Saturday, August 2, 2008

Barn House Flea Market - Part 2

This picture speaks a thousand words! We just want to grab everyone who came and give them a big ol' country hug. We did a lot of it at the event, and probably scared some folks to death. If I had met you, thought I had met you or really wanted to meet you, or just made eye contact with probably got a hug. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the support and kind words on our blog. We really appreciate you!!

As mentioned previously, our camera got crushed by either my big foot or a car in the early morning of the event, BUT, we were so fortunate to have had some of our friends (old and new) take lots, and lots of pictures. They all really captured the essence of The Barn House Experience!

Mrs. French - Bliss
Bliss Barn House Flea Market Slideshow (She is an AMAZING photographer--somebody really needs to snatch her up to do editorial work!!!)

Robin - Bird Tweets (a new friend of Barn House and also an AMAZING photograher -- How lucky are we??)

Cindy Dockins - Queen of Tarte
Rebekah - Little Byrd
Joy - Antie Joy
Aleta - The Silly Bear and Flourishes
Lulu - Luluz
Krista - Organize in Style AND AM Northwest Lifestyle Expert AND The O Myth AND BlogTalkRadio
Tracey - Notes from A Cottage Industry
Brandi - The Home Office Organizer AND The O Myth AND BlogTalkRadio
Isabel - Maison Douce
Lisa - A Thing for Roses
There are rumors spreading that we cheated a bit to win the Chili Cook-Off. I won't mention names (Barry-"King" of Tarte), but folks are saying we only won because I was winking, smiling too much, flirting, kissing babies and pinching bottoms to get extra votes. Joe apparently dressed up as a Chippendale and was giving lap dances for extra votes. Not ALL of this is true, but sometimes you do have to work with what ya mama gave you!!! The Barn House alter-ego is "J&J's Suga Shack" for a reason! ;o)
Great things are on the horizon for Barn House! We just got our first "editorial" mention in Country Pleasures Magazine y'all!!! Be sure to check out the August issue (not pictured) to see what the lovely Joelle had to say about us. :o)

Linda and Ludmil of Willow Nest are coming to Barn House - August 16th!!!!They are our inspiration. They have encouraged us and supported us and guided us through everything that is Barn House. We love them dearly. AND they are coming all the way from Texas for little ol' us (they might have other stuff to do too but who cares about that)!!! We have lots to say about how special this event will be...more to come soon...

J & J


Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

I would love to give you guys my email address - thanks for asking!

Love the part 2 here. I would vote for your chili just because you two are so irresistible...yummy (and I'm not talking about just the chili).

Lisa Johnson said...

You both are the sweetest, funnest guys ever! Loved your part 2. Don't care what you did to win the chili cook off, it really was the best and I'm still waiting for you to post the recipe if you don't mind.



P.S. Thanks for the shout out.

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Way to go, such a fun and fabulously stylish country event. I can't wait till the next one! :)
Btw, I didn't get a hug or anything for my vote on the chili. What gives? ;) (Seriously, it was ROCKIN' good, YUM!)
Hugs to you - great job!

littlebyrd said...

Great pictures!! I am Bummed with a capital B that I am going to miss the next flea market. Congrats on your first editorial mention - the beginning of many I am sure!

Jaimee McClellan said...

It looks like it was a huge success. I've seen pictures Little Byrd took and everything looked fabulous. I'd love to fill my entire home with all of your goodies! Thanks for the inspiration!

Maison Douce said...

You guys are soooooo funny, what a laugh!!!! I just wanna come and hang out with you...!!! It was so nice to see you in Lake Oswego, yesterday, I hope to see you again soon!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I bet the weather will be cooler for them there then this HOT Texas!! Please tell them to at least bring cool weather back since I know the chili won't make it, ha ha!! And...thanks for the butter pats, I so hope you find them!!

Screaming Meme said...

Hi! I wanted to see if I could talk with you...Please email me at you so much~ Meme

Team Jensen said...

Can't wait for next weekend!! Good luck at the show this weekend. Perhaps Jermonne will find more Polish ironstone for his vast collection....:)