Monday, July 12, 2010

Destination Barn House! (Part 1)

Before I get started on our upcoming Flea Market, let me give a quick update on Barn House Marketplace (our online store).  We are open for business and spruced up the site with some awesome new products from BH and Retreat.  Isabel (Maison Douce) is just getting back in country, so we hope to have more of her treasures once she recovers from frolicking all around Europe.  Some of the new items listed are BH's new extra large linen pillows, french bus banners, garden tool belt aprons, slate chalkboards, leather cases, vintage piano player music and much more!!!  (the glitches with some of the products have been completely worked out)

Check out Barn House Marketplace!!

OK, this is our first in a series "Destination Barn House!" posts.  Our Flea Market is by far our biggest show of the year.  We have invited some of the most beautiful, inspiring and talented collectors/designers in the Pacific Northwest!   These are all folks who have touched our hearts in some way.  They truly understand the BH Vision and bring their A-Game to everything they do.  They all have their individual styles that make them unique as artists/collectors.  But most importantly, they are ALL really nice people -- Drama Free!!!  We are so honored to have them participating in our 3rd Annual Barn House Vintage Home & Garden Flea Market! (more to come on these talented folks)

Attention Seattle Area Friends of Barn House!!!  

Travel in style to Barn House by taking Timi's Fancy bus from the Snohomish/Seattle area!  Yes, The Junk Junket is coming back to Barn House!!!  Check out Timi's site ( for details.  Last year we had an incredible spread for the bus folks that  was beautifully documented by our dear friend Kim (Mimi Charmante) and was featured in Porch Magazine. 

Come one, Come ALL!!!  The Barn House Vintage Home and Garden Flea Market is going to be one party you don't want to miss!!!!  More on this very soon...

Much Love,

The Boys


Vintage Market Place said...

I can't even begin to imagine all of the goodness that is about to take place up there in the NW. Can't wait to see the pics from this event

The Smith Hotel said...

Ok-just had to let you know my mom-in-law just gave me a Sunset magazine and there you guys were! I know you mentioned it on your blog but well I forgot!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

How about a bus from Texas? If there's one coming I'll be there! If only, how I wish, so one day I'll show up there and probably just be in junk heaven from all the cool things I know I'll see. Hope y'all have the best show ever.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see you all . . . I have some really cool new things that I am saving just for your event!! I can't wait!! see you soon . . . xoxo - liz

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see you all . . . I have some really cool new things that I am saving just for your event!! I can't wait!! see you soon . . . xoxo - liz

mimi charmante said...

can't wait to see you!!! miss T and I will be coming down together~

Allie said...

Dear Barn House Boys,

I will be out of town until mid-August, could you please reschedule your flea market so that I may attend? Argh!!! So bummed to be missing the main event!! Have a great time, I am sure it will be fabulous! Hope to see you all soon!

xo Allie

rozek said...

Your #1 blog stalker "fan" Will be comming all the way from Scottsdale Arizona, see ya soon!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Stopping by for a visit today after having read the article about you in Flea Market magazine. WHERE have I been? I totally LOVE your style, your blog and so wish I could come up for the sale!! Looks like a super fun time! I keep telling Isabel and Lisa that I AM going to meet them someday!!!

Thanks for all of the inspiration. You guys are amazing!


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

I can't wait to come to the Flea Market. I made it to the your spring show, but had to cut my time short because I had the kiddos with me. I'm getting a sitter for this one!

Blessings -

Chloe Rose

littlebyrd said...

I am so sad to be missing the flea this year :( I bet it is going to be the best yet!!!

Candylei said...

I found your blog and of course love it and all of the treasures you sold! If I lived closer I would have been lined up an hour before your event, too. Can't wait to see your pics of the fall barn house event.

Dear Lillie said...

Ahhhh - I wish we weren't on opposite coasts! Can't wait to see pictures!

Island Mavins Vintage Market said...

I am so looking forward to attending your fleamarket. This has been on my bucket list all year. I'll be driving down from Victoria, B.C. Canada. The weather forecast calls for sun, sun, sun and I know it's going to be fun, fun, fun!