Sunday, May 18, 2008

Barn House is Blooming

Everything is blooming! The lilacs have come alive, the Barn received a coat of primer and will be painted tomorrow AND the merchandise is almost all priced.
This is a VERY rough shot of what we have been up to this week. Slowly but surely, we are making progress. Joe and I put up siding from an old farm house as the "back drop" to our little country store. I should really say that it will be MY back drop behind the counter as Joe has made it clear that he will be in the store "answering questions and helping customers" (aka, socializing and partying while I am sweating bullets behind the counter).
Natalie and Lynn (Sparrow) came by and brought a truck load of goods today! I don't know where they find their primitives, but Joe and I plan on stalking them (mildly, of course) and following them to their source. EVERYthing they brought we want to keep for our house!! We are sure to be broke if they bring anything else. Exhaustion is upon us from carrying everything from the Barn to the house to try to find a place for it...when we should have been doing other stuff. This old farm table they brought back from Canton, Texas is hopefully going in our office (if we can get it up our narrow staircase--old houses are not always practical for getting large pieces in and out)!! Fortunately (for our bank account), our house is pretty full already and we can honestly say that almost all of their treasures will be part of the sale. DARNIT!!!!

We must have been Gandhi-like in our former lives, because folks from all over have been reaching out to lend a helping hand to help us get ready for our opening event. Could it be the look of panic in our eyes or the shake in our voices???!!! This is Nancy Schroeder who lives all the way in Mt. Hood helping us price today...while I was walking around aimlessly wondering where to start (a "condition" I have). We met Nancy last year when we were fellow Willow Nest Flea Market vendors. She is really one of the nicest people you will ever meet. AND her husband Art (a really great guy) owns a Painting/Remodeling business...he was here also today painting for us. Thank goodness for Willow Nest ( and all of the wonderful people we met last summer, or we might be in a mess of trouble! And thank you Miss Linda and Ludmil for The Willow Nest Experience. We miss you and wish you were here to share this moment with us!!!

Thanks to everyone for helping us make this dream come true! Your generosity, creativity, blogs, warm comments and friendship keep us inspired and moving in the right direction!!

We hope to see you Saturday!! It's f-r-e-e AND we are serving up one of our favorite country goodies -- BUCKLE, BUCKLE, BUCKLE (ask us if you don't know about "The Joy of Buckle")!! Someone once said, "It will make you jump up and slap yo' Mama!" Figuratively...that is.

Barn House Grand Opening
May 24th - 8 am to 3 pm

J & J
Barn House


littlebyrd said...

I see a 100 things I want already! My friend and I are all lined up to go on Saturday and we both said we want to be the first ones there so we have the best pick! Looking forward to meeting you and finding out just what in the heck Buckle Buckle Buckle is.

Miss Gracie's House said...

BTDT=been there, done that!
It will all come together~have fun!I'll be checking on you!

Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

I want it all and won't be able to come as I'm in LA, so sad - this stuff is all up my alley too...I'll be going to some flea market in San Diego though. I'm wishing you guys a wonderful sale and time - my love to Cindy Dockins too!

Barn Babies said...

Oh my, I just know that Saturday is going to be so much fun! I tip my hat to you and your accomplishments. Looks like your hard work is definitely paying off.

Barn Babies said...

Oh and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner, but I would love to add you to my sidebar if you don't mind :-)

celeste said...

please add me to your email list for future events.

MuseVox said...

I just gave you a THUMBS UP on StumbleUpon, and it seems that I'm the first one...don't by shocked if you see your traffic rise! I knew you when (cyberly)!