Friday, June 27, 2008

Will you even recognize us??

Still lots to do...still making trips FROM the basement with more stuff...still making trips TO the basement with items that didn't quite make the cut...still have to borrow the neighbors tractor to extend the parking area 'cause we ran out last time (thanks to you!)...and still...and still and still!

The Barn looks soooo different, I can't even remember what it looked liked for the opening. I can't figure out where all this new stuff came from...and we have still have Cindy coming this morning to cram even more in!!! It's looking good folks...I mean REAAAALLLY GOOD!!! It makes me emotional just thinking about it all.

OK...Joe is going to wring my neck if I don't get back and move all that stuff back to the basement. Here are some very rough pix of where were are at 9:00 am today....

See you tomorrow!!!!

J & J


Sparrow said...

wow! it looks so beautiful! i am sad that i am going to miss it!


Debbie Busby said...

SO FUN!! It was even better in person!! I just could not wait to write and tell you how much fun my sister and I had!! We just got home and admired all our treasures!!
My name is Debbie and I met you this morning!! I live in Troutdale, Oregon...almost to Corbett...and got up at 5:00am to get ready to come!! Thanks so much for such a fun place to come!! Everyone there was SO NICE and HELPFUL!!

I can't wait to come back!!!


Journal Swag said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Can't wait to see it!


Mrs.French said...

I had a wonderful time. Thank you for the hospitality. I posted a little something, something on my blog...

sweetpea said...

OMG your blog and barn sales are amazing! Too bad I am not closer! If you are ever in Texas for Marburger please look me up or if ever in FL (home) give me a shout!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my, looks like ya'll had a great show! I'm so glad to have seen pics of your house, just beautiful!!