Sunday, April 20, 2008

English-ish Garden Entrance In The Making

I had to travel for my other gig this week and came home to discover Joe had decided to RE-RE-landscape the Barn House entrance. I have been told time-and-time again that the “Creative Director’s” ideas flow in this manner. It’s a good thing we only have four and a half short weeks before our opening. There is plenty of time to complete a few brand new projects by May 24th! :o)

So, today we dug holes for the gates and picket fence for the entrance. We purchased the gates from our friend Toree (Narrow Gate Antiques not far from us). She picked these up on her last excursion to England. Saves us a trip! She is having a Spring Clean-Out Sale on April 26th that you probably don’t want to miss. 12404 NE 72nd Avenue in Vancouver – 360-907-5814.
Joe has been a VERY busy shopper this week. Sorry Natalie, I heard he snatched this green chair right from under your nose at the Estate Sale in Camas the other day. If it makes you feel any better, a piece of it fell off when he got it home and now he has another project. HA! At another sale he found four very cool rusty iron chairs that will get burlap or linen-covered seats.
These are some other finds…
And more…
And even more!
After all of that digging today, I think it’s time for a nice, hot bath.

Have a wonderful week!!!

J & J


littlebyrd said...

Ha Ha! Your sense of humor is just so funny, I laughed all the way through the post.

Aleta said...

I would certainly go with the "Creative Director's" ideas at any given moment. It may not seem we know what we're doing at the time, but in the end it all comes together perfectly! ;o)

Hugs, Aleta

Queen of Tarte said...

Love the gates..It will all come together...Just get Joe a case of Red Bull!!

Auntie Joy said...

Can't wait to see it all together on the 24th. Hope the weather starts cooperating so the outside jobs are just a little more fun!!
See you soon! JOY!

Kathrine said...

Everything looks beautiful. Hope I can make it to the grand opening. I think I may have met you at Willow Nest in June.

Kim said...

Good day!
Thanks for the invite, sounds like a hoot! I cannot commit to another show right now...or the girls will definately commit me to the looney bin down the street. If you have plenty of room, maybe we can be a 'tentative' 'pending' kinda-thing. You can send paperwork to
1605 Summitview
Yakima WA 98902
or email me at
PS-The gate was a great choice.
kim :)

The Farrier's Daughter said...

Wow! What great finds...and what a peaceful looking place to soak after a long day's work.

Charmingdesigns said...

Where is your barn??? Are you close enough for me to make the trip?? I'm down in Salem. Are there other places to check out near by?? Laurie