Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are you ready for July 26th???

Although we have been lolly-gagging a bit -- hanging out with Jason and Terry from La La Land, enjoying the company of Little Byrd and Mrs. French (with LD and Mr. French) AND finally getting some hammock time, we have actually been getting ready for the Flea Market too! We have an amazing line-up! These folks are good...and we mean REALLY good! We are so very happy they will be part of our first Barn House Flea Market. The treasures are starting to roll in. This is a piece that Natalie (Sparrow) brought back from Comfort, TX. If we didn't love her so much, we might be green with envy about her primitive-finding abilities. She is such a show-off...we (almost) can't stand her! BUT, she is here right now helping Joe (Mr. Side-Tracked) build a brand new "elaborate structure" for our space outside...which I am not sure is toootally necessary in the 11th hour when there are a million other things to do (like pricing) -- but really, who am I to say??? Joe constantly reminds me, "You are NOT 'The Almighty Creative Director'...that is I!!" Did I really say all of that out loud? I SURELY digress. Back Natalie, she is a show off with her primitives (traveling to TX and stuff), BUT, we still love her! ;o) Joe has been out scouting some goods for Barn House with Cindy (Queen of Tarte) at one of those "invite only" sales down in Central Oregon. This is the second one they have been to together in the past month or so. It's really not a good thing to get those two together shopping. They bought so much stuff the first time, they still haven't been able to pick it all up...and she has a huge trailer! She is another one we (almost) can't stand...sooooo talented with her famous ribbon, and chairs upholstered with French Burlap and on, and on! It's kind of sickening...but, I will get to her later! If you didn't know already, we are having a little competition between some of the dealers. There will be a Chili Cook Off and a Bake Off. It all started at our first sale and The Boys of Barn House planned to cook some chili for our featured vendors. BUT, Joe didn't buy all of the ingredients for "my" chili, because he thought "he" was going to make his version of it (really a knock-off of mine). Well, the mud started slingin' about whose chili was the best. Cindy was talking about how her Barry makes some chili with 27 different kinds of meat (including antelope or something like that) ;o) ... then Natalie started in on the recipe that has been in her family for centuries (or something like that)...so here we are today.More to come on the "official entries" for both categories...but this is going to be a serious down home country cookin' battle!! We would love to get some confirmed judges that will vote on one or both categories. Only folks that sign up ahead of time will be able to judge and taste my late grandmother's famous Peach Cobbler, along with the other entries. If you are a little concerned about trying Cindy & Barry's 'Antelope' Chili, pick the Baked Goods, please! :o)

Hope to see you on the 26th!!

J & J


Sparrow said...

you are so funny! you know you love me!!! i am so looking forward to july 26!


High Desert Diva said...

Um...hello! Central Oregon? Are they still here?

littlebyrd said...

I just love you guys! So much fun when there is an update here. I think I will be bringing some banana bread that is fabulous (hopefully) for the sweets bake-off.

Auntie Joy said...

I can't wait for the party I mean sale on the 26th. I do have a delightful poppyseed cake that I will be bringing, and I open a mean can of chili!! Do ya'll want cornbread??

Maison Douce said...

Sign me up, sign me up, I'll judge!!!!! Anything to get to eat some yummy food!!! I can't wait for the sale, my heart beats a little faster every time i think about it!! You guys are the best!

Queen of Tarte said...

Hey now...don't be afraid of the chili!!! I can't wait for the flea...I'll be bringin the Hillbilly punch!!! xoxoxox Cindy

Lisa Johnson said...

I wish your sale was this weekend as I can hardly stand to wait. Isabel and I will be there early to score the good stuff. What am I saying, I know it will all be good stuff!

(I'm expecting one from each of you! ha ha)


Brooke Ahana Bailey said...

don't kill me, I tagged you guys - see my blog for the questions. You can thank littlebyrd for this one!