i could be joining you, i would gladly come and relieve you of your hoard...good luck next weekend, can't wait to see your sneek peeks!!

trash talk said...

Do you have any idea how hard it is for a woman my age to hold her pee? Guess I better go buy some Depends 'cause once again I won't be able to come....but, it's on my galvanized bucket list!

sweetpea said...

yours and mine both Deb... someday...

hugs and big sales,


AuroraSuzette said...

Oh those little fuzzy babies! Won't see you on the 8th (son's track meet), but will pine away for what I know I'm missing!

Auntie Joy said...

So excited to be one of the turkeys, I mean guests...hehehe Your babies are adorable cannot wait to see them in person. I might pee my pants if one should fly up and perch on MY shoulder! Oh my gosh we are gonna have a GREAT time at the BH!
And yes, my name is Joy and I'm a hoarder...

Unknown said...

Absolutely Love all the new babies . . . just adorable!! Hope to make it down to the show - as I know it will be amazing . . . the lineup of vendors sounds just wonderful!!

See you then . . . :) liz

Andy's Attic said...

Such cute babies...what will you do when the turkeys grow up and still want to land on your shoulder?? Ouch! Your line up looks great!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Your little chicks are to darn adorable! I wish I lived close enough to see (and shop) your treasures in person. I forwarded your information to my cousin who lives in Spokane. Hopefully, she will be in the country and able to attend your Mother's Day Tribute.

~ Tracy

Gidget said...

Love those baby pics, so adorable... I so wish i lived closer to you I am very sad that i can't go to your show. :(
I also wanted to tell you that i am very sorry for your loss, I lost my mother 3 years ago very sudden to lung cancer and she was my best friend, it is still hard. Just keep the faith, you guys are both awsome....

Anonymous said...

I am lovin your site and only wish I lived near you..I spent the other day looking at all of your old posts and was in awe of your talent..Keep it coming..

Florence said...

I have such a weakness for baby chickens and I have raised turkeys too, we did not get too attached as we knew we would have the turkey for the dinner table. I am so looking forward to May 8th. Hugs to you both. Florence

A Cottage Industry said...

Oh. My.
I never knew a baby turkey could be so adorable!
I can't wait to see EVERYTHING at this show!

Manor Bourne said...

We can't wait to see you all and those adorable little babies! Remember , they are only little for a very short time! Wait until you see our Robby, he's a BIG Boy now. Almost 1! Kiss Kiss! Kari and Kathryn of Manor Bourne

Rebecca said...

Those chicks are so cute and the turkeys are very comical.
Love all your stuff, I am too far away but my daughter lives in Battle Ground... I may have to send her over!
Maybe you know her Jody Myers?

Ramona said...

Good Spring Morning To You ~

I love, love the expression on the faces of those sweet birds. It just made my day. Best wishes for a new guys are the best of the best!

Happy Wednesday.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best. Hands down.

im·pec·ca·ble style,
peck·ca·ble turkeys,
and ungratefuls and meanie-weenies are banished.
Wishin' I could fly out and buy everything up!

lori miller vintage design co said...

I can't tell you how happy i am that j & j are back with a post AND the goods look fab. fab. fab

Give me loads of peeks because Minnesota is too far to come this time anyway.

love the babies...i never knew turkeys were so sassy.

open market style said...


Anne Marie said...

Wish I could be there!!! I'm busy getting ready for my sale.....can't wait to see pictures of your event! and btw.....great article in the magazine - and great pict. of you both -

Peace and blessings......
Anne Marie

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Really enjoyed hearing about your turkeys and they are so cute. My mom had a turkey as a child and she told stories about it chasing grandma around a tree! He was mean, needless to say he became dinner;)

Legacy of Love said...

Those are the cutest babies! Great post for mother's. Looks like it's going to be a great show.

I, like you, have too much stuff. But we are in a tiny house so I have to shuffle things around a lot (not quite in the Hoarders class but we do have stuff and lots of it!)Kind of like age: How did this happen?

God Bless


HELLO, Just want to say your blog is like a blast of warm sunshine , so entertaining and life afirming! I am from the UK and so wish I could attend one of your shows or gatherings , any way enjoying your blog so from over here, very best wishes,Linda.

Unknown said...

we had a family of wild turkeys living in our blueberry patch one season - sadly, they didn't stay. They are so ugly, they're cute!

The Little Red Shop said...

Oooh...I hope so too!

: )

Julie M.

ps Cuuute turkeys!!!

shabbyscraps said...

have a great show!!! The turkeys are so damned cute!!
xoxo ,Tiffany

FairfieldHouse said...

Oh I love your babies and it's evident that they love YOU! I am going to adopt your philosophy at the Fairfield House - Meanie Weenies & Ungratefuls are banished. Usually, I just give meanie-weenies strong martinis and they become grateful lovie dovies. I'd be happy to come clean up your 'hoarding' act ... if only I lived closer.

Your Friend,

Lee Weber said...

we need an east coast version of you guys! I WISH I could be there. Love the birdy babies too!

blessings said...

Wishing I could be there!! The line-up is amazing so it's sure to be an over-the-top sale.

Blessings... Polly said...

I gave you a shout out on my blog today. I love the photos! I hope I can make it down this weekend.

kanishk said...

Love your baby pics
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Anonymous said...


prashant said...

love looking at all your pictures!
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